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BeFuck Free Porn Aggregator Site Review

There aren't a lot of reviews out there about free porn aggregator sites. It's probably because sites like these keep on routing you to other free sites for free porn videos. Although, these kinds of sites including the website we're now talking about exist not only for the porn industry to flourish but because not all free websites with porn videos have so much in their own database. So, is BeFuck doing its job as a website that collects links to free porn videos from other video hosting sites? That's what we're going to talk about in this review.

In this review, we'll talk about how easy or difficult it is to use this website to look for a new site you can keep going back to, what categories are there, and the overall quality of the videos you can find using their service.

Discover Porn Videos From Other Porn Sites

BeFuck seems to have so many connections from random places on the internet and there are more than dozens of them so you can expect that users are supposed to find hundreds of thousands of porn here from all over the world from East to West.

You can use BeFuck to search for Japanese porn, Interracial, Arab, Mexican, African, Spanish, and more available porn sources in terms of countries. As long as that porn exists on the internet, you can find that here. They do have links to animated porn too.

The BeFuck site also has categories that are really basic such as Big Tits, Casting, Wife, MILF, Public, and well, they actually have tons of them. They're not just the ones you can see from the thumbnails area but there are texts below those. Also, if you're looking for tags that aren't present on their index, you can use the search box at the top left corner of the site.

Now here's the deal with this aggregator site - it belongs to a network that is the same as most of the other sites it is sharing content with. You can visit dozens of them and you'll find that they have a similar site design. Legit.

Do We Recommend BeFuck Net?

Now it all boils down to this. Again, this site is mainly used not for watching porn but getting to search for multiple porn sites in just one site. However, in my opinion, porn sites like BeFuck are only good for use on PC but not on mobile. It doesn't seem too nice to search for porn only to find yourself on yet another site and realize it's not really the kind of porn video you're looking for so you have to go back to BeFuck again and it's the same process again.

There's not much information you can read about the videos and the thumbnails are static so you won't really be able to tell if the video you're looking at is older than the one beside it. It doesn't even show from this porn site if it has been added on the real sites for at least a day old, or when it has been listed on BeFuck.

Although one thing is for sure, this site has legit information on the video duration and the thumbnail images which are quite good enough to start with if you're not so picky with the release dates or the sites where you can watch them from.

Is BeFuck safe? As long as you're staying in this porn aggregator only, you won't be redirected unnecessarily and you won't find ads either.

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