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Zoig Amateur Porn SITES, Photos and Videos Review

There aren't many real amateur porn sites like Zoig that host genuine homemade porn videos and sex photos, so get ready for the zoig review. Okay, we get all the best porn sites here and there but, this is a real amateur sex site made for real amateurs.

Zoig is truly in a class of its own here and is one of the best porn websites for amateur porn videos. Hundreds of thousands of real people visit and upload amateur sex videos and sex photos. Homemade porn. YOU HEARD ME, from real people, real sex photos. Active members, real people who upload homemade anal vids, sex with friends. Amateurs with their stuff. I mean, this would be a good conversation starter. Like you are talking to your friend and you hit them with the "do you know there is a site where we can post ourselves fucking". I did not say it is a good convo starter with real people so, do not blame me if they give you a bad look.

You won't find any professionally-shot photos or videos here or even professional pornstars posing as "amateurs".

The porn site has over 1,500,000 homemade photos, 171,700 homemade amateur videos, and over 1,000,000 real and active amateur members.

The Zoig site features a ton of adult content in the form of games, photos, and videos. This amateur porn site also features a video chat function, a very active forum, and a robust category section.

The only catch here is that you need to either pay or submit to play.

So Zoig markets itself as a free amateur porn site; however, to get full access you either need to pay a monthly subscription or post a certain amount of porn content to the website.

This is something most sites don't do.

Sex Videos

To start the review, as mentioned previously, the Zoig site focuses squarely and completely on homemade amateur porn.

I'm not sure about you guys and gals out there, but this is so far up my alley it is crazy - this is the site I've been looking for for the last 15 years but couldn't find!

There is something inherently sexy about homemade amateur adult content.

I love someone in their bedroom just grabbing their iPhones or mobile phones, and filming shaky camera-style in low lighting.

Maybe the quality isn't always 1080p (sometimes it can be though), but you know what you're watching is real, and I love that.

There aren't many porn webs like Zoig that offer thousands of real homemade porn videos for users and members, so let your friends in on the secret!

The only caveat here is that zoig.com usually features shorter video clips.

You won't find any full-length videos, or at least you won't find many on this website. I mean, it kinda sucks but where else can you get a short clip of someone fisting someone else or like sex photos. Yeah, exactly visit zoig.

After a quick perusal of Zoig's top content, most real amateur porn videos are between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.

If you are a bit of a quick shooter, then this is great for you; however, if you like to take your time when you're on your midnight porn sites session then you may find yourself opening 5-10 videos during your session.

Zoig Categories

So the categories within the Zoig porn site are numerous.

The categories are broken into three sections: Amateur Sex, Women, and Men.

The amateur sex section features amateur photos and videos, so here you will see users, members, and couples fucking each other's brain's out.

The women section is mostly comprised of, you guessed it, solo amateur women! So logically the last category is featuring solo amateur men.

The categories section is okay, and you can find all of your amateur porn categories that you know and love, such as blowjobs, anal, public, interracial, bondage sex, and more of the like.

You can sort the categories based on recency, popularity, or views and that is very nice, but I would say Zoig could do its members and users a solid here and increase the number of categories available for its amateur videos and photos.

For example, for the Amateur sex section, there are only 21 available categories to choose from.

And I mean, to be honest, that isn't that bad... BUT, when I am paying $$$ to view your porn site content, I am expecting you to be one of the best sites.

Zoig.com Site Design

The site design on Zoig leaves a lot to be desired.

First off, if you have read any of my other reviews, you'll know that I put a lot of value in the small details that can make a member or user's site experience that much better.

One of those details is a dark mode, and Zoig dropped the ball on this one.

Come on guys, it is 2021 now, who likes watching your favorite amateur porn videos with a glaring white background? I don't, and I would expect a paid site to have better features here.

And I would go even further and say the general layout seems cluttered, especially when compared to other porn sites' website design and user interface.

Zoig Community and Membership

Okay so here is the real rub when it comes to zoig.com.

As I mentioned before, it is "free", but not really.

You can view all the pictures that the site has on the menu, and that is very nice because most are in high resolution and have frequent uploads, but when it comes to video this is not the case.

When on Zoig without a membership, you are only able to view a quick 30s preview of any of the video content that you want to view.

Now what Zoig does here is interesting.

You can either pay a $30/month subscription fee, OR you can upload your content and gain access to the site's content that way.

The breakdown is that for every 3 minutes of real amateur porn videos you upload, you are given a month's free access to Zoig.

This is a pretty clever mechanism, and it pushes members and users to be active on the site and to be contributing their content to the community. This then in turn increases the porn content collection, thereby bringing more people in, who then want a membership so they post.

Community Forum

A Zoig user can get to the community forum page once they have made an account on the porn site.

The forum is good, and there is a lot of activity on the forum page.

You can suggest feedback for Zoig, you can post and respond to questions aimed at couples, babes, or solo men.

You can share and interact with erotic stories.

You can post hook-up ads and locations.

Or you can just head to the website's general discussion page and introduce yourself at the top of the page.

The forum seems active, and the community, in general, is quality.

There are lots of comments on the pornography smut collection that Zoig offers, the porn pictures, and thousands of pornography videos.

Video Chat

The video chat feature on Zoig is a top idea, but the pros don't outweigh the cons here in my review.

I found in my experience, the chat room is filled mostly with... you guessed it, other guys.

There were some women in the chat, but most didn't have their cameras turned on.

So, I think Zoig could do a little bit better here.

Mobile Website

The mobile website for Zoig works quite well actually. Even better than the desktop version, which is a nice change of pace for a porn website.

On the desktop version, there is a ton of blank dead space on the sides of the page, and the top is off as well.

It would honestly seem that the Zoig site was actually optimized for mobile use, and then they let the desktop website go.

You can't run away from a poor design though - there is still far too much text and no dark mode, but at least there are no overlapping sections or crammed boxes.

This is something I would expect from top porn sites - a good and functional mobile platform, and Zoig does deliver here.

Movies and Submissions

Okay so you know how I mentioned you can submit homemade amateur porn and that would essentially power your account for a month?

There is a small detail that should be mentioned as well.

When you do you upload your movies to the site, you need to have the word ZOIG somewhere on-screen.

Some members get quite creative with this, and my favorites include blowjob videos with ZOIG in heavy-duty permanent marker along the shaft of the guys' dick. There is a whole range of videos with creatively placed tags.

So if you are interested in becoming a member while also accumulating some internet popularity, make sure to submit your movies with a range of ZOIG tags so you can join the ranks of members.

Zoig.com vs Other sites?

I love my homemade amateur porn - really this is the type of stuff I love to get off to on my own.

But I just think it is too expensive to become one of the members of this site.

Many other sites feature a good trove of amateur porn, and I feel drawn to the sites that I don't need to pay or submit content to become members.

Other websites can offer similar content, with less price and hassle, so why choose this site?

Final Thoughts


  • Tons of real amateur porn
  • Active community
  • Mobile-friendly


  • Either pay $$$ or submit content to view the full site
  • Site design is poor
  • Not many categories
  • Stream chat is sort of lame

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