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Now I'm the kind of guy who diets religiously, eats what you like, and prays it doesn't show. But these StufferDB girls here just swallowed the minister and the whole goddamn church!

Now if you're into big bellies, big breasts, and a second helping of asses you've come to the right house of prayer, hallelujah! This StufferDB database of stuffers and gainers will have you screaming for more. If your sexual fantasies er on the side of non-traditional notions of beauty, StufferDB has you covered.

Review Of BBW Porn Website StufferDB

The StufferDB site is completely dedicated to the fetish of stuffers and gainers, well, that is unless you count the pregnancy fetish section. But it could be argued that having a huge voluptuous belly still kind of fits the BBW format, and by that, I mean big, beautiful women.

Stuffers And Gainers Videos Site

The kind of porn aficionados that visit porn sites like StufferDB are into a particular kind of shit! This porn is about watching chicks eat, so literally stuffing food into their faces until they start to gain weight. Now you may think this is nuts, but I can assure you, there is a big market out there just begging for more girls showing off their beauty SDB style.

Database Of Stuffers

Now one thing you can depend on from the website is the organization. This is the kind of detail that sets it apart from other sites. As StufferDB is a fan-based community, the attention to detail in terms of creating a full bibliography of all things BBW is unparalleled. This is for sure one big ass database of stuffers.

The StufferDB site's shit is tight, and with over 10,000 members it continues to grow fast. There are over 51,500 pictures of BBW girls to search in the sites 'Amateurs' section, 70,000 pictures of hot girls in the sites 'Models' section, and this is where you'll find some of your favorite BBW pornstars and more well-known girls. 500 images in the site's Studios section and that's not all, these guys have so much content, it makes sense to be so fucking organized. With access to 200,000 files, you won't be going hungry for chicks on

Heavyweight YouTubers And Big Boobs Babes

There's a section just to search YouTube action, coming in with over 20,000 pictures and videos of stuffers and gainers showing off their curvaceous and voluptuous bodies. Touching themselves up and rubbing their bellies and titties. Now, this isn't what you would normally categorize as pornography, but fuck, I gotta tell you, this stuff gets you hard and is the perfect page to start exploring before moving on to some of the more explicit content. They even have a whole section dedicated to before and after shots, so you get to see each girl's progress over a certain amount of time. There is even a subcategory for bloat queens, that's more of a smaller chick eating a ton of food and getting that cute stuffed, bloated kind of tummy after eating. This site is niche.

StufferDB Porno Comics And Videos

Now I don't know about any of you but I love porn and I love comics and all things hentai porn so when I saw they had a BBW art and comics category I was like, hell yeah! This is my kind of place. Loads of super cute pictures and comics of BBW girls in a range of situations, some porn, some webcams, and others more PG.

Sub Categories For The Hardcore Porn Addicts

Now for some of you freaks out there with more niche tastes I bring you on to the last section of the site's categories within the StufferDB homepage is 'Miscellaneous'. This is the section that you will find anything that pushes the boundaries of porn. With a subcategory for pregnant fetishes and even one for vore. I kid you not, let me enlighten you. Vore is essentially a sexual fantasy of being eaten or swallowed whole or of eating and swallowing someone else whole. A step too far? That's for you to judge.

Celebrities Before & After

The 'Miscellaneous' section is also where you will find all of the celebs. Remember Britney Spears when she started to lose her look on stage and started to become less sexy skank and more who ate sexy skank? Yep, just before the hair shaving incident. Well, feast your eyes on some classic before and after Britney Spears thumbnail shots. This is the section for babes to slaves and everything in between.

Stuffer DB Website Layout

The first thing you notice when you enter the home page is that it's pretty crowded. But that makes sense since this database of stuffers is full to the brim with some prime BBW girls spilling out all over the place. The StufferDB site's pages are well organized so actually it's easier than first expected to navigate. They have everything from image banks and pictures to more x-rated porn videos. In fact, the categories offered are vast, just like their content. The BBW porn database of stuffers is chock full of the kind of content you'll love if you like your porn big. Special Features

So we have already touched on the fact that any members can upload content. And so can you, you just need to set up a site account, which is easy and smooth to do and unlike other porn websites, it's entirely free! Becoming a member also allows you to download material from the site using the download button.

You can also find keywords, search, comments, and other useful tools that will help you search for exactly the type of porn, X-videos, and stuffers and gainers categories you're after.

StufferDB Site Pros

  • No ads
  • Great selection of categories
  • Upload & download options
  • Good amateur pictures page
  • A complete database of stuffers

StufferDB Site Cons

  • Crowded layout
  • Only big girls categories
  • Cheap design


Final Thoughts on StufferDB

All in all, StufferDB is a well-organized porn site that caters to all things big. A better range of content than other porn websites offering similar niches.

The pure number of categories on the StufferDB home page is impressive, including the YouTube content which at times I question if it should be allowed on the tube site at all? The amateurs category is where a lot of the action is and as far as sites like this go, this pornhub has a lot going for it. All of the images and porn videos have been uploaded to the internet by these girls themselves and some of that shows. But you know what, sometimes I really appreciate that homemade-porn feel, it doesn't need to always be so polished as it has its own kind of charm.

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