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4Porn Aggregator Site Review

Aggregators are like directories for porn videos. They don't produce the videos and you can't watch them on this site, too. This is exactly what 4Porn is. I noticed a few things that make this seemingly small free porn directory unique and they're probably why despite its shabby look, 4porn is doing a pretty good job standing among the giants.

Find Thousands Of Porn Videos

Surprisingly, 4Porn may look like a dumpsite but it actually has tons of free porn clips. Although, before you get too excited about that, you should also expect that since it's a free porn site, there aren't a lot of full porn movies here from popular porn studios. There are some though but they're hosted by free porn tubes and I'm not sure if they were legally uploaded to those sites so expect a few broken links especially those 40 mins or longer videos in full HD. There is also quite a bunch of Desi porn here and some have HD indicators but seriously, are they using foggy filters?

Since there's quite a number of xxx websites that are in partnership with 4Porn, the good news is this site is still reliable when it comes to porn search. I'm not sure how this site gets updated because even though the thumbnails and featured videos look quite dull if you try to search for new pornstars, you'll still get results and this site's content even includes plenty of videos featuring the best rookie pornstars like Jewelz Blu, Tru Kait, Aubree Valentine, Halle Hayes, and Lenina Crowne. You can even find popular OnlyFans creators like Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne, Kenzie Reeves, Jem Wolfie, and Belle Delphine but there aren't a lot of them here and the content featuring them also depends on how active those chicks are in making porn clips. There are a few scandals though.

The results from the search box aren't that accurate though because the search feature uses tags so sometimes you'll get results based on a combination of the words you used. Like, when I tried looking for content featuring those models to see how updated the xxx collection this site has, sometimes it gave me different girls, and before I started thinking "what the hell?", I saw that the titles include the names in portions.

Huge Bunch Of Categories

There are more than a million sex videos you can find using this site and 4Porn seems to have done its best adding categories to organize them. There are more than a hundred categories here and each category has thousands of videos under them. Of course, it's not one video is to one category but still, I can't imagine Yoga and BDSM scenes together unless it's a compilation.

What I liked about the categories here is that there aren't any overused niche to sub-niches here like what other sites do. There are no Tits, Big Tits, Natural Big Tits, Big Silicon Tits, or Cumshot, Asian Cumshot, German Cumshot, Latina cumshot, etc. The categories here are straightforward. The categories here are arranged alphabetically and listed based on their initials. The longest one here is the S list but you'll see that there aren't any overused niches like even the term "shemale" was only used twice for Shemale and Shemale and Girl.

Pornstars List

As for the pornstars' list, I guess it's good if you want t walk back on memory lane and see the pornstars during their peak. The majority of the models listed on 4Porn are probably retired by now or are doing well on the MILF category in more recent porn films. You'll get to see names here like Brandi Edwards (40), Devon Lee (45), Delfynn Delage (45), Jillian Foxxx (62), and Jordan Capri (37). Like I have said earlier, I have no idea how this porn website updates itself because really, it makes me think that the things here were left as is after this site was created then only those that can be automatically updated without the need to adjust space is updated.

To be honest, I'm still young and I'm not a fan of retro or vintage porn so I get dizzy looking at the pornstars' list mostly because my eyes won't seem to land on anywhere my brain recognizes. If you're wondering how I was able to add the ages of the models I mentioned above, of course, I Googled them. Another thing about this list is that it's not an all-female cast list. There are male models too each with a real cock and a pair of balls but the list itself won't indicate that. Other porn websites that have a list of pornstars have indicators for males which is mostly a male gender symbol beside their names. This one doesn't have that so I'm wondering if this site is aiming for a much older generation of porn hobbyists because it seems to assume that the users can tell who the guys are from the girls. I mean, I only guessed three names right.

Few Partner Sites

Thanks to 4Porn's reliable friends, this site has actual content. There aren't a lot of them but there are a couple of familiar ones here like Sexu, XHamster, PornHub, TXXX, and BravoTube. Who doesn't know at least one of those sites?

Actually, there's a list of aggregator websites here including Tonic Movies, Tube XXXX (there really are 4 Xs there), and iWank.tv. Their existence here doesn't really do 4Porn.com much of favor and it kinda goes with the saying "birds of the same feather flock together" and they seem to be all in the same tier.

Is There A Community?

You might be surprised at how come this site still feeds on old porn content when it can get clips from those huge porn tubes. Apparently, this site does not have a community and there's no way for visitors to upload their favorite porn here either. 4Porn.com doesn't even have user ratings so there's no way to get a proper ranking for the content here.

Final Verdict

Aside from considering that this site doesn't ask its visitors for payment in exchange for the services namely the categorization, tagging, and translation, is this site actually worth bookmarking? Well, you should consider the factors below.


  • no ads anywhere on the site itself
  • good categorization


  • not a lot of content and most of it is old
  • the website doesn't seem to have been updated recently

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