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One of the porn sites with the "better free rape scenes". I would not really consider to be one of the best porn sites (Since there may be a ton of similar sites). I mean, I have seen all the sex scenes and cut scenes of movies on similar sites like youtube. What makes this so special? I mean, I understand that there are a ton of bizarre movies that we see on the internet. We even get random videos and clips of scenes from a specified movie. That most people enjoy. Why do we need to go on a site with a ton of ads, for random clips of rape scenes and such when a safer site is available for our enjoyment? Well, one thing is that websites like Youtube do not give us more than the Pg13 versions of the scenes. The erotic scenes are presented on these types of websites, so you get to see all the celebs in hot scenes without anything being restricted.

When they mean clips, these are actual clips though. You actually get short videos, and most of them seem to be innocent or on the verge of being lewd but are actually not. Though I am sure you are familiar with how movies work. That is basically how the whole site works, so if you want to just scroll for clips like this, feel free. Just do not expect anything too wild.

The online video clips on have categories like "rape surreal and Bizzare movies" or perhaps "clips from exploitation rape" cut scenes. You can now watch video clips of this caliber on Which, when you think about it is not half as bad. You can not really see the "bizzare and rape movies" online video clips anywhere else. What I want to understand though, is why does this exists. Why can't we just watch the bizzare movie's instead of making a choice to watch online videos? I guess it is for all of us who want a quick get-off to cut scenes from movies.

Now, you really get all of that in one site, in a site like this. If you really just want bizzare and rape movies, or just regular bizzare movie's and their cut scenes, then you have come to the right website. With that said, the content on this website is really unique. Watch online video clip of a bizzare movie? Watch online video clips of bizzare and rape movies? Here, all of it here. Now that is new and unique if you ask me. Aside from the bizzare and rape movies clips here, you also get incest. They also offer a bunch of hell. A page with a bunch of stuff that would make you decide between "shit what the fuck" and, "wow I'm interested". There are no in-betweens. All the fucked up categories, you could ever imagine is here on this website.

Now let us talk about the thumbnails, as I mentioned above. This page is fucked. Imagine what a thumbnail would look like for "video clips from exploitation rape" look like. Yeah, not too good. I mean we have to respect that they have compiled videos clips from exploitation like rape surreal and bizzare movie. You can not get access to that quickly. It is literally rarer than you think, which is weird to think about because you see a ton of fucked up shit on a porn page. Take pictures of people shitting as an example. Cut scenes really do sound better huh, in comparison to what I just said.

We got video clips from exploitation rape, rape surreal, and bizzare movie all on this website. Now let us talk about the quality. Are the video clips from exploitation rape, or rape surreal and bizzare movie for free worth it? Well, if you are into that sure, the videos are worth it. The cutscenes are all found in movies, or produced by some randoms. You get all the bizzare movies for free. All the pictures and cutscenes are on one website. So many weird categories from bizzare movies for free to videos clips from exploitation. I mean, where else can you get that? is unique in that aspect and we can all agree to that.

The user rating, well with all the bizzare movies for free and video clips from exploitation. I have realized that this site gets a good score from me, in terms of content. There are not a lot of similar sites that provide cutscenes like this. I really want to say that the sites, especially are really great in my opinion. I just wish I could get more cutscenes, you know like more categories for cutscenes. I understand that there are not a ton of cutscenes. With that I mean, there are not a lot of clips like that since there are not a lot of movies. I just think if you have a website like that revolves around cutscenes, then maybe they would find more cutscenes anywhere you can. I just want more categories for it. All in all this cutscenes site is made greatly. They did a good job at making sure, they fix this up well. I just hope they get the chance to get more content that focuses on the main topic of this site. Websites like this are really hard to come by, especially since it is made well in terms of layout and such. Even with the content, so once they find more things to add or incorporate this site. Perhaps, they could add more than just cutscenes. My rating stays at 7/10. If you want to check out other websites similar to this, check out the recommendations down below.

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