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Celebs Roulette Fappening Site Review

Because celebrities are well-known for socially accepted exhibitionism, we get sites like CelebsRoulette and more. This site contains thousands of nude and sex scenes from different movies including those mainstream Hollywood movies featuring popular celebrities from classic movie scenes like that hot rape scene from A Clockwork Orange to popular contemporary movies like the bondage tease scene on Fifty Shades. Of course, there are also the controversial sex tapes and iCloud hacks, etc.

Well, a lot of celebrities do have amazing bodies to flaunt and they have a lot of fans and it is pretty interesting to see someone you know showing off their sex and other erotic skills every now and then, too, right?

Anyway, as I have said, there are a lot of Celebrity Fappening sites out there celebrating celebs porn content so let's see if Celebs Roulette is worthy of your time. Let's start with our review!

Getting Around Celebs Roulette

First off, I don't want you losing your way here so I'll teach you the best ways to look for content here. Just kidding. There's no need for that. The layout is pretty simple. The thumbnails of clips even include the movie or TV series title so it's so easy to look for the stuff you want here. It's great if you're a movie or TV shows geek and you just want to see those scenes again. No need to memorize the timeframes for those. Well, that's it. The majority of the homepage is occupied by thumbnails of featured content. A quick heads-up though, don't go scrolling through the homepage without reading the titles. I hate the resolution and lackluster colors of the thumbnails. They make the entire collection look like they're all from the same decade which is the early 80's.

Anyway, let's talk about other navigation tools. There's actually a quite long horizontal list of menu options. You can check out the Latest and Most Viewed content, see Albums, Categories, see videos based on the Sites they're from, Models, Playlists, Channels, and find other site members. There's also a Request and Upload button, and a shortcut to the premium celebrity porn site Adult Time. Now, the question is, do these features actually work? Well, you can see photos in Albums and they're pretty much random in the sense that they're made of different materials like magazine covers, IG photos, scene shots, etc. There aren't a lot of them and they're just okay to look at but they're not the type you would download and even print out as a poster. Their picture quality is just low. For categories, well, yeah, they have them. For sites, they only have 5 of them and there are only a few clips from them so they're practically useless. Celebs Roulette also has a lot of models on their index but few with photos. There are a lot of playlists probably created by site members and two featured channels. In short, they work, but not efficiently.

By the way, since this is a free porn tube site, expect to see ads lurking including ones that open new tabs or even windows.

Nude Celebs Videos Collection

Now, let's talk about what kind of videos you'll get from Celebs Roulette. This site has explicit Hollywood nude and sex scenes, new naked celebs scenes, sexy music videos, and just nude scenes that don't even involve physical contact. At least, that what CelebsRoulette specializes in. There are also a few clips here that aren't from movies or TV series.

If you're going to ask me, the best way to find content here is to use the search box. You can use keywords including the title of the film with that hot scene you want to see, the names of the actors and actresses you wish to see naked, and even the kind of scenes from those movies. However, even this feature isn't that great. I tried looking for a scene from the movie Dirty Dancing but I didn't find any related to it but I still found videos based on the two words from my query. Another thing I noticed is that Celebs Roulette isn't quite definitive when it comes to scene tags. For example, I guess it's quite common knowledge that BDSM can involve rape roleplay but that doesn't mean that it is considered BDSM itself. I tried looking for videos using the query "BDSM" and I got a few suggestions that are definitely not BDSM because they're not roleplay. I mean, of course, they're not real because they're just movies. What I mean is, those portray characters being forced to have sex. BDSM, as we all porn connoisseurs know, has a rule that both Dom and Sub are consenting parties. Anyway, I just want to say that this site definitely needs to know its porn.

From Antique to Vintage

Now, let's get more specific. As I have said earlier, you might have thought that the collection here is only composed of old movies because of what's in the view in front of you. The site looks old and the picture quality even older. However, there are actually lots of new scenes here from the hottest celebs in this era and I'll tell you more about them in the next section. This section is for those who like classic cinema.

When it comes to classic cinema erotic scenes, Celebs Roulette stands a great chance to compete among other sites for The Best Porn Sites Award in the Classic Category. You'll find popular vintage movies here like Schindler's List, In The Realm Of The Senses, Boys Don't Cry, Caligula, and more. Those are just a few suggestions but go on and try your luck to see if you can find some of the scenes from the classics you know.

If You Want Something Modern

Thankfully, it's easier to find suggestions of much newer production here. As I have mentioned several times now, there is a lot of new porn, I mean new sexy movie clips, here. You only just need to read the sign on each thumbnail. You will even find a huge collection of sex scenes and nudity displays from Game of Thrones here. Thanks to this site, too, you'll get to see a lot of naked Emilia Clarke photos here including the scene where she's getting good treatment from behind.

Sex Scenes Categories

CelebsRoulette only has 8 categories which are things I suggest you don't rely on. They don't have a single category you would like. I seriously suggest using tags like Action, Tits, Hard Fuck, Hardcore, or others on the search box instead.

Final Verdict

The cons might outweigh the stuff you might love here so go ahead and take a look at the details.


  • huge collection of nude celebrity clips and other nudity content from famous people
  • a bunch of great stills featuring a naked celebrity


  • the search box doesn't yield accurate results
  • most of the navigation features and menus are basically useless
  • lots of redirects to other porn sites and redirects to ad sites

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