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ScatGold Scat Porn Site Review

I was wondering how to make a decent review on this site since I'm not really a fan of scat porn. However, I was kind of confused while I was reading the reviews from other sites because they don't match each other and they're even talking about some features that I can't seem to find on the same site we're supposed to be looking at. In my opinion, those articles are most probably talking about the same Scat Gold site and it's just the site itself that keeps changing. As of this writing, we're already in the second half of the year 2022 so let's see what the current version of Scat.Gold has for its users. Is this a good place for men to find a crazy chick they would love to enjoy watching getting dirty with poop on a free porn video? Or should you move that hand and leave this website to check on the best porn sites known for scat porn content that's as good as real gold for people who like extreme shit porn? I can't give you a definite answer to those questions but we'll definitely talk about a thing or two that will either make you want to stay or go.

Scat And What?

This site has nothing more than a trove of scat photos and videos for people with Shit Fetish. Seriously. This website has nothing but bad girls who like to poop and piss for other dirty-minded people's pleasure. There are girls who seem to love staying in toilets smothering themselves with their own poop, while others like to do the dirty deed in other places like their bedrooms and even outdoors. One thing is for sure though, wherever these unruly ladies are, they're always dirty and covered with poop. However, there are also some girls who kind of seem to try to be a bit tidier by keeping their golden mess hidden underneath adult diapers. And yet, there are also some naughty chicks who piss and dump on their girlfriends. There are solo acts and some seem to be cam show recordings. Can you find actual sex scenes on this site? Yes, you can. Not without some scat though.

Scat Gold Navigation

This site is a lot dirtier yet also neater than I thought. It's full of thumbnails featuring scat-covered girls but those and the huge banner photo are almost the only things you will notice on this site. The menu bar is at the topmost part of the site and it only has 4 links on it - Categories, Login, Golden Member, and Contact. The search button is also there. The huge banner image features a low-angled view of a chick's backside with a peeping surprise. The image itself is so much tamer than when you scroll down. All of the thumbs feature dirty women and video titles. The view is the same even when you move to the next page and so on. The Categories dropdown list only has 3 types of free porn content listed - Fixed, Scat, and Piss. There are names of websites listed under Scat and Piss. I looked at what Fixed probably means but even when I checked the content after clicking on it, I still didn't get it.

Anyway, it's just disappointingly too few to find exactly the dirty porn scenes you'd love to indulge yourself with. In addition to that, I prefer if they could have added more details to their thumbnails including the video length so it would have been easier to browse through the free porn content. I mean, it's like this site will only let you get an idea of what a certain video is about with either clue from the thumbnail photo or by watching it. Even the web player page on this website doesn't tell anything. There are no tags or even a short description. You'll just get 3 options on which server you'd like to run the porn clip.

ScatGold Review Summary

Unlike other scat sites, Scat Gold isn't a place where men can buy real poop from real women. However, it has a ton of Scat and Piss content from photos to videos. I guess that in a way, it's quite an okay place for people with Scat Fetish to find the porn video they would love to enjoy. However, I have to warn you that you shouldn't run to this website if you don't have a good adblocker. It's filled with annoying ads so if you're looking for dirty porn here without getting a golden membership, you'd have to be cautious.

Therefore, if you want to ask if Scat Gold is one of the best porn sites for poo porn, I'd say it is far from that. Actually, I don't think it's even worth that monthly membership for. You'll be better off spending that money on other porn sites that belong in a much bigger porn network for the same niche. We have listed other porn sites so you just read what I have mentioned in the reviews' summaries and get the link to another website that's better than this one.

Good Stuff

  • this website is exclusive to scat porn and you won't be able to find other kinds of porn here

Bad Stuff

  • too few navigation features - only 3 kinds of categories and no tags

  • there are too many ads - popups, ads that open in a new tab, and ads that open in a new window

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