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Fuq.com Aggregator Site Review

Welcome to one of the sites with the biggest porn collection. Unlike porn tube sites, Fuq does not host videos on their site, it's still amazing to be tied up with tons of porn tube sites while ensuring the quality of their own website making sure that the links on their directory will give users what they're expecting to watch.

In short, Fuq is an aggregator that gathers videos from other porn tube sites that let users stream porn videos directly on their own pages. On the other hand, an aggregator is like a search engine with suggested content. Some search engine porn sites don't suggest content but have a focused search box on their site's homepage that lets users use their imagination to seek what they want, and I'd have to admit that I'm one of those who decide to watch porn but have no specific goal in mind.

A site with no suggestions can be a pain in the ass for a perv like me. Thus, enter the dragons - the aggregator porn sites like Fuq.

Getting Around Fuq

Fuq has a humble appearance that makes it look like it's nothing special. It's not entirely special but it's more interesting than how it looks. It's not as modern looking as other cool sites with those flashy features but for Fuq, it's the content that matters. They have all the essentials you'll need to sort out your porn and find them.

They have a search box that actually works, a huge list of categories, and an even grander list of pornstars. You can also filter suggestions based on gender preferences such as Straight, Gay, and Trans. There is also an option to sort the suggested porn movies based on popularity, upload date, and ratings from the menu by clicking on Popular Videos, New Videos, and Top Rated Videos.

If you're feeling bummed by the main color of this site, click on the gears icon beside the search box and you'll find customization options such as switching between dark and light mode which will change the colors of the site. There's also the thumbnail size option that lets users modify the size of the thumbnails moderately. Lastly, there's a tick box that will let you see only links to videos from free porn websites.

If you want to change the language, there's also a feature that will let you do that and choose from 29 different languages. That feature can be found beside the settings button. I'm not sure about the accuracy of other languages but at least for Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and French, they got them right.

So You Want Different Kinds Of Porn?

Like I have said earlier, this site has tons of categories on display. They have 10 categories that start with "amateur" including Amateur Anal Sex. Although you won't find shemale categories, there is a lot under Trans and there will also be results when you search for the word "shemale." It's probably because this site uses a different set of terms for tags and also uses video titles for search queries.

They even have different categories for tits like Big Natural, Asian, Arab, Fake, Huge, Mega, Massive, Monster, Saggy, Silicone, and Tiny tits. The same goes for Ass, Gay, and more. Fuq.com really likes to be as specific as they can. There are also extremely specific categories here that make me wonder how come there are still thousands of videos under them such as Beads, Christmas, Kitchen, Library, Mardi Gras, and so much more. It's just interesting how mortals can create so many porn categories.

It's awesome how Fuq.com gives porn hobbyists the impression that for whatever kind of porn videos they want, they'll find it here in their gigantic content. It's like you can make as many searches as you want and Fuq will surely give you relevant videos and even suggest more videos to you.

If you aren't so picky with categories and you just want to watch only those videos with HD quality, there's a category here for HD. Actually, you can always tell if the videos have HD quality even from their thumbnails because there's an indicator that says HD. However, if you want to cut things short, you can just go to the HD category and find almost 12 million videos in high definition there.

When you choose any category, Fuq.com will still let you filter the results by Date Added, Duration, Quality, VR, and Source. I gotta admit that I was wondering if they have listed their partner sites because the content in Fuq is amazingly huge. Good thing they have those sites listed under Source which is a pretty cool filtering option.

Huge Pornstars Database

There's a whole freaking lot of names on Fuq.com and it definitely includes the hottest names from the best porn studios. I won't even complain that their pornstars' database doesn't have pictures because even looking at the names on my computer screen is overwhelming so what more for mobile site users? It's a great thing that Fuq is optimized for mobile screens so looking at all of these names isn't a strain except that it's so long that it takes a lot of scrolls to get through just the pornstars whose names start in A.

Highly Recommended Free Site

I have no intentions of being biased towards Fuq but let's be honest, Fuq is a great candidate to be one of the best porn sites in the free sex movies category because even though it isn't a tube itself, having a platform that lets you fish for sex clips from millions of selections is a great deal. There's even no harm in using Fuq.com because it doesn't ask visitors to become hardcore registered members. It's basically up to the site users on how they want to exploit Fuq and where they want to go. I mean which site they want to go to. Users can check which sites host the videos on the description under the thumbnail so if you don't trust them, I suggest finding another video.

Things I Like About Fuq

  • if you think the desktop version layout is cool, the mobile version is cooler
  • great work on adding all those filtering and sorting options on top of the huge categories list
  • of course, the massive free content

Stuff That Needs Improvement

  • you'll definitely need an adblocker if you plan on using Fuq because even though there are no pop-up ads or any annoying ads on their site, the tube sites connected to Fuq hosting the videos open redirects and have a lot of annoying ads

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