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THEYNC: A Porn Site Among Other Things

You filthy freaks need to be warned before you dig deeper into the shocking stuff TheYNC has prepared for you. I wouldn't necessarily categorize TheYNC as a porn site but it's there. Maybe? But, yeah this site does contain several porn videos and free extreme content that you'll probably be interested in. Sites like TheYNC is something that most hardcore sex fans would go for, especially if you're looking for porn with a side of gore.

Sex and among other things, TheYNC has you covered with real unscripted disturbing gore content, clips of violence, and even dark humor that may be disgusting to most common porn nerds. But if you're one sick porn freak that has lustful eyes craving for blood not just from a virgin's pussy, then a site like TheYNC is for you.

TheYNC Site Design

Like other porn sites and premium porn sites out there, the very first thing that we tend to look at is the site homepage. The web page layout and how it was designed. I've got to say, TheYNC has done a pretty decent job at working out the kinks of good-looking best porn sites. Even with mountains of disgusting and scary shit on this website, they were still able to at least consider the layout of the website. Making it decent looking.

All the navigation tools that TheYNC has will be a safe haven for the likes of us that don't want to see brutal photos and videos. If you want to go straight to the nudes and avoid seeing gross blood content, the navigation tools will provide you with a smoother experience on TheYNC. All the tools are accessible and visible on the TheYNC homepage.

Contents And Categories

I've been going on and on about the shit tons of gore and death-related content on TheYNC and most likely I won't stop. So let's dig deeper into the other categories you'll see on the TheYNC tube site. From the very top of the TheYNC homepage, you'll see a bunch of extra categories that can be used as your tools to get a gist of what the porn site offers. TheYNC has six main categories that include, FEATURED, USER UPLOADS, PORN, MOST, UNDERGROUND, NEWS. The Most category is also an extended category that has a drop-down option that houses, Most Popular, Most Upvoted, and Most Discussed contents. Now, mind you these options are not only for porn videos and photos but anything that the site can offer. You will probably see loads of short clip videos of gore and death, clips of brutal scenes, and pics of dead bodies.

TheYNC might be a free site but I've got to warn you their Underground Category is only accessible for users of the community that paid for a subscription. Didn't invest in any of this since it'll just be a pain on my wallet. You get to see thumbnails of video clips and photos that the site Underground Category. Expect that there will be low-quality videos since most are content uploads from users.

There is a bunch more stuff that you can find on this site and some may contain funny clips. The comments section is pretty active most times, if you're looking for dark humor, you could opt with this. If you're planning to want to share your opinions about the content video and pics on TheYNC, their community forum is a good category. There are pretty opinionated members on this site and although they might be funny in a way, some may start comment wars on this forum section. Do keep in mind that you still have to sign up to share comments on their forum.

The greatest factor that I am concerned about is that the uploaded nasty video files and other contents are not presented with a warning. This could be dangerous especially if kids are left unsupervised. go through your computers and accidentally clicked on this site. You definitely do not want them to see videos of gore, brutality, tortured human beings, dying people on crash scenes with guts spilling out, and even your usual erotic nasty porn clips.

Let's forget about these nasty things for now as it may be torture to some just reading about it, so let's talk sex. I mean that's what we are actually here for. right? TheYNC offers that, too. So, if you're not into murder scenes, the site gives you access to their collection of extreme porn. Sex Videos that show you different angles and different locations. Erotic porn scenes shot outdoors like abandoned buildings, forests, swimming pools will totally earn TheYNC out of the ordinary unexpected reactions.

Access To Prizes

As I have mentioned, if want to delve deeper into what you'll find on TheYNC you'll have to sign up to be a member and pay $1.99 for 24 hours to watch 10 videos only or $9.99 per month for underground videos streaming. This also comes with ways to collect badges, win prizes, enjoy bonus payouts, win premium prizes, and more importantly ads free videos.

Speaking Of Ads

Several of the ads you'll find here are disguised as links that will lead you to another page. We've already covered that and still, you can't avoid this if you're only a free user or member of the site. Targeting to watch extreme porn without this annoying part and plenty more distractions? Then it's best that you pay up and enjoy TheYNC's contents of pain, nudes, brutal. erotic, and even funny videos. Let's just hope you don't get banned.

Pros And Cons


  • Daily updates

  • So-so homepage design

  • Real and raw video and photo uploads


  • Tons of free access content but the quality is meh

  • Too much gore for the average porn nerds like me

  • Shit tons of adverts

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