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Introducing Cat3Korean Asian Porn Site

Korean porn might not be as common as Japanese porn or as popular as JAV but it definitely has its own charms that you can't find in porn from other countries. Cat3Korean is honestly a good example of that real-life phenomenon that exists among porn fans. This website is still not that popular in terms of traffic but its users are surprisingly mostly from the US. With that said, you can tell that Cat3Korean isn't just another shit porn website that came from hell even though its name sounds shit. Aside from that fact, there are other things you might want to know about this site before you decide whether to visit it or ditch it. For example, you might actually care about the fact that Cat3Korean is a free porn tube site where you can watch Korean porn movies and premium Japanese porn movies without paying shit. I personally think that offer is a good enough reason to notice this site. That's also why I'm not letting the opportunity to review this site just pass by. You really might want to leave at least one eye on this page because I'll tell you everything you should expect from this site.

Korean Porn Movies And More

The most important thing you might want to know about this free porn tube site is that it has a shit load of ads. You can easily get rid of them with a reliable adblocker on your browser, which I swear you should get if you don't want to fall for any trap that will ruin your browsing experience. Anyway, if you've got no issues with that, let's start taking a better look at this website and find out exactly what kind of porn content it has and how you can go around this site in search of porn content you might love.

For a free porn tube site, Cat3Korean has a great site design and layout which makes it relatively easy to check out this site's porn video collection. There are 4 browsing tools that you can use on the header which are All Movies, Korean 18+, JAV HD, and the search button. The All Movies doesn't seem to be that important since the homepage already displays random porn movies that aren't only from Korea or Japan but also from other countries around the world. That's right. There are also porn movies here from Hong Kong, Thailand, and the USA. If you're on this website because you want to check out what Korean porn looks like and you're not that interested in porn videos from other countries since you can get them somewhere else on the internet, you can click the Korean 18+ option on the header and get only porn from Korea. JAV HD works like that too. In case you have a bit of an idea of what you're hoping to see on this porn site, you can click the search button, and a search box below will appear. You can use names of pornstars, porn movie titles, and tags as search keywords. By the way, if you ask me though about the best way to enjoy porn content on this website, I'd say just scroll through the thumbnails that look a bit more like movie posters on the homepage. There are 2 thumbnail sections on the homepage. The ones on the top are random porn movies from different countries and years while the ones featured in the bigger area are porn movies that were recently added to this site. On the other hand, if there are way too many porn videos on the homepage for you, you can use the filtering options on the right side of the thumbnails. The choices there are Genres, Release Year, and Video Quality. The Genres filtering tool includes countries or languages and a few basic movie genres such as Comedy and Drama.

If you look at the Quality filters, you'll know that this site has porn videos from 360p to 1080p quality. Even though there aren't a lot of videos in 1080p quality, it's still amazing that there are so many recently added full-length porn movies here in full HD quality. However, a hard fact about this porn tube site that will surely kill all other amazing facts about it is that there are too many broken links here or porn videos you can't have fun watching simply because there's nothing to load. You can click on any thumbnail and try to load the entire page again but you still won't get to see anything on the location where you should see a video player. There's no download option either and there's just one server linked to this site.

Should You Visit Cat3Korean?

While we love the effort it did with its amazing layout, we can pretty much tell that this porn site has been abandoned by men - both its previous users and creators. The most recently added porn videos on this site are from 2022 and I'm talking about this site just a few days away from 2024. There were so many times I tried watching hot Asian girls and American pornstars in porn scenes here in xxx movies and none of them actually came into view. There were a couple of times I visited this site around 2 years ago and it was way better than it is now. You can actually load the porn movies here and enjoy the erotic scenes with elaborate plots. If you're wondering why I just visited it a couple of times instead of regularly, well, it's because it also has an amazing volume of ads and its server was slow. Still, it's a lot better than nothing, right? However, there's no reason to suck up to one porn tube site because there are a lot of other porn tubes out there that let their users stream and download full-length porn movies. There aren't so many Korean porn sites out there but if you're looking for JAV and porn from the US, you can take a look at our lists for them.

To sum up this review and answer the question of whether you should bother yourself with Cat3Korean or not, the most straightforward answer is a big hard "NO". The awesome xxx posters on the homepage can look very enticing but those are all that you can ever get from this abandoned place. We do hope that whoever built this R-18 library will get their shit fixed but since it has been like this for around a year, we're not so hopeful. Seriously, I won't hesitate to tell you to just ditch this site in the dump where it belongs just like what most adults did after they got a first-hand experience here.


  • introduces you to lots of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese porn movies
  • interesting site design and layout


  • time-consuming ads
  • full of broken links or unavailable porn videos

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