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WHentai Free Hentai Site Review

If you like Hentai art and you're looking for an artist who can materialize your fantasies in the style you want, WHentai is a great place to visit. The majority of the Hentai content here is based on commissions. Although there are some people who don't agree with others who pay an artist for a commission, W Hentai just shows that without those Hentai geeks supporting Hentai artists, it'll be rare for all fans to see a customized off-the-grid porn art. Although, there's an option that lets users who find it challenging to pay for a commission Hentai image but has the coolest ideas to get it on display and that's by using the WHentai features for commissions and requests. Well, let's talk about that later because it's not as simple as you may think but it's a pretty interesting system. Anyway, let's talk more about WHentai, what kind of porn site it is, how it works, what kinds of things you'll love about it, and what might make you think twice before you visit.

Hentai Art Board

Honesty, Whentai isn't one of the best porn sites for your Hentai needs. There are tons of Doujinshi and mixed-Doujinshi images but there are also a lot of amateur artists here. It means that unlike in premium porn sites, finding a high-quality professionally made manga or picture here is like finding a treasure chest in a backstreet alley. There's definitely nothing illegal here but most of the images aren't as awesome. Still, they're good, and the artists do their best with what they're paid for.

It's not really widely known as an artboard but the format or layout of the site especially the homepage is like any web board you can think of and it's free for everyone to view. Every image on the board has several features such as a "like" button, a "share" button, a "bookmark" button, and a "save" button. Each of those pictures also has its own discussion or comment box. If you want to use any of those features, you should register for an account or join the community here first. Don't worry because being a member is free.

Hentai Artists Accepting Commission

I'm a hentai fan myself and I really have to say that the artists here are quite on demand that it seems that they don't get to spend a lot of time on a single picture. Even a professional artist would take at least 4 hours to complete a detailed masterpiece of perfectly realistic proportioned anime girls. Some of the best artists here, based on my standards, are DKIR, Cowboy Tanaka, AidanYatot, Harisyah, and EdJim. Looking for the profile of the artist is easy. When you see an image you like, you can click on it then click on the small bubble with a profile photo that you can find on the upper left corner of the art. You won't have to search for all the artworks the artist made because they're all on his or her profile page.

Make Requests

There are two different boards on this site which are Commissions and Requests. The former is for the consumers or fans who post their ideas and look for artists to put their bid on using their Extra Votes. If a user doesn't have enough EVs to match the bid of the artist he's eyeing, other fans can add on their ideas and contribute EVs. On the other hand, Requests are for artists who add their own ideas on the page and members who like the main idea can add details to it while contributing EVs to it. Once the post gets enough votes, the artist should work on it and submit the work within the promised timeframe.

Extra Votes Or EV

Okay, let's take a pause and discuss what Extra Votes are and how they work. WHentai uses Extra Votes or EVs as tokens or currency on their site. They work just like on most online game sites. Members exchange real money for EVs they can use on WHentai to pay artists, and artists exchange their earned EVs to real currency. Members can buy Extra Votes online and pay using a credit card or PayPal. There's a 40% off offer for the first-time buyers but I'm not sure how that works because when I checked the prices after registering, the formula doesn't work. Well, it's better because the prices are cheaper than the advertised discount but, actually, I find it expensive. 20 EVs is worth 9.99 USD on a discount, 250 EVs is 59.99 USD, again, on a discount, and 450 EVs is 99.99USD. Those are discounted offers and artists usually bid an average of 120 EVs for one artwork.

Prohibited Content

If you have enough bucks to have your ideas created into actual images, you should keep a few things in mind. There is prohibited stuff here that can be removed no matter how many fans wanted it or would love to keep seeing it on the site. So, before you give WHentai free credits or give them a reason to waste your money, you should know what you're not allowed to ask for a commission for.

The first rule is that materials with underage characters are not allowed. In fact, if you want something drawn, the character should be made to look like she's at least 18 years old. It's quite strict because it complicates with tons of anime female characters who are Lolitas. The second rule is more understandable which prohibits forced sex such as kidnapping, rape, slavery, torture, bound, and choking. I'm not sure if Shibari is also banned here, but better safe than sorry. Humiliation is also not allowed here. Artworks with illegal drugs and alcohol are also not allowed, including the impression that the character is drugged, intoxicated, or in a stupor. Incest is also not allowed. Well, don't expect, pee, scat, blood, or even lactation here. No grotesque stuff. Also, no Nintendo characters are allowed. Sorry, Princess Peach x Rosalina fans.

Among all of the rules here though, I'm most surprised with these - No tentacles or tentacle-like objects, no monsters and zombies, no animals or even anthropomorphic creatures, and even elves aren't allowed here unless the characters appear to be cosplaying. Seriously, who doesn't know how hot elves in anime can be? The only thing that's allowed here, in short, is softcore pornography.

W Hentai: A Better Free Hentai Site?

Let's analyze this site as a whole and give it a clear summary before we end this review. First of all, I find it difficult to search for stuff here because of the lack of clear tags and categories. I mean, there's even no categories page here. The artworks displayed on the homepage are also sorted in a very random way. However, if I'm going to look at this site as something that's more dedicated for every single artist here than every fan, it's a good site then because it's easy for them to showcase their skills and they're also easy to contact. All of their artworks are on a single page as well. Of course, when it comes to the other aspects of this site such as the Blogs, I can easily tell that the feature is more favorable for artists than fans as well. They're not informative blogs actually but more of advertising in nature which is also okay. What I'm most disappointed with about WHentai though is the fact that they most probably earn from the transactions here but they still have annoying ads. They have a huge banner ad across the top of the homepage and they have a popup ad for hentai games which appears from time to time even after you close it.

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