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UnderHentai Free Hentai Videos Site Review

We all know that there are just a lot of free porn sites out there including those with hentai content. For hentai, there are those with videos and those with comics. UnderHentai is a hentai site that has porn videos with H-ed anime characters. Okay. I admit that I tried to make it sound like it's something different. Of course, all hentai sites have hentai characters - cute girls or beautiful women plus ugly old guys or young shy males. There are other formulas too but we know that's the standard.

Anyway, I'd like to make this site sound as cool as it actually is because it's not as popular and as appreciated as it should be. I don't want you to expect too much about it either so let's just get this in-depth review of this free hentai site started.

UnderHentai Website Design And Layout

UnderHentai is probably one of the best free hentai porn sites I know and I even love hentai. My favorite feature of this site is its layout. The design is already nice with a heavy dark gray background and black accents and a cute anime chick wearing a gothic maid headdress. However, I'd like to highlight how they organize everything here. I have to say that the site layout really is functional. Let me talk more about it starting with the site's homepage.

The menu bar is strategically placed at a good height where it can be easily seen. It has basic navigation features and browsing options including the search box. Under it is a section that features some of the best hentai releases this year. I don't know about you, but for me, I don't like scrolling indefinitely so I like how this site works. You'll reach the bottom of the pages only after a few scrolls and that's the same with the homepage. You just have to click on "next" or on page number buttons to browse through the featured content.

At one glance, you might think that the page where you can find the streaming link is too ordinary. But, when it comes to usability, UnderHentai has the upper hand compared to even the best porn tube sites. It's because, on one page of one video title, you'll be able to find all the information you'd probably care to know about the video itself that you're checking out.

There's an awesome DVD cover on display, the brand or studio name that produced it, the official title, genres or tags the video fits in, the rating or the total number of likes, and then a table with information specific to the video file. There are several details such as the episode numbers, available formats, file sizes, subtitles, audio languages, censorship info, download links, and stream buttons. For every episode, you'll find a few pictures of some scenes on the episode. Those pictures are random though. I can't say they're highlights. Some of the images are just pussy shots. Everything about the title or the series can be found on one page. They're even organized that way that you'll know where to click. It's super user-friendly.

Of course, just like other porn video sites, you'll find suggested similar porn videos on the same page and a comments section. You can join the community by logging in with your Disqus account, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.

Search Options

You can search for porn videos on UnderHentai in different ways. You can use the Index which is basically a list of all the available titles that are alphabetically arranged from numbers then A to Z. If you're looking for content based on when they were released or if you're looking for upcoming hentai videos, you can go to Releases. The titles are sorted according to year then month. The list starts from 2012 up to the current year but it shows the titles, episodes, and exact release dates of some popular series that will come up in December of the year.

You'll also see a shortcut or an easy filter to get only Uncensored videos. I get some of you who find it weird why these drawn fictional characters still have their pussies and dicks censored when those aren't even real. It's even worse if tentacles are freaking blurred! Fortunately, this site isn't such a bummer and just gives you an easy way to find videos with super wet uncensored pussies.

If you're just browsing around, you can go to either the Top list or Random index. The Top feature shows the best UnderHentai collection in 4 options just kind of like what you can do in most NSFW Subreddits. You can check out those that are popular from Last Week, Last Month, Last Year, and All Time. This site also ranks its videos based on the votes they get. The results are just more reliable because it only calculates the total number of votes after a period ends.

Hentai Genres

If you don't have a favorite series, or if you're not searching for a specific hentai video, you can rely on the Genres index. There are some categories you can find on the index but you can't get results on the search box. Some of the categories you can find under Genres are Ahegao, Tentacles, Succubus, Yuri, Vampires, Lactation, Maids, Netorare, Housewives, and Futanari.

Subtitled And Raw

Most of the videos here, if not all, only have subs but no dubs. It's not a problem for someone like me who doesn't really appreciate dubbed hentai or any other porn videos. What I like most about this site is the accessibility it offers and that's specifically not having lots of redundant entries for a single episode. Here, all similar videos of one hentai episode can be found on a single entry only. That includes its raw version which is the original Japanese audio without subtitles and the available subtitled versions. Also, as I have mentioned earlier, all details are neatly arranged on a table so you can easily find the appropriate download links and stream buttons.

Download Options

I have no idea who uploads the videos here but most probably not the hentai studios the Under Hentai content is from. There are tons of studios here and each hentai series has the name of the studio that produced it. However, I'm pretty sure that they're not the ones responsible for the updates and uploads here and that's because the downloads you can get here are hosted by other non-porn sites. The users who want to download the hentai videos displayed on this site can take advantage of the BitTorrent link or other free cloud hosts that also offer faster premiums on those platforms. Not here on Under Hentai. Actually, despite the fact that the users still have to visit other sites to get their free porn doesn't seem to bother the community here. You'll notice how there are always lots of people willing to link their other accounts just to post a reply on their favorite hentai video without complaints.

UnderHentai Summary

UnderHentai is probably one of the most reliable porn sites for free hentai, at least. It won't charge its users anything to stream or even download porn videos. It doesn't even have its own registration form. If you'd like to explore the downloads here, you'll just have to do it at your own risk while putting an extent to how much you should personally download. Also, I find that I probably even have more personal issues than this hentai website has technical issues. The downloads match the episodes, the stream buttons work, and the activity here is pretty much active. Seriously, the only thing that's "under" in this hentai porn site is the appreciation and fame it gets.


  • new uncensored content
  • scheduled upcoming releases are displayed
  • their collection includes the newest hentai episodes of popular series
  • plenty of downloading and streaming options


  • the videos you'll find can be found on other sites as well
  • distracting banner ads, popup ads, and ads that open in new windows

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