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Spanking Tube Free Spanking Videos Site Review is for people who take pleasure in pain. This website has tons of porn videos and photos everyone can access for free. The content on Spanking Tube is not your ordinary kind of porn material. Everything on this site is related to spanking and areas that deserve some spanking. You can enjoy watching spanking videos of hot chicks directly on this site.

But, since porn sites are not all about content but also how useful they can be to anyone in terms of how good they look overall, what kind of features they have, and if they actually have stuff that will satisfy the pornographic needs of individuals especially when it comes to quality. So, let's start reviewing what the site can offer.

Not All Spankings Are BDSM Related

First of all, I'd like to set everyone's expectations right. If in case you're checking out SpankingTube when you're actually looking for BDSM porn material, don't expect that every spanking scene is related to some BDSM action. There's a category here for BDSM so if you're into that fetish, no worries, you'll still find those here.

On the other hand, if you're into pain fetish, don't expect that BDSM is all about inflicting pain, but don't you worry as well. Both parties will get what they want from Spanking Tube and it's not gonna be all that but you'll definitely see hot babes with even hotter spanking marks on their skin.

Modern Site Layout, Cool Navigation Experience

I really like the layout and colors of SpankingTube. They're not special but when combined, they make the whole site look simple but cool. Banner ads aside, it's easy to explore the content on SpankingTube. Even from the homepage, you'll be able to find a lot of suggested content such as featured spanking videos, videos that others are currently watching, and the newest content. You'll also find a list of the newest spanking blogs, the newest spanking wall posts, and the newest spanking albums created by the members of this site.

I'd also like to give my appreciation to the human who took the time and effort to add some of the search features that will definitely help the Spanking Tube users save time and effort in browsing the entire SpankingTube collection in search for the content they want to see.

Starting with the search box, you'll instantly notice that the SpankingTube creators have already made an extra step. You can search using keywords and choose what kind of results you'd like. You can choose from a dropdown indicating Videos, Photos, Users, and Models.

There are, of course, the conventional ways in browsing through a huge collection which you can find on the menu bar such as Videos, Photos, Models, Blogs, Categories, and Community.

Huge Variety Of Spanking Porn Videos

There aren't a lot of categories on SpankingTube but almost all of them are related to the spanking fetish except the category "Everything Else". Some of the interesting spanking categories here are Breast Spanking, OTK Spankings (or over-the-knee spankings), Male-Male Bondage (or gay bondage), Caning, Whipping, Schoolgirls, FemDom, and of course, BDSM. You'll definitely see a lot of bottoms here with a literally hot red mark on each side.

Actually, you won't have to limit yourself to the categories here. You can let your creativity run wild and try checking if the stuff you're fantasizing about is on this site like things you think would look good enough to give the right kind of pain an ass would deal with. Whatever your fetish is, as long as it is related to spanking, try looking for it on this site, and maybe your time here will give you the kind of pleasure and satisfaction you'll need.

The Spankers And The Spanked

You can also search the SpankingTube content here using the Models database. Although the Models page shows that there are only less than 400 models on this site, it doesn't mean that it's the entire number. A lot of models here aren't registered and not even added to the tags.

However, if you're not looking for any specific model or you're currently looking for a model who would deal with pain just the way you want, feel free to browse their database. They also have pictures there so it's cool if you're more into how chicks look. I wish that all of the photos there highlight their ass instead.

There's also other useful information on their photos such as their names, the number of videos they have, and the number of albums they're in. When you click on a model's picture, it will open a page where you can see other details about her and the content she's in.

There are a lot of pages of pornstars here and you can actually choose whether you'd like to see all models, just the female models, or just some of your male idols. I noticed on the pictures of these models that a lot of them don't seem to be new and since there's a section on the pornstar page that shows where she can be found, I thought maybe new models have something like their Twitter account posted as well.

I didn't want to check each profile so I tried to see if I can just skip the effort and filter the choices or at least sort them to the newest models first. Well, there is an option to do that as well as sorting them alphabetically, or according to actresses with the most videos, and most photos. It's not what I expected though because although it sorted the girls from newest to oldest, it meant those with recently added chicks to their site so I still saw a lot of non-latest content.

The Community And The Blogs

Spanking Tube has great services as a free porn site from hosting ass-spanking videos to taking great care of its patrons. While I was browsing the site, I noticed how there seem to be a lot of active members here posting comments and rating every video.

Another thing that's pretty much obvious is the blog posts they make which actually have good quality. While not all posts are spanking-related or even fetish-related, there are actually a couple of posts that even visitors can see and they're great for laughs as well. Seriously, even the patrons here are of great quality.

Membership Privileges On Spanking Tube

Aside from getting the special privilege of being able to share your wits here through the public blog, there are other things you can do here by signing up for that free membership form. You can share your favorite spanking video with others, post comments, add favorites, subscribe to other members, make spanking friends, and create your own spanking playlists.

You can even choose add-on preferences when you signup for an account. These add-ons you can opt-in are getting to see Male Self-Spanking and All Fetish Videos. If you uncheck those, Spanking Tube won't suggest them to you.

Interested In Buying Clips Or Supporting Spankers?

There are quite a lot of amateurs on this site so if you want to support them, you can either check out if they have Patreon accounts or you can just buy their videos by clicking on the "Buy Video" on the menu bar. While these videos are actually sold by other sites which are partners, you can buy them directly on SpankingTube and download them from this site as well. Just make sure to check the file size and price first before buying one. You'll also be able to find the sites selling them on the thumbnail description.

Final Verdict on SpankingTube


  • free access to 1080p HD video quality spanking porn videos
  • plenty of partner sites


  • there are a lot of kinds of ads from banners to ads that play on the whole screen that will continuously play until you click on "skip this ad"
  • very few updates

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