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Slixa Escorts Directory Review

Men looking for adult entertainment usually go to Slixa because this site has a lot of hot chicks who are entertainers, pornstars, and escorts. Although there are still many factors anyone should consider when using this site. After all, there are a lot of other escort sites on the internet.

However, if you're considering yourself either one of the site's visitors or even clients, make sure to respect the girls here as they're all professionals. Consider this as basic etiquette especially for those who want to become Slixa site members.

In this review, I'll tell you all of the things everyone should know before even having a deal with a babe on Slixa so make sure to pay attention.

Slixa Site Design

I have to admit that I'm not used to browsing escort sites since I'm not much of a fan of paid companionship. I'm not bragging because I'm a cheapskate but I'm insatiable. However, this particular escort site has a very impressive layout. The user interface is very friendly even for non-techy dudes.

Getting information is also very easy here because this platform has the ability to let site users go through thousands of listings with just a click of a text link or a button and the entire process is a breeze.

Although I prefer porn sites to have a dark background color, Slixa is different with white for its main color and black for the header section and footer section. It looks very professional and minimalistic. Site Navigation

First of all, this site looks exactly what it's made for. That is, of course, to search for companionship from women. Don't expect that you can browse Slixa like how you browse porn sites.

Slixa is actually a very professional website that works exactly how an escort site should work so you can't search for pics and videos here like you're browsing pictures of your favorite pornstar.

Honestly, you can do that here though because the images on this site have high quality. It's the navigation I'm talking about.

You have three options to start off from the homepage. First, you can search using the location where you want to find a girl. Second, you can search for girls who are willing to travel to where you want. Lastly, you can look for chicks based on different categories.

It might seem like there aren't plenty of options to go through the listings on this site but the site's search feature has a very high functionality especially if your main goal is not sightseeing but actually look for women for escort services or just plain companionship.

Another useful feature Slixa has is the dashboard you can find on pages across the site aside from the homepage itself. The dashboard features escorts from the chosen location and a few more filtering features.

Categories On Slixa

The main categories on Slixa are quite simple. First, there's the Escorts Available For Distance and Virtual Dating which just means girls you can communicate or do stuff with virtually. background or ethnicity. Second is the Affiliation and Notoriety that categorizes whether the ladies are independent, VIP, pornstar, or mature. Next is Gender but there are just real ladies each with a real pussy here so there are only lesbians and straight girls here. Lastly, there's Body Type which has just 2 classifications which are BBW Escorts and Super Busty Escorts.

If you go for the option of finding girls based on location, you can find other filtering features there, too. Users can filter girls here based on whether they need an escort, a tantra massage, a BDSM session, or a virtual date.

You can also find girls according to their status on Slixa. There's VIP, Verified, New, and Visiting. You can also check for escorts who are available at the moment.

There are even more filters on the dropdown list Filters which is another great feature that offers a lot of flexibility in giving you just the right list of girls who can provide you the services you want without going through the effort of contacting every single girl who catches your attention.

Selection Of Escorts

There are tons of girls here who are adult services providers and a lot of them either blur their faces on their album photos or hide them in other ways, but all of them are hot so anyone who isn't too specific with looks would probably have a hard time looking for an escort.

There are a lot of things you should consider when going through this site because, I hate to break it to you, but not all of the girls here have gone through the verification process. It's difficult for some escorts to have verified profiles since they want to hide their faces on their pictures. However, you can always choose other escorts that have high approval ratings, expert badges, and a good reputation. These pieces of information are all available on the profile page of every escort on the Slixa website.

Although the babes here look like they are cream of the crop, aside from being wary of a potential catfish, clients should also consider these details when looking for an escort - ethnicity, sexuality, and price range.

It's not about being picky but you would definitely have to make sure that you and the escort you are eyeing should be compatible before your booking or you might end up with a not-so-perfect night.

