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Boobpedia is a user-editable encyclopedia of women with big tits. Look up your favourite busty nude models and porn stars, or discover new favourites.

Review Of Boobpedia: The First Digital Encyclopedia of Big Boobs

I remember flicking through my Grandad's Encyclopedia Brittanica at around age 10 on Sunday afternoons after lunch and thinking 'Where're all the breasts? Huh? Where in hell's name is all the tittie traffic? I mean I know that leafing through encyclopedias is meant to make you smart, but I know my strengths ok? I was never destined to be the next Thomas Jefferson or Issac Newton. I was destined to find my appreciative fans the best quality porn websites and databases available to all for free!

Shit! What's more important I ask? New discoveries in Quantum Physics or Porn? At the end of the day, we haven't even reached the height of fapping as we know it. And I know the physics of beating my meat already. Our drive to find the biggest tits in the universe is what matters.

The Wikipedia Of Womanhood, The Bibliography Of Breasts

The Boobpedia website is essentially modeled visually in the exact same style as the Wikipedia page. The page design is almost identical in fact except it ain't listing entries of medical advancement or new species. This bibliography is listing tits, tits, and more tits. The bigger the better!

Think Wikipedia for dementia patients jacked up on viagra. What is reading? Fundamental. Anyone looking for quality bra-free racks online, look no further. You've just hit the jackpot.

Porn Stars, Models, Celebrities & Actresses

Now as I've mentioned already this site is a veritable smorgasbord so you could find it overwhelming at first glance. If you know what you're looking for things get a whole lot easier as even though there's a lot of content, it's organized nicely.

The Boobpedia website welcomes you with a message encapsulating its whole ethos and explains that it is within the encyclopedias of Boobpedia that you will be able to find all of your favorites in one place. So whether you are looking for celebrities, pornstars, actresses' or even amateurs finest work on this user-edited site, you will find something to satisfy.

It's a database that lists each movie and all pictures that feature their big tits on-screen moments. All of the content on Boobpedia is uploaded by users, including all of the written articles too. There's even a lot of material provided by amateur internet movie makers.

I like the fact that the Boobpedia page is managed and all entries are created by fans. All blogs and links are provided by and edited as an open-source database much like Wikipedia.

Layout Of Site

On the first appearance, the site's design looks pretty crowded. But I guess it's mirroring Wikipedia, so we'll let that slide.

The main header of the Boobpedia home page features, in alphabetical order, its main content pages which list as follows: New pages, All pages, All categories, Adult models, Asian, BBW, By website, Celebrity, D cup bra size, DD cup, MILF, Natural-boobs, Pornstars.

Pretty standard categories but the Boobpedia site is concise, I'm seriously impressed by the amount of time and effort that's gone into creating this immense listing site.

The 'models' section of Boobpedia takes you to the more professional videos and images, and as you may imagine features a wide range of top BBW pornstars with big babe boobs. There are so many different women here showing off their body type with passion, it is truly a beautiful site for these of us who appreciate the fuller figure too. The page offers girl action from seasoned pornstars as well as camgirls favorites.

There's an interesting section on Boobpedia that displays and directs you to updated links on the internet and to blog pages and other websites that feature articles all relating to women and their breasts too. Sheesh, that's commitment!

Along the left-hand side of the Boobpedia screen is a general navigation bar that takes to the main sections of the site, such as; Browse Categories, Recent Changes, List All Pages, Random Page, FAQ, etc.

I click on the browse categories heading and am taken to a page that lists in alphabetical order every category on the Boobpedia website. Nice work team, this makes finding the breast size I'm looking for exceedingly easier!

The Boobpedia site essentially caters for porn and tit geeks with a penchant for the OCD cataloging style you would be accustomed to in a library. It can be slightly dry at times and operates very differently from other porn sites that display jam-packed pages of image and porn video thumbnail material for you to browse and spunk to.

Websites like Boobpedia offer less in-your-face pornstar, spread legs and cock in ass kind of material, and a slightly more sophisticated layout with a more toned down general feel. Think Sandy from Grease compared to Sandra D at the end of the film. But hey? You still would right?

Boobpedia Special Features

There's a pretty small, but massively useful search engine bar just under the general navigation bar on the left side of the screen. This is an invaluable tool if you are all about keywords and you know exactly the niche you are looking for. As long as it's fat racks-related that is. You can go into quite a lot of detail here too, so if things like weight, height, body type, ethnicity, or pornstar status matter to you, go ahead and be as specific as possible to get the kind of results that other tittie porn databases just don't offer.

As I've already mentioned the Boobpedia site is a user-editable page so of course you can add and upload material at your own whim. It's actually one of the more popular user-run sites too and its traffic numbers reflect that. With over 8 million visits in a month, the popularity of this site speaks for itself.

Website Pros

  • A huge resource and database of all things breasts
  • A slightly elevated porn experience (hold on, let me get my glasses on)
  • Great listings and attention to detail throughout the Boobpedia site
  • It's totally free


Website Cons

  • Some entries lack info, which can be disappointing
  • A relatively low amount of actual porn or pornstar action
  • Material is fairly safe
  • An account is needed to gain full usability


Final Thoughts On Boobpedia

Boobpedia is often searched for incorrectly and users search for Boobspedia, Boobopedia, and Boopedia. Not exactly sure why it's so difficult to remember the word Boobpedia when searching for clear boob action but hey, what does an uneducated fool like me know? I'm currently feeling pretty discerning after my hour of internet research at

The most amazing thing about the Boobpedia site is the fact that it actually qualifies as a legal listings site, brilliant! I mean, it is an invaluable source of information about all things breasts. This shit is detailed, descriptive, and almost makes me feel slightly more intellectual in my porn pursuit.

Although saying that if the Boobpedia came in a paperback edition I am certain it what ultimately be nothing more than a large coffee table display or a doorstep as the semen stuck pages would render it entirely unusable. Thank god for the digital age!

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