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100% Free! There is no option to pay. Adult chat rooms with no membership or registration. Live chat or cam with strangers, one-on-on or in large group chats.

321 Sex Chat Rooms Review

These days, there are tons of dating apps on Google Play, App Store, and even on Windows. We can't deny that there are also a lot of people making fake IDs there and some of them even use fake photos, and sometimes even none at all. Dating apps are just some kind of sugarcoated hookup apps though. However, there are some rare cases where chicks and dudes don't join them for actual hookups or even sexting. There are a lot of comments from other "serious" people using them saying that other users are just there to promote their social media accounts and some chicks just "swipe" to you then reply like they're completely interested. There are also quite a lot of "ghosts" too.

Anonymous sex chat sites like 321SexChat are kinda in between a dating site and an anonymous chat site in a way that they have login features and profile creation options but you have to join a chat room instead of swiping through hundreds to thousands of user profiles. Another thing that's different on an explicitly announced sex chat site like 321 Sex Chat is the fact that it is way too obvious that its chat rooms are for sex. Not really actual sex but discussions about sex. No one deserves to get offended here for being invited to an audio or a video chat to talk about sex or get sexy previews of the person on the other line.

Free Sex Cams

It works almost like a free sex cam site in a way but here, unlike in paid cam sites, girls don't care if they like you or not and they'll just start stripping off when you tell them. 321 Sex Chat works more similarly to a hookup app where both of you should feel the heat for something magical to happen. I mean, yeah, the babes here are most likely looking for some sexy time but just like you, they might also be looking for guys who match their preferences and you might wish that it's you, but hey, if you're not into an ebony big ass babe, then maybe a Latina hottie might be looking for a BBC. All I'm trying to say is, despite the fact that everyone here is looking for either real-life sex or just interactive sex, people still deserve to be picky and that goes for them to you as well.

Free Sex Chat Rules

Aside from the fact that people who aren't at least 18 years old yet are not allowed to join an adult chat filled with adult topics, there are also a few more written rules here and some more rules Mods can make without prior notice depending on how serious a situation can be. Users can also get suddenly banned here and their IP addresses blocked on the site's server depending on the reason.

Anyway, here are the rules you should all be aware of and they're all written on the "Rules" page but since you already reading my 321SexChat review, I'm gonna say it here anyway. First of all, no spamming in any way and definitely no trolling, hacking and exploiting other people. Spamming includes posting to other chat sites or obviously promoting other sites. Don't even think about pasting a mini URL either. That goes for links to program files like .exe or .zip. I mean, that just makes you totally suspicious. When it comes to possible exploitation of other humans here, everyone's banned from giving away personal information, no incest, and no racism. You're also not allowed to show any signs of disrespect to the moderators here including talking back or questioning a Mod's decision. They won't argue back but they will block you. There are also a few nitpicky additions here which are "NO TYPING IN ALL CAPS" because as you may have noticed, it doesn't look cool, and "no repeatedly messaging someone who clearly is not replying". The second one includes a harsh note - "Take a hint... they don't want to talk to you."

Getting Around 321SexChat.com

At first glance, the site looks way too friendly and easy to use. There's even a button that says "Start Chatting" in a very obvious spot and under it, you can find some categories of sex chat rooms. Well, yeah, it's quite easy to use but it's actually not like other anonymous chat websites that'll instantly start matching you up with random strangers and you'll just have to hold your cock still as the server loads which will probably take a few seconds depending on how many active individuals there are from around the globe at the same time. Here on 321SexChat, if you're not logged in to your account yet, clicking that "Start Chatting" button will lead you to a signup or login page first. If you have an existing account, you can just log in to your account using the option there, but if you don't have one yet, you can either log in as a guest or create a new account.

Once you have logged in, you'll be able to see a page with more categories such as Porn, Be Naughty, Masturbating, Lesbian, Gay, Chat and Play, Another Place, Quiet, and a couple of fetish chats like BDSM, Futa World, BBC for Women, Tribute Room, Indian XXX Chat, etc. There are also adult roleplay rooms here like Roleplay, Cheating Wife, and a hell of a lot more. There are even tons of more specific BDSM roleplays here and quite a lot for hot matured women. You'll also be able to find a lot of chat rooms here that actually have content specifically pictures being shared by both men and girls. You'll be able to find the number of active members in a chat room on the same box that has the logo, title, and a short description of the room.

I'm pretty sure you'll be in a daze browsing all of the rooms here if you're going to do it like that and it's a pity if you get in a room that doesn't have active roommates. So, I'm going to give you some tips. First, go back to the homepage of this website. The one you originally landed on. There are only a few chat rooms there but they still have the general categories like Roleplay, Sex, Porn, BDSM, Cheating, Gay, Lesbian, Tranny, Furry, and Mobile (or sexting). The last one sounds unnecessary because every single room here is a sex chat room anyway. However, there are people who just either like things in general or just have nothing specific in mind. My next tip is, go to the Articles section which is also on the homepage and find tips from the site itself.

Should You Register On 321SexChat.com?

If you care more about safety precautions over saved chats, I suggest that you should just stick to a guest login. The user base of 321SexChat seems to be quite balanced between registered members and guests. It's the era of dating, slash, hookup apps now. If people are into longer-lasting adult encounters on the internet, they'd probably make a profile that's easier to update and has better chat features than what usual sex cam sites and porn chat websites have. Of course, if you're planning to delete your browser history anyway, no need to remember your password for a registered account.

VIP Chat Privileges

If you have so much money to waste like you have more of it to waste than you can with your time, you can opt to get a VIP membership. It is a lifetime privilege that lets you use special emojis, name & text colors, copy-paste photos, access the chat history before you entered a room, create your own chat rooms, and have a fancy name card. That's all you get for twenty bucks. The biggest contribution of that amount of money is supporting the community.

32SexChat Vs Other Anonymous Chat Sites

When it comes to the overall pros and cons of using this free sex chat website, I think that they're pretty much well-balanced. I can tell that 321SexChat made a lot of effort in building this porn chat site and aside from the traditional webcams, they even enabled their site to work with a mobile phone camera. I honestly think that it's quite a good step for an outdated type of site for adults. Let's be honest to ourselves because we know that there aren't even online Cam Girls directly on this site and ChatRoulette is more like a game of extreme luck than a video chat feature. We can't blame 321SexChat for the failing business of video chats in general.


  • easy to use
  • thousands of different topics


  • annoying persistent ads

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