All of the details of the service providers can be found on their descriptions on their profile page including their verification status, their contact information, rates, past client reviews, other photos, and if they're a favorite of someone. All of the individuals here have an email address on their profiles. But, don't start up a meaningless email for regular communication, or simply put - don't send them an email just to flirt. If you want to have that experience, you have to pay them. Don't even think about sending silly messages. Despite prostitution being taboo due to the solicitation in exchange for sex, it's still a profession and an established industry.

How Real Are The Girls on Slixa?

Like I have said earlier, not all profiles here are verified profiles. So, how can someone protect themselves from scammers? There are many ways to do that. First, you can filter the ads to display only a list of girls with verified profiles by clicking on the button on your chosen location's page. Second, you can manually check the profiles for reviews, comments, or if there's any complaint. Unfortunately, not all of them have reviews, comments, or even a client sharing a private experience.

Some of the girls here have Twitter links but that's just additional contact info so just don't go bombing them with retweets and replies. They will probably ignore you anyway if you do that.

Locations with Slixa Services

Slixa has at least one advertiser in basically almost all cities in the United States. There are also escorts providing services in other countries which are Canada and the UK. The cities with the most providers are Las Vegas and New York City.

Services Offered On

The basic services you can find here on Slixa similar to what other sites have are Body Rub and Tantra Massage, BDSM, Fetish, Dancers, Slixa Late Night (late night adventures with an escort), and of course other sex-related services which you have a chance to discuss before your bookings.

Other forms of mature entertainment you can get from include Dating, Hookups, and Events (like those days when you probably need a dancer or stripper).

User Experience

I have just this one complaint about Slixa, there's no way to see only the advertisers with reviews on the filter list. The majority of the ads here doesn't have even just a single review and there's no comments section so there's no way to find out if the girl provides an experience just as she says she does because there are no displayed experiences and I even thought that getting a premium account will solve that, but no.

Client Membership

Since there aren't really a lot of ways to see reliable choices, I have decided to fill out that form for free just to see if I can access more features, but again, still no. Nothing changed.

If you're looking for a bit more features, you can go for the paid version which costs $29.95 USD for 3 months and $79.95 USD for 12 months. With Premium, members can save up to 300 profiles and keep notes, you can save your favorite picture, and even up to hundreds of other good images. Members with paid subscriptions also get updates of new photos and listings in their area.

Slixa News

You can access the blog from the footer on the home page and other pages. It's even better to say "blogs" because there are a lot of topics on a couple of categories that make it seem like their blogs make up a totally independent site.

There are articles related to COVID-19, Distance Dating, Advice, Experience (stories of escorts), Guides, Interviews, Law, News, and Opinion. The topics are pretty interesting but they're more escort-related so it's basically up to you whether you want to spend time reading some of them and they're available even for site guests anyway.

Is Safe?

Slixa has an anti-human trafficking banner found at the bottom of the pages which means it has a strong sense of banning forced prostitution and only girls who voluntarily want to provide escort services are allowed to post advertisements here.

I have also checked other news and review sites if there were cases or any police activity connected to Slixa and fortunately, there's none. I guess that means it is safe in that aspect. However, as a client, you have to make it safe for the service providers you meet here.

Verdict On

This website is clearly not an adult friend finder platform so the only content you will find on this site is postings from sex providers. You can browse here for pictures, too, but you can do that in a porn database. Anyways, there are a lot of pros and cons you should consider before deciding to use the site's service.

Slixa Pros

  • Impressive site design suitable for escort sites making it easy to look for what the users need
  • Clients can find a pornstar or some kinda popular adult entertainer on this website
  • The navigation design of Slixa makes it better compared to most escort websites
  • There are thousands of high-quality pics which look like they were professionally shot
  • Practical and agreeable terms of service that makes Slixa safe for both advertisers and patrons

Slixa Cons

  • There are only three serviceable countries - the US, UK, and Canada
  • The average rate of one girl is quite expensive
  • Most of the escorts don't have a single review on their profile
  • Very weak promotion for a community - members can't post a comment and there's no forum
  • Expensive premium subscription with insignificant benefits

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