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Booloo Porn Aggregator Site Review

If you went to this site before you got here, it means that you might be like me who went there and started wanting to know what kind of site it is then got here on this review. Honestly, my experience on this dark alley on the web was quite Boo Loo - in short, I don't understand shit. I had no idea how to use this site or if it actually works so this might sound more of a rant than a review but I'll make sure to give you a good recount of my experience here and more about the website.

Getting Around The Website

First, let's talk about how to use this site which I first tried with an active ad blocker then without an ad blocker. Who would dare invade such a place that just spells "suspicious? But, oftentimes, a lot of those from the adult industry rely on advertisers and their ads to maintain their businesses so there are cases where you won't be allowed to enter their platform unless you disable your ad blocker which at some point I thought would make Booloo work - anyway, it didn't so just stay on the safe side.

I'm sure you'll agree with me that the site is ugly AF. Is it really an adult platform or an online dictionary or translator? The homepage is filled with a list of languages including a bunch of different Asian languages and I'm not sure which is one from India but take note that from this page, you'll have to choose the language you're comfortable using which this little bastard won't tell you until you have made a choice. This site is like a basic flowchart actually but a really bad one actually. From the homepage, choose a language then you'll get to categories translated to the language you chose then you'll see more thumbnails that seemed to be linked to videos to other websites since this site is identified as an aggregator. However, I felt like I was in a loophole not getting to where I want to go or see what I'm hoping to see. In short, this platform doesn't lead anywhere but in a dungeon full of nothing but porn thumbnails which is definitely not the reason people expect to see on this site. To cut it short, it's not worth wasting precious time going around a place with no content but full of misleads.

Categories Catalogue

Despite having no content at all, this website made quite a performance in putting up a show that it has content that will reveal itself only to those who search well. Well, they might not have the actual videos or links that lead to the videos, you can search for categories here and at least get ideas for your search on other websites that have the videos you'd like to fap to.

They have a lot of categories here including uncommon ones like Beach, Classic, Periscope, Compilation, Czech Casting, Forced, Hairy Mature, and a lot of specific Asian races and sub-niches.

Seriously though, even if I did find videos here after trying out the routes where I might find the series which are my type and the routes with worst quality thumbnails with highly generic categories and tags, I knew I can't expect landing on a page with a bunch of good videos because even the performance of their server is inconsistent. Sometimes it loads alright and sometimes it'll take too long to load. It's the type of platform that's really innocently deceptive of letting the users hesitate about leaving in hopes that "it's probably my connection" or "maybe the server isn't well so let me try again and maybe I'll find videos and links I won't get anywhere else." That's definitely wrong. You'll get dead ends on other porn aggregators as well but it's just that everything you'll find here is exactly that. I don't know when this hell of a porn dungeon was last updated. It may not be just the design that looks underground but the whole thing might have been buried 6-feet underground by whoever created it without even trying to complete it.

This Site Needs An Ultimate Reset

People expect to watch porn videos or be redirected to other sites with a web player and not redirected to another shit on the same site. It's like you're stuck in a game where you keep on dying and you just have to do the same things all over again until you realize that it's pointless.

However, since you desperately kept on trying hoping there's something you might have missed or there's another way to it, you just got even more pissed off. If like me, you did just like that as well, I guess you have also checked out a review from another site that says they got to watch a couple of videos despite that the site's performance was inconsistent. Well, bruv, that review was probably written during the peak of this shit, I mean this site. The thing is, that was how it was even during its peak! Fast forward to the present reality, it seems that Booloo has already died several deaths and its partners have already left this site's creator for good just like what he did to the site he himself created.

If you want to check out some other sites that actually work, you can check out the suggested sites listed below. I suggest judging the book by its cover is a great approach when it comes to porn sites.

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