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Hood Amateurs Amateur Porn Site Review

If you love those black women with their hot ebony skin and their famous gorgeous asses, you might want to check this free black amateur porn site. The homepage alone displays a couple of hot-looking black babes in intense x-rated scenes so I'm already getting high expectations on this site when it comes to its content. Although, what we can actually get from HoodAmateurs.com might be different from what we see on the surface. So, let's do an in-depth review of this free black porn site.

Here's a disclaimer though - I can't do justice to Hood Amateurs as a site filled with hood rats by writing like a snowman just because I don't know slang. Anyway, you don't need slang on this review when you get tons of that on this all-black porn tube site.

Free Black Porn Videos

Here's a straight-up fact about HoodAmateurs.com - all of the videos here feature a hot black woman or a BBC. There are also some trannies and gays but they're all black as well. I also find it interesting that almost every video here has a watermark. Some are for Hood Amateurs while some are for other sites where you can find the featured chick. Adding a watermark is actually a tricky form of advertisement for some content creators and I kinda get the feeling that this porn site does them a great favor. You can access a couple of videos here which are from OnlyFans for free. It's a pretty good offer, isn't it?

There's something you should consider or just keep in mind about the videos you will find here though. Because the content here is produced by amateurs, most of them are actually just porn clips with low video quality or short ones. They're more considerably video clips because there are a lot that are less than 10 minutes long with some even just around 2 minutes long. It gives me a feeling of just being a voyeur than a normal porn fan. Anyway, I can't be too demanding. When it comes to video quality, most of the videos are just around 360p, or in short, a video with HD quality is a fucking gem here.

Site Design And Navigation

I seriously like the cool design and layout of Hood Amateurs. The homepage is neat with a lot of features such as the categories sidebar, the search box at the top of the page, signup and login buttons that are tucked on the edge of the top, and a sort button just right above the thumbnails that let you sort the featured videos from the most recent, popular, rated, discussed, downloaded, longest, and watched.

Moving to the pages for videos or players, you can find a bit more information and features there. You can add a user rating with a like or dislike vote, add videos to favorites, share the link to the video, add a video to a playlist, report it, find the tags and uploader, and the number of views. You can also post a comment there.

The most amazing thing about this free porn tube site is that I didn't find any ads even when I turned off my adblocker. Ah. Just kidding. It seems that there are popups that sometimes open and sometimes don't.

Hood Amateurs Porn Categories

There's a scarcity of categories on HoodAmateurs.com and seriously, they should have just added a categories section instead of a page because there are only 7 of them. These categories are Black BBW Amateurs Porn, Free Black Amateur Porn, Black Amateur Head Blowjobs Neck, Free Black Porn, Black Amateur Tranny Porn, Interracial Amateur Porn, and Black Amateur Gay Porn. I find it annoying how these categories keep repeating the words "black" and "amateur". Like, I fucking get it, man. The content Hood Amateurs has are all black videos featuring ghetto bitches and BBC amateurs. Although, even though all of the chicks here are ghetto sluts, even these beautiful ebony babes have different body types just like Beyonce, Serena Williams, Nikki Minaj, and Naomi Campbell. I'm just saying that Hood Amateurs could have added more categories like what other porn sites have such as Big Ass, Huge Tits, MILF, and Small Boobs. Actually, they should have also added categories based on sex scenes like Outdoor Sex which is something that's amazingly popular here.

Hood Rats And Other Tags

Moving on to the more useful kind of categories and the tagging system, in summary, they're not too efficient. I can't blame the Hood Amateurs creators for that since all registered users were able to upload videos here before. Unfortunately, those users seem to be lazy to add tags to the clips they upload so there are few tags on some videos. There are even tags like Florida College SexTape Full Vid, Fuckin Outside Ocean Car Bleachers Every Were Real HoodAmateur Shit, and more. Some of the fucking degenerates here don't even know the difference between a title and a tag.

Anyway, there are a few seemingly useless tags here like "hood rats" which will give you plenty of results when you try to make searches based on that term. That's kind of a dumb tag though since almost all of the chicks here are slutty black babes.

Aside from the tagging system which seems to have been compromised before due to the lazy uploaders, even members of this website can't upload videos anymore probably because there are some who uploaded non-black porn clips here.

Ghetto Community

Hood Amateurs doesn't only have a huge black content but it also has a great black fandom. It does sound pretty cool actually but you'll also find on the comments section that there are indeed a lot of men filled with passion with their posts. Their hood is actually very active like you'll even find clips with guys talking on them like they're on a forum and more clips with a good user rating due to a high number of total votes.

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