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Hot Sex Tube Porn Aggregator Site Review

Okay. So not because a porn site has the word "tube" on its name means that it is actually a porn tube site that will let you stream porn videos directly on their site. I have encountered quite a number of such sites and it's honestly disappointing every time.

For this one though, I kinda had my fingers crossed because the homepage features seemingly Desi women and it made me wonder if this is the theme this site and their collection aims for. Usually, for sites with featured content like this one, it's a sign that the majority of the content is the same and thus small enough for their server to be able to handle with less load.

Anyway, let's see if this site will exceed expectations in a good way, or maybe not. A simple reminder before you go ahead and check out Hot Sex Tube, although this site doesn't have ads, the free actual sex tube sites it's connected to have a lot of ads like banner ads, popup ads, and those are on top of the ads that play right before your video starts. Make sure to practice safe porn watching.

Categories And More Categories

I don't really want to talk about the layout of this site because there's nothing good I can say except a little thanks for being considerate with your users' eyes. But seriously, mate. All this site has are categories and those all over again.

Starting with the feature on the topmost part of this site, the search box. The thing is, the search box is not even a feature to make searches easy on Hot Sex Tube but it's actually for another site which is Nude Vista. I assumed at first that it was something like "powered by Nude Vista" but if you use it, it'll really open a results page that is not of Hot Sex Tube but of Nude Vista.

It's not impressive because if I was lazy as fuck to even browse the links here and went directly to that feature, I would have instantly said goodbye to Hot Sex Tube and forget that it even exists.

Fortunately for this website, I'm staying for more than a minute because my goal is to educate everyone about what this porn site is and whether or not it deserves to be remembered.

So let's check out what Hot Sex Tube is all about - categories! This categories listing site has a lot of it and highlights them quite too obviously from the Top Categories with the majority of its thumbnail photos featuring Desi porn scenes then followed by "New Videos" which I doubt are actually new but seems to be more like "newly re-uploaded" and then followed by the full list of All Categories in text with the number of videos tagged with them.

There are a lot of kinds of them here including popular porn niches like Teen, MILF, Amateur, Japanese, Anime, and Big Tits. There are also those based on scenes like Audition, Public, Kitchen, etc. There are of course those that are based on fetishes and acts like BDSM, Forced, Reality, Threesome, and Foursome. Well, there are so many more and I don't even dare count all of them.

Is HotSexTube A Good Porn Reference?

I have to admit that there are a lot of videos on Hot Sex Tube thanks to its many partner sites. It's a landmine field of tags, too. But, unfortunately, that's all this video porn site is. HotSexTube is not even a real porn tube site as well so all it has are links to other porn sites and it's a good thing that I haven't encountered broken links while looking around here.

Just in case there are a lot of broken links here, I can't imagine how this porn site still exists so it's a really good thing that I haven't encountered broken links. They might have some kind of automated system for removing the videos deleted from their original source which is pretty cool.

What I mean by what I said earlier that this site seems to be close to ceasing to exist, I meant that there are no other filtering or even sorting tools like even filtering the content based on duration or video quality. Even the menu bar is utterly useless with 3 buttons with two of them as links to other sites.

Anyone knows that porn aggregators exist to function as a directory for porn clips from porn websites that actually host them. If a porn aggregator site is doing a bad job at leading people to where they want to go, then it seems that the whole point in using such a site is a waste of time and effort.

Overall Experience

Let me put it straight. I don't hate Hot Sex Tube but I don't find anything special about Hot Sex Tube either. Maybe, if I had a lot of time, I still won't spend it here looking for porn videos but I'd rather go to a porn forums site and ask people for good suggestions on xxx videos on other sites probably including Nude Vista and directly look them up there instead of going here and move through pages and pages of thumbnails.

Well, at least Hot Sex Tube did bother adding borders and details to the thumbnails so they don't look too boring.

However, all in all, despite the fact that I don't hate it, I'm not coming back to this porn site and I'll just go to some Desi porn site, JAV site, or maybe PornHub.

Even in my most idle time, I dislike wasting time and effort. Most of all, when I get the urge to watch porn, I don't like going through a bunch of stuff I have no intention of seeing which is why having a great filtering option should be a must-have for Hot Sex Tube and I do hope to see more of those in the future should Hot Sex Tube continue to exist.

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