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Porn comics free online

Xlecx Free Porn Comics Site Review

Whether you type Xlecx.org, Xlecx.com, or Xcartx, you'll still get to the correct site. Anyways, Xlecx is NOT a Hentai Manga site but an Adult Comics porn site. The difference between the two, as you should correct yourself in case you don't know, is their drawing style. Hentai mangas are not just Japanese comics despite their origin but the design is inspired by it. On the other hand, porn comics are more general. Porn comics that are not manga-style are just simply porn comics.

In summary, what that means is that Xlecx does not just have Japanese-style adult comics in their collection but they have a huge variety of porn comics. So, although there are a lot of other sites like Xlecx, what makes this site popular? I'll tell you in this review.

Porn Site For Adult Comics

Let me first tell you why porn comics sites matter as much as any other porno material. If you already enjoy pornographic pictures, it's easier for you to understand why there are a lot of porn comic sites like Xlecx. In essence, porn comics are composed of a series of drawn images with a story. Depending on the quality of the comics, you can stare at each of the details for as long as you want. Honestly, hentai porn comics are my porn stuff. There are just some things that don't look as indifferent as they are on real porn like Yaoi and Yuri. At least for me. In case you don't know, Yaoi and BL are the same which means the lead characters are both males. Yuri on the other hand is like lesbian porn or scenes.

You will probably notice that hentai porn, just like JAV, practices censorship, especially on genitals. Still, because they're basically anime comics, the artists have ways around it and still give a thick air of perversion including the naughty areas.

Porn Websites Should Have Categories

The search feature works really well which means that their tagging system is really effective. It's cool because the website creators really made an effort because they use a search engine-like system for an advance search of the porn comics collection. Well, it's especially great because this site doesn't have plenty of navigation options aside from that search box and a few categories on the side. This is the first time I have seen a hentai site or a comics free site that lacks filtering features.

The categories are way too simple. They do have some favorites though but anyway, the categories are more like niches and genres such as Anime, Cartoon, Games, Furry, Incest, Dickgirls, 3D Comics, Yaoi/Gay, Yuri/Lesbian, Comics, and Manga.

I also wondered what the Comics category is for since Xlecx, or Xcartx, is a free comics website in essence. So, I checked out the comics under the category and noticed that they meant Western comics. They have a couple of stories that are popular or popularized in the west such as superheroines, and cartoon characters like Kung Fu Panda. You will most probably see more cartoons like The Simpsons and Looney Toons characters doing some smut stuff. Manga on the other hand has Japanese content which includes parodies of anime including the suggestive ones which seem to be the most popular among fans and readers alike.

Despite the fact that there are not just a ton but tons equivalent of thousands of free porn comic content on this Xlecx.com website, the advanced search features still work well and that's because tags are well-used. Seriously, dude, I have tried a lot of searches and even used a mix of tags and other terms like red hair anime, I did get proper results. They use a good amount of tags here which include popular tags like cartoon porn, games, furry, dickgirls, maids, schoolgirls, and MILF. You can also search based on your type of aesthetic for chicks like hairy pussy, big tits, small breasts, has a dick, and even their hair color. You can also search based on your favorite sex scenes or fetishes like blowjob, fingering, bondage, incest, and orgasm. You can also create queries using a variation of the tags to refine results to even just a single page of it.

Interesting Stories, Various Drawing Styles

There's a huge bunch of artists on Xlecx, or Xcartx, which means there are tons of animation types here as well and all artists have plenty of comics under their names. After all, Xlecx, unlike other websites, doesn't get comics from submissions from its users. This website maintains its quality collecting xxx comics with a significant number of viewers. You can also choose between Western comics and Japanese comics. Because of differences in the drawing designs and plot composition, Anyone can have their own favorites, and fortunately, Xlecx website users can find the name of the artist on the page of the comic, and clicking on it will let you access their other creations.

Blowjobs scenes seem to tell a reader a lot of things about a mangaka or cartoonist's skill and attention to detail. For example, pick a random page from a comic. If the frame doesn't have any background, it's usually because the artist doesn't have time to pour more love, passion, and time into it. You can also choose comics based on how the babes are designed. Some artists obviously prefer to draw young girls while others prefer drawing mature women.

Another thing you should know, which isn't really a secret but something not everyone knows is that if a parody is popular, you won't find just one comic about it, you'll find several versions of it in different types, sexual fantasies, themes, and animation. Some versions even get advertisements as popups on other hentai sites. Not everything is perfect on Xlecx though because there are those top-quality sex comics in terms of design quality that I can't find here especially those 3D comics. They're not popular anyway.

Porn Sites Should Be Dark

It's okay for SFW-looking listing sites to not have dark colors especially if their goal is to look not suspicious, but if you're reading pages of adult contents especially colored porn comics, you know it's annoying whenever the lights flash from your screen as you move from one page to another. It really is great that Xlecx had that sense of responsibility towards the eyes of its site user. All of the pages are mostly in black so it's not eye-straining.

Aside from the main color, there are many other things I like about the design and other things that can be improved as well. Adding a few navigation options will be especially great making use of the top and sidebars and the bottom part including the footer, or more advanced search features that can be added on the almost bare top part of the Xlecx site pages. Even one more option to sort the content will do. The thumbnails are very useful. You can find likes or ratings and the number of pages. I hope they could have added visits or times viewed, too.

Xlecx.com Review Summary

Is it an overstatement to say that Xcartx or Xlecx belongs among the best porn sites on the internet? Let's review Xlecx briefly. It doesn't have distracting pop-up ads and it has a great community that posts a comment and remembers their password so you know they login often. Creating an account is not a hassle either, no spam, no web link, and few notifications.

Great Things

  • very active community
  • site layout and featured content are good
  • thousands of high-quality free comics
  • high user rating

Need Improvement

  • although there are no distracting ads, there are pop-ups that open a new tab
  • adding more categories on the list won't be so bad
  • maximize top and bottom sections

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