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VoyeurClouds Voyeur Porn Site Review

I'd like to start off this review by saying that this isn't like any of those usual porn sites where there's a huge gallery of the content displayed on the homepage. For someone who is bad at following instructions and doesn't follow the manual whenever I get a hold of something new, I find this website kind of bothersome. It honestly took me a while to fully understand how it works and what kinds of content it has. Aside from a collection of voyeur photos and videos, there are also tons of submissions from amateurs here and that's despite the fact that this website is called VoyeurClouds. Since I'm giving this site a review, I'll make it in-depth enough so you won't have to go through it the same way I did and you'll know everything you can expect from this site and what you shouldn't.

VoyeurClouds Navigation

Let's start with getting around this porn site. It really isn't easy to navigate your way through VoyeurClouds despite the way it looks. It might look like one of those sites where users share their smut but it's somehow a bit different. Let us start from the top of the homepage. If you're planning to join the community on this site, you just need to take a look at the top right corner and you'll find the registration and sign-in links there. It's free to use and sign up on this site so you're free to take the risk. But let us talk more about what's in it for you later. For now, let's talk about the options on the menu bar. Some of the links there will get you to different pages within this site but some of them will get you to other porn sites. The options are Photo & Video Sections, Ranks, Tags, More on VClouds, VCity Pics & Videos, Sex Wiki, and Secret Cam. The options that you can use to browse around VoyeurClouds are under the photos & videos section, ranks, tags, and more on VClouds. The rest will take you to other porn sites.

Aside from using the menu bar, you can also take a look at the images and videos featured on the homepage. I'm not talking about the images in the section directly below the menu bar. I'm not talking about the tag buttons either. You have to scroll a bit further below until you reach the section with the title "VoyeurClouds' Daily Showcases From VCity". If you browse the ones that are below that section, you'll just get to another site with the same design but a different domain. But as if things can't get any worse, even if you click on them, you will just land on another page with too much info and another external link and member registration button. In short, the only way for you to get your hands on sexy public erotic videos and photos that you can actually see here on VoyeurClouds is by using some of the options on the menu bar.

Lists And Links On VoyeurClouds

Let's check the menu links or the lists one by one. The Photo & Video Sections will show you a drop-down list containing page options such as Amateur Lifestyle Pics, Erotic Art Pics, Flashing & Exhibitionist, Candid & Voyeur Pics, Amateur Sex Videos, How To, and About. But the thing is, choosing any of these options will just get you to pages with intros on the content. If you'd like to see them, some would make you have to leave VoyeurClouds and go to another site hosting the content. The photos and videos come in daily posts that look like a timeline. You'd have to click on the thumbnails to see the content. Some have several photos in them so they're worth clicking on.

Out of all those options, I think the best one where you can find a lot of photos is on the Ranks list. There are several great galleries there and the one I got to enjoy the most is the VoyeurClouds Ranks List under Ranks. It offers a good view of the best submissions here which is also one of the best in their services. It encourages the community to grab their camera and start posting videos and photos with unique themes. But if you want to find the rest of the videos and photos that exist on VoyeurClouds, the best way to go is, if I'm being honest, not the Tags list either. Seriously, the more I browse this porn site, the more I want to leave it. Sure they have their gallery updated but there are just an awful lot of videos and photos posted here that actually exist on another site. That's despite the fact that there's a community here. It's either the community activity is too low, or they just want to keep both of their websites getting into the public view. Not the kind of public view we are hoping to find though.

VoyeurClouds Review In A Nutshell

To get things straight, VoyeurClouds is a pretty good site if you want to satisfy your voyeuristic desires without getting in trouble in real life. However, despite its name "VoyeurClouds", this is nothing like a cloud site where you can directly access voyeuristic videos and photos submitted by random people online. It's more like a landing page introducing other websites and blogs with those sexy nude photos of chicks getting butt naked on the beach, videos of a couple making out in their bedroom, and so on.

Another thing I want to complain about this site is that despite having a lot of clips, it doesn't have a video section. Seriously. I want to get a full view of their videos album filled with sexy girls unaware of getting their asses filmed and people doing lots of naughty stuff in front of a fake hidden camera. There are just too many people with voyeuristic tendencies who are hoping to watch which this site has not taken good care of.


  • access to tons of sexy photos and naughty clips

  • zero ads


  • most of the shared photos and clips exist on another site

  • confusing layout

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