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Since you're reading this review, I'm quite confident to rave about Japanese girls knowing you'll understand me. I'm honestly a fan of Asian porn specifically JAV or Japanese Adult Videos. I have two main reasons. Firstly, the JAV idols are really good actresses. It's not enough in their industry that the chicks just know how to make it look like they're enjoying sex or thrilled about getting fucked. These babes know how to act well to make the scene look more realistic. Secondly, they're just all so hot - from petite chicks to BBWs. I don't really care that a lot of them have plastic parts but I love their exotic beauties and silk-looking skin. So what has that to do with this website anyway? Obviously, you'll find lots of those girls here. The name of this site is Watch JAV Online after all. This site boasts access to lots of JAV movies with a full-length runtime from tons of other Asian sites and studios. Now, let's check out what WatchJAVOnline can really offer. Ver. 2021

There are a couple of reviews and information about this site from several resources and you'll find that some information correlates with each other while some don't. I don't really care whether Watch JAV Online was created in 2013 or 2015 but what matters is how it is now in 2021. I'm seriously putting a marker on this year to commemorate how it has changed up to this date. Aside from the switch from offering premium memberships to relying on donations and purely advertisers now, there are several more changes that happened to WatchJAVOnline. Fortunately, it still remains true to its name and serves only sizzling hot JAV DVD movies. By the way, they did retain the light and dark mode switch.

Those who have previously created their accounts or member profiles can still log in to their accounts. Those who haven't joined before or are new to this site can't. There's just no way for new users to register for a membership here anymore. In fact, even the site's servers are mostly free now. You might still find those videos with a Premium tab but those are no longer working. Most of the DVD videos here now can be streamed for free. I have to warn you though that Watch JAV Online has lots of ads. It's 2021 now so you know what to do already. Fortunately, this website isn't a sore loser like some free porn sites that interrupts your navigation by sending notifications that you'll experience some issues while using an ad blocker.

Where Are The Categories?

This is something you just won't miss - where the hell are the categories? There are several categories and tags here which you'll only notice once you start clicking around thumbnails here. What I just don't like is how the site users are being deprived of to access them using shortcuts. These categories aren't displayed or listed on a page or a section. You'll have to just rely on the search to look for the kind of content you like. I can pretty much tell how this site organizes its collection. The categories used here are names of sites or studios, the categories that are typically used in other sites like niches and kinks, and subtitles.

Website Layout And Navigation

So, you get lots of damn hot Japanese girls and free adult full-DVD runtime videos, but how do you find just one video you'll surely love? There comes the most challenging part for people in the west who are dependent on indexes. Most JAV sites hosted by Japanese web devs and admins use a system that's kinda more complicated than the Dewey decimal system. That's the one you use for actual libraries. They somehow adapted that in porn and the video titles can instantly tell hobbyists a lot of information especially which studio a video is from. Watch JAV Online is pretty much like any of those websites that originated from the land of strict organization and Bushido so only those who have learned the ways can tread this site with ease. It's also why the hidden categories include JAV studio names. If you're not a fan of just a couple of Asian porn producers, using Watch JAV Online may get very difficult because, in the first place, there's no actual navbar. See the options on the menu bar? They're links to other adult websites. Fortunately, there's a search box that works. You can use names of your favorite Japanese girls and keywords there but the query uses titles to look for content.

A quick tip - once you find a video with the Asian hottie you're looking for, just find the tag with her name and click on it so you'll be able to get all of the videos featuring her. Another tip is that if you want to look for all of the videos with English subtitles, you just have to look them up on your search engine and there'll surely be a result that has a link to that content tag. Don't rely on the search box on Watch JAV Online. Are there other Asian women here? Yes. You can try using the search box for that and look for Asian niches like Thai, Korean, Chinese, etc. However, they'll still be from Japanese producers.

The information you can find on the adult films on Watch JAV Online varies among pages. The constants are the DVD cover, the title, at least one video player server, the name or names of the girl or girls in the film, and suggested similar content at the bottom. The options you can find at the bottom of the normal-sized video player are the play/pause button, volume adjuster, duration, playback speed setting, picture-in-picture option, Google cast button, and fullscreen option. When you enter the fullscreen mode, you'll find a link to Streamtape at the bottom beside the settings button.

Should You Watch JAV Online?

Of course! There's no other place I recommend you to watch JAV or Asian porn at but online. The question is, should it be on this site? Well, if you're just looking for random Japanese porn videos, or you're looking for free videos of those you have heard to be new releases from the JAV studios you like or something you have chanced upon on a premium Asian porn site, I'll say that there's nothing wrong in looking for free-content on this website. What I love most about Watch JAV Online is that it has a hell of a lot of videos featuring FFM and Harem materials. What I dislike most is just that there are no indices at all. What you will probably love the most about Watch JAV Online is that you can enjoy all of the full-length porn films here for free. That already says that this site already has good quality. You can also enjoy the videos in 720p quality with good audio and adjustable playback settings. The best offer you can get is that probably all of the best Japanese girls in the AV industry have high-quality films here you can stream for free.

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