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DrunkenStepFather Celebrity Gossip Site Review

This site seems to be dedicated to sharing information about hot celebrities in the form of a blog. As this is a blog site, it's different from an actual news site in a way that the writer produces more editorial content than actual news or updates about a celebrity. There are also quite plenty of noticeable things here on DrunkenStepFather aside from how the website author seems to be a social media addict with an active Facebook page, a Twitter account, and even an Instagram account. On the other hand, if you probably want more interaction with the Drunken Stepfather, you can get in touch with him on those accounts via links you will instantly notice on the site's homepage.

Although the DrunkenStepFather website doesn't actually have a site description, most adult sites directories also categorize it as a Celebrity/Fappening site because the blog content is all about "Photo of the Day" that feature Hollywood celebrities, OnlyFans celebs, cam girls, and some other non-celeb girls whose photos I can never guess where they come from.

DrunkenStepFather.com Website Layout

Let me tell you my thoughts about the website design of DrunkenStepFather. First of all, the homepage content is messy and I hate scrolling a lot especially if there's nothing interesting to see in the first couple of scrolls. The top bar has a confusing guessing game of which are navigation links, and which are external links. There's also a long list of links to other sites before you get to the actual posts. By this time I checked the site, it has 5 images and 2 of those are GIFS. I'm not sure if it's a contributing factor to why this website takes a long time to load. I opened a YouTube video of a 16:09 long review of Bella Thorne's Only Fans content playing on 480p, and the whole video loaded up until the end before DrunkenStepFather.com stopped loading. Can it also be because of the ads? There are plenty of ads here. Pop-up ads, ads on the top, ads on the side, ads on the corner, and new window ads.

Navigating here on this site is a no-brainer because the most you'll have to do is scroll. There aren't a lot of navigation options available to browse through past articles and you can't filter the content based on your favorite celebrity aside from searching her name on the search box. I have tried it and I didn't really feel happy about it because the results are all in text. I have no way to know how hot the celebrity is unless I click on the article. Another thing I noticed is that if you want to either dissent or agree with the blog, you will have to become one of the members of DrunkenStepFather. Why do I need to register to post on comment threads when I can't even remember my own email password?

Step Forum has a better more organized layout though. If you want to access their forum page, scroll all the way down to the footer to find the Forum link there.

Drunken Stepfather Content

There are more SFW pics than NSFW ones. The NSFW photos are even just nudes. Well yes, those are also great, but you can't call this a fully-grown porn site if it doesn't have anything to do with sex. There are almost no pics you can call pornpics. I wish DrunkenStepFather could have categories like SFW and NSFW which I thought they have. I thought that clicking on the NSFW (18+) link will do the trick, but it doesn't work like that. In fact, it seems to be just some design stuff. The most adult experience you'll have is seeing boobs of celebrity women, and that just made me feel like a curious schoolboy.

I do appreciate the written posts of DrunkenStepFather and the work he does to regularly post everything with at least one high-quality photo of random babes, celebrities, or just not-popular babes. That's some dedication. The way he writes his posts is also cool. He doesn't just write something obvious, but he writes like he's got nothing to do which is obvious from how opinionated his posts are. But, that's effective. There are tons of blog sites on the internet but his site's got members who are there to comment and rate on his posts to either agree with him or just say more things about the photos of celebrities. I can't wait though to see some porn pics on this site. Maybe when I do see some actual adults-only posts here, I'll consider getting a membership.

StepTV and StepNEWS

StepTV and StepNEWS sound fun especially if you like some wicked kind of entertainment. StepTV is where you can find SFW cam girls just saying everything they want to say and I don't know what their actual topics on their videos are but it is kinda fun seeing cute girls talk and I know dudes don't really care about what they're saying but how the babe's top tightly hugs or exposes her boobs. Step News is in another dimension of entertainment. The posts here may not be about the celebrities you fancy, but the videos are freaking fun to watch. Most of the videos though are random fails but there's nothing insane in a bad way except probably for those clips about people caught cheating.

Celebrity Videos

In terms of DrunkenStepFather being a celebrity blog site, it's disappointing that there are no video posts or clips with nudity or even an exposed top of a celebrity babe. I was expecting that this site would have a special page to help users navigate to the celebrity video contents easily and that's what I thought the "Videos" link on what seems to be the site navbar is for. Unfortunately, they're random videos with no sexy celebs. Not even fakes. I wasn't even wishing for videos of celebrities having sex. I was hoping that I'll probably see some clips from movies with nudity or even a scene where a celebrity babe is sexily removing her dress. The Videos shortcut links to another DrunkenStepFather website which is StepFatherPresents and it seems that the posts on this website come from different US states and other places. The posts have a wide range of topics, too. It's another mystery of where the DrunkenStepFather gets this shit.

Although this site looks like it's for celebs, when it comes to the videos you'll find here, they're in another category which is Step News. Like I have described earlier, most of the videos are non-celeb related but they range from giving you an OMG reaction to a ROTFL.

Is The Newsletter Worth Subscribing For?

I'll be amazed if you'll find a reason to do so. There's the forum where you can exchange notes with your fellas.

Final Verdict

Good Points

  • Unbiased reviews of photos of celebrities which some I agree with him on a high-level
  • Great work on updating the site with blog articles daily with high-quality photos

Bad Points!

  • Collector of ads
  • A long list of links you'll have to scroll past to get to the actual content

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