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OnlyDudes Gay Porn Videos Site Review

Despite the extremely simple look, Only Dudes is one of the most popular gay porn sites with over 700 thousand site visitors monthly. The number is so high that it actually makes me wonder how this site gets so many visits because there are so many factors in making a good porn website and it just makes me so fucking curious that there may be more to this than meets the eye. So, if you're also curious, let's get this review started.

OnlyDudes Plain Site Design

Oops! Did I say plain? No need to sugarcoat. It is so plain that it even made me think if it uses a mainstream site builder template, but it doesn't. It just seems to have a knack for minimalism. Despite looking bare, it has the basic necessities that'll help users search through its content, and of course, the actual content.

The homepage of Only Dudes is not just simple but it seems to have a lot of empty spaces because of the wide margins, small fonts, and a missing search bar. There are very few navigation options here as well. You can check out the videos here from the main page and sort the results displayed by date or filter them by category or site. That's it. Nothing else. No hidden filtering options on other pages but there are thousands of gay porn videos here.

I mean, dude, if you have huge content, please make an effort to make it easier for users to search for them. After all, not everyone likes too much browsing.

Cool Gay Categories

Gay bears! That category was the first one that caught my attention and those two words combine sound creative and I like it. It's like some kids' snack except this one is for adult gays. There aren't a lot of categories here actually. It just seems like there are a lot because of the list on the right side of the pages, a dropdown list, and a page for it. However few, categories here are specifically for gay porn. They have a bunch of catchy categories here like Black Men, Hairy Men, Gay Hunks, Military Porn, and Men In Uniform. Honestly, I think with content like this, men with huge biceps and hardcore abs probably give the same effect sexy girls with bouncy tits and tight asses have on straight men.

I guess that the categories here are contributing factors of how Only Dudes still gets a lot of fan support and it's probably not just from gays but also from girls due to the "Yaoi", "Danmei", or "BL" craze in the eastern side of the planet.

Sites On The Same Side Of The Rainbow

If you're wondering where this porn site gets thousands of videos, no need for difficult searches. This free porn website is very transparent about it and in fact, you can make searches for gay porn clips here by looking for the site's name on the list you can find on the lower right side of the pages.

There's a mix of free gay porn sites and premium ones here including AsianBoysXXX, BlacksOnBoys, and BreedMeRaw but it seems that there are more exclusive sites here and that fact results in a feeling that this site should add an extra page for membership promos.

Turn-Ons And Deal Breakers shows great sincerity towards the gay porn fans with how it makes everything so simple and the effort on making the categories here unique to gay porn is really cool. However, the videos here are quite too short with the majority lasting from 2 minutes to 7 minutes, they deserve to be called "gay porn clips" instead of "gay porn videos".

Honestly, I think that Only Dudes may have become a more popular gay porn site if it had gay porn GIFs instead because this site makes it seem that you can watch all of these short clips directly on their site's web players but there are also videos that you can't watch no matter how many times you click on the play button. You can watch them on their original site though. Another point as to why Only Dudes is better off with GIFs is because this site seems more like an ads website for other gay porn sites especially the premium ones. It's not just the list of partner sites but mostly the fact that the videos here are intentionally short so that if the users want to see more, then they'll have to go to the original source.

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