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Introducing Fleshbot

There are a lot of things that excite me in writing about this porn site, Fleshbot. It's not like your usual blog porn sites which usually just describe some scenes, worse, most of them are like pictures sites disguising as blog sites when the articles are more sympathetic than informative. Basically, what Fleshbot wants as its audience are people who like to be more informed about their porn and other sex-related hobbies. It's cool because Fleshbot is like a magazine online that you can browse for free.

What I'm most impressed with is the design of this site. Users even have an option to switch between Light mode and Dark mode. It's not just about the naughtiness vibe those colors give but, at least for me, I appreciate that apps, mobile, and desktop OSs give that option, too. It's probably for both aesthetic and ease of viewing purposes. For this instance, I chose the dark view.

This site is also gender-friendly. There are buttons at the navbar that lets you switch between Straight, Gay, and Trans content. These 3 smart buttons affect the site overall including the shop. By clicking on those filtering options, its featured content changes to like you have just jumped to another site with the same layout but completely different gender. What's more, all these features are mobile-adaptive so it's really easy to go through this website even while you're on the go. If only it has an SFW switch, you may probably have been able to access it anywhere without watching out for privy eyes.

The Gawker Bastard

Various sources say different dates on when Fleshbot was actually launched. The most interesting one said that back in September 2003, this site made a record-breaking visit from the US alone that probably made its competitors just gasp in awe. It doesn't come as a surprise though since this website was created by the Gawker Media founder Nick Denton. In all fairness, it seems that with the good times and limelight Fleshbot brought Nick Denton, he also had a share of headaches with his bastard. A celebrity filed a lawsuit against Denton which he lost, and eventually, Denton had to sell the entire Gawker Media. The network specializes in all kinds of weblogs from Technology to Celebrity News. The one that strayed quite far and went to the dark zone is this child - Fleshbot. It writes more about porn, sex, and anything aphrodisiac. I guess it was all worth it having this child and until now, its articles generate an average of a million visitors a day despite the fact that it is now the era of porn tube websites.

Fleshbot Sections

Of course, we're going to talk about the things you can find on this web blog site which are a lot. Like I have said a while ago, this is definitely unlike most porn blog sites. Its blogs feature pornstars, too, but this one even has exclusive interviews. Under categories, you can find their sections that don't have typical porn categories that use a niche. The only similar ones here are probably Lesbian, Amateur, and Hardcore. These blogs contain video clips of the featured article and these aren't your ordinary snips from porn videos you can find on a free porn tube site. There are a lot of exclusive behind-the-scenes clips which you can't find on other free porn sites. You can find these categories on the navbar and on the sidebar. There's also a search box and some social media links you can find on the sidebar.

The blogs are categorized into these sections - Pornstars, Amateur, Hardcore, Porn Galleries, Celebrity, Lesbian, TV/Movies, Podcast, Editorial Features, and Sponsored. Well, in this instance, I have never seen a blog site as honest as this one about having articles for their sponsors. They're not a waste among the other articles because they're related to some of the best porn sites on the world wide web. I also like their podcast because I can listen to it on the go and still get some fresh informative talk about the hottest stuff on the internet. It isn't your usual sex stories podcast but its content is more like the latest news on porn. In short, what you can find on this cool website are video clips, audio clips, and of course, photos. The best part is these are all accessible on the free articles.

Online Shop For Porn Hobbyists

While this porn site doesn't provide full-length materials you can fap to, they sell items that will help you enjoy on your own. I'm not just talking about sex toys. Well, they have them in their shop, but they also have discount offers to big porn networks and adult VOD you can order directly from this site. Actually, they also have a live sex cams site which is linked to this blog site. Users can access the Live Sex, Shop, and Porn Deals on the menu bar. There are also featured live streamers you can check out at the bottom of the site pages.

Although, while Fleshbot has free articles and other porn content, and indeed you won't even see a login option anywhere on the site, once you click on the Live Cams, be ready for the registration page. Anyway, they do have sex toys here like dildos, vibes, and more. You can also check out what the shop has in store for you according to your gender or preference.

Fleshbot Awards

Let me get this straight. Honestly, I think this porn website deserves more popularity than it has now. It did a few years back but celebrities and pornstars news doesn't seem to be popular content either. I guess more people prefer direct content, like literally just something that gives them exactly what they want like actual sex videos or nude teases. On the contrary, my experience with Fleshbot gave me exposure to the other side of porn. One that most people don't really recognize. So, with this experience, I can say that Fleshbot is fit to endow awards to the porn world.

Although too bad, I wish I was able to cast a vote on the 2020 Fleshbot Awards which gave the following awards - Best Breasts, Best Butt, Best Cam Site, Best Free Site, Best New Site, Best Pay SIte, Best Premium Social Media Star, Cam Model Of The Year, Cam Newcomer Of The Year, Female Performer Of The Year, Trans Performer Of The Year, Best New Starlet, Best Social Media Personality, and Male Performer Of The Year. I don't regret it that much because they don't even have awards for The Best Video or Best Gravure Idol. I'm biased, I know.

Another interesting awards ceremony thing they have is the Anatomy Awards announced by Mr. Skin. It's certainly an unofficial awards ceremony for Hollywood celebs who aren't involved with porn but performed in a scene with sexual content. The reason it's called Anatomy is simple. The awards are given based on body parts like Best Breasts, Best Full Frontal, Best Butt, Nude Debut, Best Inverted Nipples, Most Niptastic Nips, and Best Burning Bush. I think the grandest award they have is the Lifetime Skinchievement which was won by Demi Moore for 2021. These awards are given for reasons only Mr. Skin can tell.

Fleshbot Summary

There's no one special reason that makes Fleshbot shine and makes it close enough to be called one of the best pornographic sites like you won't see a single deep erotic video on this website. However, to close the case of what this platform is, for me, I think it really is more of a web magazine for everything related to nudity and pornography. It has fresh up-to-date content you won't get elsewhere.

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