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Heavy-R Extreme Porn Site Review

I'm sure that all of the reviews about Heavy-R.com that you will find on the internet will tell you that this is one of the best porn sites you can visit if you want to take a peek at hell in the real world. It's an absolutely fucked up porn website for fucked up people who enjoy fucked up stuff that happens in real life. If disgusting stuff makes your stomach feel sick, this fetish porn site isn't for you. Heavy-R.com is a website full of disgusting posts from women covered in poop to a pussy that got too much fisting that you'll find blood instead of girly cum. But aside from sex-related atrocities, you can also find other kinds of interesting stuff here like activities that you should just imagine and never try in real life.

However, if you're also looking for some unconventional sex clips and other kinds of porn that are out-of-the-ordinary, you can also use Heavy-R.com to search for them - but that is as long as you don't feel too uncomfortable seeing a girl who looks like she's suffering in a torture session or anything worse than that. Don't worry though because unlike other tube sites in the same niche, this one doesn't have stray illegal content in it.

Bizarre Porn Videos

The most popular porn materials on Heavy-R are videos. I tried to browse videos here and found out that some of them are from premium porn studios. It's not that bad because they're still in the same theme as the ones Heavy-R has. They are all quite weird just like that porn movie scene where a girl is having sex with an actual teddy bear. The stuffed toy doesn't even have a dick but she is using it to please her pussy. If you don't find that weird, you definitely have to browse videos by yourself too, and encounter more scenes that might even make your jaw drop or raise a brow. But if you are interested in moving pornographic scenes and other kinds of scenes from epic fails to people who love making themselves the center of comedy, you can definitely find them here on Heavy-R.

You can click on the Videos option from the menu bar to get to the page where only those exist. You can find them in a thumbnail section and they're sorted based on the Most Viewed according to time options such as All Time, This Month, This Week, and Today. You can choose the categories of the content you are looking forward to among the categories listed on the right side of the page. The categories are short but they are self-explanatory and they are listed in groups for porn, gay porn, and other non-porn content. The porn categories are Bizarre Porn, Porn, Sexy, Gay Porn, and Bizarre Gay Porn. For those that aren't pornographic in nature, you can find Bizarre, Cool, Disgusting, Fail, Fight, Funny, Shocking, and Other. If you're wondering what kind of things you'll see in the Other category, some of them include a chicken laying an egg, some strange circus show, a cat sucking milk from a human, and a dog wrestling with a chicken.

Mind-Boggling Fetish Porn Pics And More

If there's anything disappointing about Heavy-R, it's that just like the options Sex Games, Premium Porn, and Meet N Fuck, Pics will also send you to another adult site. But unlike the porn sites that have links posted on Heavy-R like the live sex and games websites, the pics site has images that belong to the same niche. You can see photos of chicks flashing their tits in public bars, thots who ride on gigantic dildos using their ass holes, babes enjoying hardcore fisting on rocky beaches, and so much more.

Heavy-R Review Summary

I didn't take my time talking about what Heavy-R looks like because it's simple. It's not a porn tube site but it's not a porn blog either. Although, it works more closely to a porn blog website because of the way its posts come every day with thumbnails and some details. The materials also come in randomly. There are days when you can find more new pornographic videos on the homepage than scandalous tapes. Especially these days, there seem to be fewer badasses here but it's good that Heavy-R keeps its unique content intact so you can find awesome results whenever you make a content search or a sweep including those with the most popular tags such as Anal Prolapse, Latex Suit, Gas Mask, Torture, Humiliation, and more.

If you'd like to share or upload anything you find amusing or hot in a unique way that might get other degenerates interested, you'd have to join the Heavy-R community first. It's free to sign up for an account here. Make the most out of it and be one of the regular users here on Heavy-R. It's kind of fun but I guess with the variety of the content here, it doesn't sound like a good option to get daily updates anyway.


  • tons of oddities in videos that you can browse and watch directly on this site for free

  • huge categories from pornographic content to just a bunch of interesting stuff


  • tons of annoying ads

  • misleading menu options

  • poor video quality

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