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Submit Your Flicks Free Amateur Porn Site Review

Let me give you a heads up on this website, it specializes in hosting free amateur porn videos but it also has a couple of clips from huge porn networks like Exploited Teens, Hot Guys Fuck, and more. So, in this review, we will talk about everything this website has and how useful it can be to anyone. With millions of websites for adults on the internet, just how does this one do? Is it a hidden paradise for amateur porn fans, or is it just a tiny little piece of shit? Well, first of all, it's definitely not shit which is why we're wasting some space on it.

Submit Your Flicks Amateur Site Layout

Oops. Did I just say Amateur Layout? Well, it's not the work of a newbie but it is a staple. It's not the difference between free and premium sites but it has got to do with creativity. There are a lot of free porn sites out there and some of them have even better layout and navigation features compared to paid porn websites. So, as I can say, when it comes to newness and uniqueness, just went for the passing marks. The website's homepage is mediocre but not ugly. It has basic search options such as the search box, categories menu, and a few sorting options. Like most porn tube websites, it also has featured flicks and here they showcase their "popular" clips at the top then followed by "Today's Featured". If you're not using an ad blocker, then you'll see a sponsored ad of a live cams site at the bottom.

Now, let's check on some flicks here. But, wait! When you click on a thumbnail, a new tab opens, and the previous tab loads to another site. Close it. Press the play button on the video player. Oops! Another tab opens. Close it. Press play again. This time, there's an advertisement playing that you can skip after 5 seconds. That's basically what you need to know about this shit, I mean, Submit Your Flicks. If you don't like that, either install a good adblocker or sign up for a free account. For the rest of the things here, they're not that important to know because they're just the basics of porn tube websites. Even their thumbnail is very basic with an unreliable HD icon, duration, title, number of views, and upload date.

Looking For Content

There are only a couple of ways of making searches here and they are only counted depending on what kind of shit or stuff you are looking for specifically if you are just browsing for new amateur porn content, or if you already have your eyes fixed on some amateurs, category, or even video quality. If you're more of the former than the latter, then good for you. You can make searches here only by using the search box to look for the following options - videos, pornstars, and albums. Pornstar and Album won't give you anything by the way. They're just shit added to make it look fancier.

Confused? There are more shit details that are actually just embellishments. Let's check out those sorting options. Clicking on Latest won't guarantee that you'll find new clips. You'll probably get a vintage one among the first 10 thumbnails of the results. When you click on Top Rated, you might wonder how weird the visitors here can be. They seem to like low-quality amateur porn videos, specific body types, and age fetishes. That's the same impression you'll get on the users if you click on Most Viewed. Lastly, there's the Longest option. This is kind of helpful if you want to see movies but at the same time don't expect to see "movies" because plenty of them are compilations, most are old low-quality shit, and there are others from free JAV websites. Well, of course, It's also possible that Submit Your Flicks doesn't have an algorithm to sort their shit out.

They're Just Links

SubmitYourFlicks doesn't have photos. The photos menu is just a link to another site. You can expect, of course, that Meet&Fuck, Live Girls, and Live Sex aren't also features here or pages but they're all different porn sites.

WTF Categories List

I'd like to emphasize my disappointment here. Seriously. They even bother adding that page title "Amateur Porn Categories A-Z" when they actually have just 8 fucking categories. What can be more disappointing than clicking on "view all categories" when you're actually seeing all of them on the drop-down already. I thought there might be hidden ones on the categories list and there might be a trick to it. I tried looking for scroll arrows but there were none, so I clicked on Most Viewed, and Top Rated. Well, there were changes when I clicked on those buttons. The header changed to Most Popular Amateur Porn Categories and the categories were simply rearranged but they're still the same ones. Oh, by the way, the Top Rated button doesn't work. Anyway, for Submit Your Flicks, it seems that what's important is that you can access any video and even a single category isn't important to them so creating a list of it doesn't even matter. At least to them. That's because users can check their entire collection even by staying on the homepage and just keep on clicking "Next".

Ad-Free Members Only Area

This is the only selling point for signing up on their website. By registering for a free account, you'll be able to browse the entire site with no ads. There are actually other features which the site's managers did not bother adding other privileges as selling points such as being able to add videos to favorites, watch later, or to their own playlists. Registered members are also allowed to post comments while visitors can't. Even if visitors click on the like or dislike button, a "Thank you!" will pop up but it won't be counted. This site's managers couldn't be a lot lazier, could they?

Submit Your Flicks has a login option but does it mean that there's a community here? No. I don't think you can call members who don't interact with each other a community. Flicks here can have thousands of views but no comments.

Final Verdict on Submit Your Flicks

If you're just really after amateur content, then Submit Your Flicks can be a pretty good site for you. Just don't expect amateur content to have actual HD content of 1080p resolution because it's either their cams aren't capable of that yet, or their connection speed won't be able to handle uploading a gigabyte of clips over a certain tolerable waiting time.


  • all user-submitted free porn videos with a mix of clips from huge porn networks


  • extremely disappointing very few categories and browsing options
  • very few HD but a lot of low-resolution clips

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