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We've already done a lot of porn reviews and we just can't get enough. Let's talk about DarkWanderer! Sounds like a new Batman movie. The site may even sound like a wanderer of dark caves with bats, but Nah! DarkWanderer.net has its own dark caves of cuckold stories that highlight hot slutty wives while their husbands watch the free entertainment.

It's not every day that you find a husband consent to their wife having sex with another man. And, from where I am this kind of topic is a bit sacrilege to a marriage. I for one am not a fan of these types of stories but here I am giving you all the stories I can dig up about DarkWanderer, And if you're one to enjoy free cuckold entertainment, then DarkWanderer is created just for you.

DarkWanderer Homepage

Bland, I tell you! Bland design right from the start. Now, I'm not hating it's just a fact. You'd think websites that have dark on their name would give a better site design. DarkWanderer screams anything but dark. Nothing fancy and nothing really new. Just plain old two-toned website that's full of texts instead of great quality thumbnails that'll get your cocks hard immediately.

Ever tried checking reviews of a movie on Rotten Tomatoes back before they had their website sold and upgraded? Or looked into movie reviews on IMDb back in the 200s? That's what DarkWanderer looks like. Just a bland-looking website that seriously needs an upgrade. For the life of a mere porn-addicted me, I'm sure that this homepage review will just be another comment. As long as we are getting the content we want then it doesn't really matter how the site looks. Still, it would be pretty wise that websites and porn sites like DarkWanderer consider a bit of a wardrobe change. Who knows they might be able to compete with the best porn sites out there.

DarkWanderer is not like other porn sites, as most of the features it offers are not the same as other conventional sites. No porn video thumbnails that you usually see when you visit porn tube sites and the usual structure that allows you to breeze through porn content easily. In a manner of speaking, Darkwanderer is a forum for all porn videos, cuckold, and hot porn images that the community members can openly share their porn content reviews and share comments.


Cuckold stories and porn content created for cuckold porn fetishes. Here on DarkWanderer, you get your cocks filled with a different story of cuckolds and porn contents alike. All free to read! If you're a fan of erotica stories, novels, and any porn related-writings; DarkWanderer is the place to be. You get to let your imagination run wild while reading through stories upon stories of wives having adventures with another man. An interracial story that will get you hooked on day one. Most of the story contents are written by the users and community members of DarkWanderer. You'll never know, maybe you'll be reading a story based on real-life events.

But, let's just hope extreme cuckold contents are not as real as my big dick is and should be kept that way. Unless you're one messed up dude who'd like your wife or girlfriend banging and cock-sucking another man. Not for me though! I'd like to keep stories of cuckolds as a fantasy and just something I can jack off to if I have no other porn content to read and watch.


Don't really have to stress this part much as there are just a few options you can go about on the DarkWanderer site. If not, none at all! Stories and contents created by the community members of Darkwanderer are available for free at any time. However, one problem is that there are no categories that you can browse through easily to get to a specific story you want to read. All you get is a tab that leads you to their newest stories, newest comments, and a search option that is repetitive in its own way. There's no need for another search option on their category tab when there's already a search bar just located on the main page.

I guess they decided to put it there just for the sake of having an option or additional category, overall it's not too distracting. I did notice that they have a search category on the Advanced option for Black New World Order, not sure what they mean by that but maybe the DarkWanderer community wants to make its story content edgier. Upon checking these are some of the search categories that you may explore on DarkWanderer, namely: Search threads, Search stories, Search media, Search albums, Search media comments, Search profile posts, and Search tags.

Now, I've already mentioned that I am not up for any unscripted cuckold porn themes but I can still have the guts to read through them. Nevertheless, there's one thing that I as an adult cannot let pass, and that's child pornography. I haven't found any content that includes this as the main theme for their stories but I did see a search option on Darkwanderer that says exactly these words "Search child categories as well". It's alarming, to say the least, and I don't want to be living my days writing a day-to-today review about porn and tube sites in a cell. It's tough enough to bust a load and write a review when your girlfriend is around, what more when I'm held up in a prison cell. And, I ain't that kind of guy that just jerk off to anything erotic. This community needs to protect youngsters and that starts with us. Just hope that members of DarkWanderer uploading and sharing stories and videos of anything minor-associated get banned.


There are many sites that have community forums and allow their members to share stories and videos of their own experience and leave feedback on a site's collection feedback. DarkWanderer is every bit of that! In fact, this site is more focused on community-shared stories, image, and video collections. You get to find different porn items shared by a member of the site. So you have to expect that some of the stories you'll be reading are of poor quality or unfinished. And, if you don't like it share your thoughts on DarkWanderer's forum. Although, to be able to do that you still have to pay for membership to freely talk about the stories you've read and some content that you may like or not like.


Nothing new and not surprising! Tons of pop-up ads that'll show up just at the wrong time. Ads are like the backbone of tube sites to stay afloat. But it just gets tiring from time to time. Just when you're about to release that oh-so-good jizz, ads appear. I wouldn't go through much explaining about this part, because we will pretty much encounter this in another site review.


  • Free to read cuckold and porn stories

  • Friendly community and forums

  • Over 7200 stories that you can read and enjoy


  • Pop-up ads

  • Bland webpage design

  • Navigation is not user-friendly

  • Forums need to be free or at least partially

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