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An interactive adult fiction site. It offers a truly interactive story-telling environment where readers determine the outcome of the sex stories.

Review On CHYOA - Choose Your Own Adventure

This seemingly innocent title for a site plus the site design that's similar to popular ebooks sites makes CHYOA appear more like an ordinary ebook library for random amateur submissions than a pornography site. Yet, there are so many things people like here, and there's more than one reason which won't come from my lips alone but also from so many other places, too. So, if you want to know more about it, you're in the right direction. I'll give you an honest to goodness feedback about it.

Honestly, though, I think will be better called CHYOF or Choose Your Own Fantasy. This site is filled with a whole lot of erotica in all themes for everyone. You just need to move a few fingers and a hand to enjoy the stories from awesome writing talents on this site that will make you stand. But, before you get too excited to follow your own adventure story, make sure you know that Chyoa is for adults only and that you sit back and ride on this review first.

Interactive Sex Stories On CHYOA

CHYOA has several categories and the most common ones can be so easily found on the site's homepage. These are BDSM, Bisexual, Cheating Spouses, Erotic Couplings, Exhibitionist & Voyeur, Fan Fiction, Fantasy, Fetish, Gay, Group Sex, Humor & Satire, Incest, Interracial, Lesbian, Mature, Mind Control, Non-Consent, Non-English, Romance, Science Fiction, Swinging, Teen, Toys & Masturbation, Transsexual, Non-Erotic (SFW), and Miscellaneous. In short, everything you might want to enjoy doing an imaginary roleplay with can be found here.

The best way to have the best fun on Chyoa is by continuing a story to make the ladies, or trans women, do a variety of stuff on the bed or anywhere else you want in your own chapters - the results are based on your decisions. You can either be the demon on your own chapter while you become a tighter part of the Chyoa family. Be your own rule - that's the best feature of CHYOA.

Adventure Book Style Content

First, let's talk about how to best go around this site. Let's start from the homepage. If you're looking for a specific sex story or erotica, chapters, or authors, you can use the search box located at the top. If you're feeling more adventurous and want to explore books that go with your type of niche, you'll find a lot of options in the middle part of the page. The Chyoa universe is really big and pretty much anyone will be able to find his own world and live a fun life there - and the proof is that all of these niches each have a wide content. This erotica site is just oozing with so much creativity thanks to the so many passionate writers.

If you want to know more about Chyoa, take a look at the section on the right and you'll find the Chyoa Guide. If you want to publish your own work, you'll find guidelines here. If you want to be a self-proclaimed librarian, you'll also find a manual for readers on this page.

All sections have very recent updates. Some stories you might want to follow have several chapters. You can regularly check on Recently Updated Sex Stories for them. You might also want to look at the list of Notable Writers at the bottom of the page. You can check more information about each writer on their own profile including the awards they received and the stories they have posted on Chyoa. You can also find a bunch of them posting their Twitter links so you might want to make friends with them- if you're interested.

One Of The Most Recommended Porn Sites

My word! CHYOA is one of the best Interactive Adult Stories Sites I have encountered despite its not-so-high-end packaging. Your every choice will determine the outcome of the story. It's good if you're into reading sex stories but also want to take some control over how the story goes.

However, you might like a story that's not interactive at all. In my opinion, although it sounds a bit disappointing, you won't be disappointed with the way it's written. You can tell from the words they use that the writer who shared the fiction you're reading for free is the real deal. So how are the stories interactive? Well, some let you continue the stories by writing your own continuation. You can do so by creating your own account on Chyoa. To make an account, you just need a unique username, password, and email address.

CHYOA Community

Readers can share every experience they have on Chyoa. And, just in case you're done with this site, you might find and give suggestions of similar porn sites like Chyoa. But please, don't get too excited and post the endings on the forum! Let other users enjoy the path to their fantasy ending. So, if you're looking for similar-minded fans, this is the right place for you to go to. The forum is just like any other forum - but neater. You can discuss your favorite mind control fantasies, sci-fi, BDSM and other unrestricted violence, and other works of fiction on their respective topics or threads. Almost everything you need and every fetish you might have can be found here on Chyoa.

Also, if you want to support the writing geniuses from this site, especially your favorite authors, you can support on Patreon. There are several options for you there that will give you some privileges depending on the tier you choose. If you want to have an environment where you can read with no ads, you should choose at least the mid-tier membership level. You'll also be able to connect with the community supporting this porn site and be one of the official backers flaunting a Backer badge.

CHYOA Porn Site Summary

In the real world, your choices might not bring your expectations to you so might as well not expect too much from the author to give you the ending you want. You can make your own ending to the story. You won't have to push yourself too hard for ideas to create a whole story, you can just continue a story that someone has already started with your own words and even add a character. Just make sure to follow the rules here and keep the quality high.

To end this review, here's what I like, and probably what every user likes the best about this erotica site, CHYOA, is how there are so many people who are active here both users and writers. Most of its porn sites competitors on the erotica stories are quite lagging with submissions and you'll be disappointed that the latest work was published about a year ago, or older.


  • there are always new stories and chapters

  • guaranteed happy endings

  • several ways to search for stories including tags

  • there are a hell of a lot of categories

  • reliable search features

  • free access to thousands of stories of high quality

  • the fucking amount of views and likes every story get just says a lot about CHYOA


  • a dark background will be better for reading

  • not all stories are interactive

  • don't go searching for videos here!

  • characters don't have profiles so how their appearances depend on your imagination


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