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DopamineGirl AI Porn Site Review

AI technology has gone rampant within the past couple of years and it has influenced all sorts of people. Some of the most famous AI women we all know or have at least heard of are Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and ELSA. There's another AI girl you might want to get to know. Meet Dopamine Girl. It's an adults-only website that lets ordinary adults get their hands on AI-generated images. This isn't like one of those AI photo apps with templates that you can use to add sass to photos that you can share on your social media profile. You can share some of the images that you can get from this site with your friends - but you have to be sure that they won't be seen by kiddos or minors. We trust (and we sincerely hope) that the massive traffic that this site gets is all from adults. After all, even though the pictures here are AI-generated, they're still pornographic. Anyway, since the rise in popularity of AI photography and editing apps, some controversies started popping up as well. That's why you might want to know as much as you can before you start using any AI app. This review will tell you everything you should know about DopamineGirl including how it works.

Dopamine Girl Vs Other AI Porn Sites

What's probably the most important thing you'd want to know about this site especially since we've got other sites like this one on our list is how it generates porn images. Basically, there are 2 main kinds of AI porn image generators. The first one uses a main photo that you can edit using the provided templates. The second kind relies on words called prompts. This dope chick is the latter. It has a couple of boxes where you can enter words or attributes for your photo and options for image settings. There are AI porn photo-generator sites that give freebies to new users - but not this one. You would need to buy credits to get results from the text attributes you provide in the boxes. 1 AI-generated porn art costs 1 credit. However, you can't buy just a single credit here. The lowest rate you can get is $10 and it will get you 1000 credits. It's not a recurring subscription and the credits never expire. Don't get me wrong though because you can choose if you want to buy credits or get a membership. For those who want to buy credits for $10, $20, $50, or $100, their credits don't expire. They can take their time using those. Of course, the more you pay for, the more bonus credits you'll get. 20 bucks will get you 2,269 credits, 50 will get you 5,969 credits, and a benny will get you 13,696 credits. I'll be damned though about why anyone would want all those 13k plus credits. Let me know in case you're one of those folks, alright?

I'm quite sure that some of you are wondering why anyone would choose a recurring fee when they can get credits that never expire. Let's take a quick pause first and I'm sure this fact will make you even more glad that you stopped by to read this review. Other AI photo websites allow their guests to get porn photos generated for free but they would have to get in the queue and wait for several seconds to a few minutes to get their photos processed. Those visitors can use the same features that members use but the biggest difference is that paying members get to use the express lane and they won't have to wait for a great number of seconds to get their results. This dope girl knows how to play with the power she has and those who buy credits get to use the lane that other websites lend their fans for free. If you want to play with that power to generate thousands (or even a few) of sexually explicit images like a pro using AI, you should get an account here and choose whether you want to start with non-expiring credits or a membership.

There are 3 kinds of membership on this site and those are Starter, Pro, and Premium. Starter costs $10 per month and it grants 1k credits valid during your 1 month membership period. It will also let you create 1 AI-generated photo at once with 2x faster generation in normal resolution. The photos created using this membership are public which means other site members can see them. If you want to keep your creations private, you have to either get a Pro or a Premium membership. Those 2 higher-tier membership choices will also let you use the FaceSwap tool. Pro costs $30 per month and you'll get 3k credits that will expire in a month. Unlike Starter members who can create only 1 photo at once, Pro members can create 3 photos at once. Pro members can also get their results ready 4x faster than credit buyers can get theirs. Premium members get the best deal though since they get almost 7k credits for 1 month and create 4 photos at once in 4x higher resolution and get them 6x faster. Premium members can also use the Text-to-GIF feature. However, they need to pay $60 for all of those features.

Generate AI Porn Images With DopamineGirl

Honestly, I don't find it worth it to buy credits or pay for a membership here since I'm not a huge fan of creating AI content. The lowest amount of credits offered is worth 10 bucks and, seriously, I don't need 1k credits. Anyway, since I have encountered a couple of adult websites that claim to have AI photo-generation features, I realized that they were more like search engines that adults can use to explore AI-generated porn pictures that match your keywords that they had the guts to call "prompt keywords". The biggest issue that we could possibly encounter with DopamineGirl is that it would suck a lot if anyone would have to pay just to find out that they can't make their unique AI porn pictures here and that they were simply searching for links to AI porn content that other creative folks designed. That's why I have just decided to start my fucking AI porn picture-creation journey with a Premium membership here to get a good look at this site since you basically won't be able to start shit on this site unless you're a member or a credit holder. After all, the only way you can find out whether this site is worth paying without having to let go of a couple of bucks is by reading this review. When it comes to whether this site is an AI porn photo generator or not, it's the real deal. It honestly creates porn photos based on your preferences. The clearer the keywords you add to your Prompt and Negative Prompt boxes, the more accurate the pictures you'll get.

Final Verdict On DopamineGirl

AI technology used in porn could change a lot to the way we enjoy porn. However, it hasn't been around for long so there aren't a lot of adults who were moved by this tech. Anyway, another noticeable thing is that AI tech in porn seems to attract adults who want to create their pornographic masterpieces but don't want to bother with details. That's why it's also not surprising that there are fake AI websites that simply make their visitors or even members request or search for computer-generated porn photo links while making them believe that those images they're seeing were created exclusively for them. Fortunately, despite this site's name, Dopamine Girl doesn't dupe her fans.


  • lots of AI features - AI porn photo generator, AI chatbot, AI photo search, and photo editor with filters
  • you can choose to buy credits or get a paid membership


  • they don't offer anything for free
  • pretty expensive to "try"

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