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Tasty Blacks is an aggregator site for everything black. It is a porn directory for ebony porn sites and gorgeously hot blacks. Some of the sites connected to TastyBlacks are huge porn tube sites including PornHub, XHamster, and more. The result is that TastyBlacks has millions of xxx movies featuring hundreds of thousands of ebony pornstars including amateurs and professional models.

Just in case you're reading this review not because you're a fan of ebony porn but because you're curious why an aggregator would limit itself to just ebony porn, well, ebony babes are associated with having a big ass while black dudes and black shemale chicks are well-known for their cocks. While we all know that it's just a stereotype, we all know as well that stereotypes exist because those aspects are quite obvious and distinctive to the races being stereotyped. It's also a positive stereotype, too, isn't it?

Anyway, if you're a black porn enthusiast, then TastyBlacks.com may be the best porn site for you and this review will definitely help you determine whether it really is.

Black Porn, Light-Colored Site

Let's start with the basics. If you have a black porn fetish, chances are appearances matter to you. The same goes for me. I'm biased towards some looks than others like I like women with big boobs and I don't care if they're real or not. That's the same perspective I have on porn sites. Porn sites should care about their looks and layout as well and I'm really quite disappointed with how Tasty Blacks specializes in black porn yet they're using a medium skin tone color for its background. It's closer to Latina skin than Ebony and I see no merit in that. I even tried looking for an option to change it to "dark" mode but I haven't found any. As I was looking for one, I realized that this TastyBlacks doesn't actually have a lot of navigation features either.

Aside from the search box, the homepage features Popular Categories and its full categories list at the bottom of the homepage. There's also a list of other websites with similar, closely related, and really different niches. But, we're not giving up yet on Tasty Blacks.

If you don't have specific goals on where exactly you want to go on this website, you can check out their All-New content and All-Popular Content. Those may give you an idea or a direction. The downside is, I have no idea how and what kind of updates their lists get. Some of the videos on the All-New page don't look like they're new. Even amateurs can get a 1080p full HD camera these days for a bargain price yet there is some "new" content on TastyBlacks.com that looks like they have been recorded using a 2-megapixel webcam. Exaggeration aside, I have huge doubts on whether these features actually do what they were meant to do. So, I switched to the "All-Popular" page and it's great that the videos there do look interesting. For this one, I think the algorithm is basic. TastyBlacks.com doesn't have a user rating system but I think it counts which videos have the most access from their website. It's good because you can go through pages and pages of the All-Popular content and find that the TastyBlacks site users have cool preferences.

Featured Categories And More

Since TastyBlacks invested a lot of effort in highlighting their categories, let me dedicate this section to that.

All of the categories on TastyBlacks are listed with the number of videos tagged with them. The most common categories here based on those numbers are Amateur, Big Ass, Ebony, Blowjob, Big Tits, Big Cock, and Interracial, and the reasons are pretty obvious. They also have a bunch of common tags such as Gay, Pussy, Cock, BBW, blowjobs, homemade, and MILF.

The question is, were the videos categorized correctly? I checked those categories that should be easy to differentiate like 3D, Asian, Anime, and Hermaphrodite. For 3D, I only had to look at the first page and decided that it's all good to tell that it's not accurate. Not all of the videos on the first page are animated 3D adult videos. Out of the 116 videos displayed on that one page, 31 videos aren't animated or won't become 3D even though you wear 3D glasses. There are even a few that should be in the VR category instead. Fortunately, for the Asian category, there are porn videos that feature half-ebony-half-Asian chicks. So for others, I'd like to say that it's an insult to both Anime and Cartoon fans to have those two combined, and hermaphrodites have two genitals while Trans or Shemales often have one.

Not All HD Videos Are HD?

While I was checking the content in TastyBlacks, I had to do some side research particularly on re-educating myself on how to tell a video quality. So here is a question that popped in my head while browsing the TastyBlacks content - Is 720p considered HD? The answer is yes. 1080p is FHD although it doesn't seem to exist here. There are a lot of videos here that have an "HD" indicator but their thumbnail previews look like they aren't. In most sites, the thumbnails are screenshots of their actual video so you'll instantly know if the video has poor quality or HD. However, some of the sex movies you can find on TastyBlacks have that HD icon but you'll disagree by looking at the thumbnails. So, to check whether it's a good idea to judge the content based on its preview, I checked on a clip that says it's got HD quality but doesn't seem to be one based on the thumbnail. Actually, I checked on three. I got redirected to their sources. Even the sources actually do have the 720p HD quality option but they can't deceive my eyes. I can tell the difference between 720p quality and 480p quality. While it doesn't matter if you're watching porn on a small display like a mobile phone, it's obvious on a bigger display like even a laptop. It doesn't really matter that much to me if I'm accessing videos from free porn tube websites, but I dislike false advertisements. Everyone does.

How about retro porn? They do have retro porn and it's another false advertisement because you can find them among the supposedly new content and you can even find some with an HD icon.

Should You Visit Tasty Blacks?

If you'll notice, there's no login or signup form anywhere on this website and that means that there's no community here. If anything, the TastyBlacks website is not aiming at patrons. This site doesn't have ratings, comments, and favorites. It really looks like it's just dedicated to becoming a directory of links to free porn tube sites.


  • Making searches for black xxx videos on the internet is a lot easier on TastyBlacks than on Google
  • Multiple indexes for categories and the search box will always give results relevant to the search keywords
  • Despite looking suspicious, TastyBlacks doesn't have any kind of ads - no pop-ups and ads that open in another tab


  • There are a few videos that feature neither a black woman nor a black dude
  • Very few search and filtering options

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