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Shegods is a site filled with pictures of shemales and porn videos. Hopefully, I can give a pretty good review. Let's all hope the page ain't shit or the quality of the review would be shit. Today, we are gonna check if it is worth going here for the content, or if It isn't worth wasting your time here. As I have reviewed in the past, the content on this site may be interesting than all the girl and women categories on other sites but is everything else up to par? Like does the layout deserve a good rating? Join me as we figure that together.

To start, Shegods advertises itself as a site that offers tranny porn. There are a lot of similar sites like that. What makes she gods any different from other porn websites? Well, let me tell you, none of the other porn sites' design looks like shit after too much Tacobell. Why is it bright fucking yellow? I know we are not in the part of talking about the layout yet, but I just can't ignore it. Got to bring that up before anything, because holy shit. More on that later though. For now, let us talk about the site and its contents.

As I open up the site, you are greeted well, with the videos. As expected, there are categories but it's very limited. There are 4 main categories, tubes, videos, pictures, and users. Every category is self-explainable except for users. I got curious and decided to go check it out. The users' section is the people who post videos on this page. Don't worry, they don't have a database for the actual users of the site. That would have been creepy as hell though.

Anyways, yeah if you want to check out the porn makers on she gods. You have that category. Now let us talk a bit about the hard action on this site. As you hover over the thumbnails of the video, you get the chance to see the title. I like that feature, a lot of sites are missing out on that if you ask me. Provided with the things on this site, I guess you could say that's one time I am gonna praise this site. As I continue to visit and explore the site, lots of crap are coming on my find. Let me tell you about my updated results.

The thing is the video is exactly what I would have ordered coming from this site. I just, it's hard to say I would spend my whole October scrolling through this damn website. With all the other similar content, on other sites. I do not see the point in using this site. Aside from the praise I gave it a while ago, for the hover feature. I fucking hate everything else about the site. Gods would laugh at me for sticking to something like this. Seriously, hell I can't believe I am bringing up God. The gods would instantly want out on this website, let me fucking tell you. Ironic as hell, if you ask me.

Now that we got the video and porn reel on shegods done, Let us talk about everything else bad about it now. Now, I can fully rant about the website color. What the fuck man, who the fuck wants to watch porn on the crap-ass color. Seriously? What the fuck were yall thinking... Yes, I am talking about the devs. The video contents and porn, I am all for it. Just fix the damn site. Please, no one wants to watch porn on a bright-colored website, especially a yellow one. Sincerely, everyone.

For my final verdict. I hate it. I love porn on this web page, I just do not understand the porn website. With all the similar web pages on the internet, why did they go with this color? Not my thing, and I am sure no one's thing. Porn is not even special. You get this category on other, better WEBPAGES. They are nothing special. Nothing about them screams "you got to check this out". All I'm hearing from them is "oh tranny porn, come one. Cum all". Let me tell you this, if they at some point fix up their website design then maybe I would give it a try. It's so sad as well because the porn is pretty decent. I have said this before... But would not want the lovely people to sit through that eye strain, so check out the similar porn webpages down below.

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