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Touch My Wife General Review

If you are someone who's into the idea of swinging or into the fetish of other men touching your wife, then this website is for you. Touch My Wife specializes in hot wives touching and fucking other dudes. In my opinion, this is one of those weird fetishes where a husband is wanting his wife to be with someone else and see how she will be with the other guy in bed. Touch My Wife specializes in this fetish.

In this review, we will talk about the website layout, whether you will be watching porn in a bright background or if this website has a lot of things going on that will already be distracting for the viewers. We will also talk about the categories they offer and if it will be easy to find the best porn to your liking. Another important thing we will check is their video player, will it be in HD or will it be needing you to have a computer engineering degree to understand. And finally, we will talk about pop-ups! One of the most crucial things that users need to know before they venture into HD porn sites. If you want to know more about Touch My Wife, just continue reading and enjoy my honest review!

Touch My Wife Website Layout Review

Let's start off with one of the most pressing things on a porn site. The website layout! Sometimes, the layout can make or break a porn site because even if it has great content or its entire collection is awesome, if you are underwhelmed immediately when you step on its homepage, you might not continue, right? So yeah. Website lay0ut can really make or break a great porn site.

Touch My Wife has a simple layout, with nothing much going on aside from the photosets that serve as links so you can start watching porn. It also has a combination of light and dark themes so it's not always going to be bright. Once you're on the video itself, it will give a dark theme that will set you in the right porn-watching mood!

As for homepage options, they don't have much. You can only choose from videos, wives, or photos. So I guess they don't really have many categories and they just focused on hot young wives having scenes with other mesh.

Touch My Wife Sorting Options

As for categories and sorting options, this website doesn't have much. So if you have a specific type of favorite video, you won't be able to see that here. They only let you sort the videos by ranking them to the latest videos, most viewed scenes, and pornstars.

they kind of focused on their website specialty which is hot young wives being hammered by someone else while their husband watches. They did not filter or categorized it based on the usual fetishes that viewers have. I guess wives cheating or being fucked by a stranger is a completely exclusive fetish all by itself.

Touch My Wife Video Player Review

This is something very important as well when it comes to free porn sites. Obviously, people go to porn sites to watch porn. How will you enjoy watching if the video player sucks, right? Well, as for Touch My Wife, their video player is awesome! When you click on a photo that will lead you to the video, you will already have an interactive preview of the video. You will also see extensive model info describing the young hot wife you're about to watch!

I didn't expect the video player to be this awesome and simple to operate at the same time. When I started playing the video it already went on full screen and the quality is superb!

You can also leave reviews and leave comments on the bottom part of the video player page. You can give them a piece of your mind give other viewers something to expect. You will also see other viewers' reviews from the same page. So everyone will be able to see each other's ideas.

Touch My Wife Community

Touch My Wife makes it easy to browse and watch premium porn. All you have to do is go to the website, create an account, log in and browse the website or search for your favorite pornstars and start streaming the best porn videos on the web.

You can watch wives fucking with other men without signing up, but if you sign up, you will have full access to their streaming player, porn download, create your own playlist, watch full movies, and have complete access to quality content.

You can purchase different membership plans. The first one is $1 for a 3-day streaming-only plan. The second one is $9.95 for 30 days streaming-only plan. The third is $19.95 for 30 days of streaming and download. The last plan they offer is $95.40 for 365 days of streaming and download! If you choose the 365-day subscription you will have a large discount because it will only cost you $7.97 per month. All these exclusive plans for quality porn-watching!

Touch My Wife Ads Review

Let's talk about the ads you will see in Touch My Wife, remember when I said earlier that they have membership plans you can purchase? I guess this is the main reason I don't see so many ads from this website. They might have been getting their income from patrons who are willing to pay for membership plans to have a full blast of an all-access experience. I think this is not bad for those who really have the means. But hey some are still free to watch, you will just not have the option to download, create a playlist or leave reviews. Even if you don't sign up, you can still enjoy quality porn videos.

Touch My Wife General Review

Overall, if you're into this fetish where you want to see your wife getting hot with another dude, Touch My Wife will be one of the best sites for you! With the flexible membership options, you can choose from their's definitely quality videos and movies you can expect to view and download from this website. You may still view some of their content without paying for membership but it will not be as exclusive if you got a paid membership. The ads are also not that much even if you don't pay for a plan. Videos and scenes are in HD and can be seen in full screen.


  • Scenes and videos in HD.

  • Flexible membership options.

  • Minimal Ads.

  • Download and playlist options for premium members.

  • Easy to navigate video player.

  • Extensive model info and summary of what's happening on the videos.


  • Membership fees for those who don't want to pay and would just opt into totally free porn sites.

  • No specific categories you can use to filter videos.

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