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WetPussyGames Free Hentai Games and Sex Games Review

Wetpussygames is a free porn games site where you can find all sorts of porn games in almost every category available.

Whether you like action, adventure, arcade, or even BDSM-style hentai games, you can find it all at WetPussyGames. Most of the newer sex games are actually pretty interesting and I even found myself 25 mins into one pretty quickly. The animations are for the most part are simple, but the gaming experience felt more like a GameBoy or early Playstation experience. It also relies heavily on Flash. Not many other porn sites can say they offer such a large collection of online hentai games.

Their site is completely free to use and the games on WetPussyGames aren't actually that bad.

The layout of the WetPussyGames website is just trash, but the games themselves make up for it mostly.

There are categories you can select from, but ultimately there aren't great filtering options and this makes it hard to access the great games.

Wet Pussy Games Sex Games

Sex games are a first for me.

I have reviewed hentai porn and hentai videos, anime cocks, cartoons, and graphics, but this is the first time I've come across (pun intended) a sex games porn site, and especially one that is completely free.

And I have to say, I was not disappointed at all.

WetPussyGames has an absolutely huge collection of free porn games. For example, in the Adventure category, there are over 400 games available, with new porn games being added constantly.

Now, usually, when I am all frisky, I personally like to explore different porn tubes or even get off with some hentai content on some of the top hentai porn sites, but hear me out. The gaming action is actually quite nice and a fresh change of perspective when it comes to beating your meat.

WetPussyGames offering an interactive gaming action that makes you feel like you are much more involved in what is happening on the screen.

This is quite hot and I think most people who browse WetPussyGames may underestimate that aspect.

Categories and Filters Review

Okay, so if you ever read any of my reviews, you will know how much emphasis I place on good categories and strong filtering options.

This is because it helps users search the site efficiently and connect with the best quality content and games that the site has to offer.

Wet Pussy Games has a ton of categories.

Everything ranging from "Shemale" and "Succubus", to "Teen" and "Creampie" can be found on wetpussygames.com.

The categories are descriptive and in general, they hold a lot of content.

The problem that WetPussyGames runs into though is when it comes to filtering options.

When you enter a category, or even a game format like "Adventure", or "Action", you can't filter search the results on the page to give you the top viewed, most liked, or highest rated.

For WetPussyGames this is a big problem because they have a ton of sex games with great gameplay and more being added every day, but there are also a lot of lackluster games on WetPussyGames.

Not having any filtering options basically leaves the user with a bunch of games on a list and to choose one randomly.

Having the ability to filter results based on user rating would be a good idea for Wet Pussy Games, and would go a long way towards making their hentai content easier to search, and much more user-friendly.

Website Design

The design of Wet Pussy Games is bad.

The screen on Wet Pussy Games home page is filled with boxy-looking dialogue boxes, large anime thumbnails with almost no information other than a title, and about a hundred different links to various regions of the site and even other 3rd party porn sites as well.

The flash games are all arranged in a long list order in the browser, with a search box located on the right side above the Wet Pussy Games category tags.

One thing I do like about the layout, and again if you pay attention to any of my other reviews you'll know I love this feature, is auto dark-mode! WetPussyGames has a dark color theme, which is nice because the page isn't blaring white like most other porn sites I review.

Dark-mode aside though, Wet Pussy Games could definitely do a lot to improve their page design and to deliver a quality browser view for their free sex games website.

WetPussyGames Gameplay Variety

There are a ton of free sex games on Wet PussyGames, but the real trick is finding the best ones, with great animations.

As you would expect on a site like this, there is lots of variety and variance when it comes to quality animations, smooth gameplay, and interesting storylines.

Keep in mind, all these games and cartoons are completely free of charge, but everyone wants to find the best hentai girls and content.

Many games on Wet PussyGames are just a waste of time.

Overly simple, boring, and the animations make it look like a floating cock dildo is penetrating what seems to be a hand-drawn school girl. And you call this a good dress-up sex game Wet PussyGames? What gives.

It can be difficult to find the best hentai girls on Wet PussyGames, but there are a couple of hidden gems on this website, and if you take the time to search for them you won't be disappointed with the variety of cartoons, animations, and hentai.

WetPussyGames Ads

Every single review will at some point have to address ads because they are really unavoidable in the free porn sphere.

That being said, some free porn sites are better than others.

Unfortunately, wetpussygames.com is firmly in the frustrating category with respect to ads on their sites.

If I had to order sites from the best to worst when it comes to ads cluttering your page, pop-ups, redirects, and any mix or combination of these, wetpussygames.com would definitely be near the bottom.

Look, I understand free porn sites need to generate revenue somehow and, to be frank, ads are the easiest way to do it, but it would be nice if wetpussygames.com added a premium account feature where you could view pages with none of these huge cock ads.

Or maybe have exclusive games, and use the money generated from that to lower the overall amount of ads on the site? It is just no fun when you are trying to search for that new sex game on WetPussyGames and you can't even see the text through the advertisements.

WetPussyGames.com Mobile Site

Completely to my surprise, wetpussygames.com has a fully functional mobile platform so you can enjoy your games on the go!

There are still a shit ton of advertisements, and the overall design of the site is quite poor, but the games do work!

I was expecting a bunch of advertisements with a mix of broken links and overlapping boxes, but I am pleasantly surprised to see that you can enjoy the fun of wetpussygames.com from the comfort of your own smartphone.

WetPussyGames.com Final Review Thoughts

All things considered, wetpussygames.com is where you want to be if you want the latest in free hentai sex games.

They have a huge collection with tons of fun waiting to be had.

Hopefully, the lackluster website doesn't matter to you, or the lack of filtering options.

The site can be a bit difficult to navigate, especially with all the advertisements, but luckily they have a mobile platform so you can access all the content from your phone.

And hey, WetPussyGames even have a Reddit, Twitter, and WordPress blog so you can follow along with any updates!

Not many other porn sites can boast that.


  • Large Collection of Sex Games
  • Mobile-Friendly


  • Tons of Advertisements
  • Lack of Filtering Options
  • Poor Quality Website Layout


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