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Sankaku Complex Hentai Review

At first glance, you might think that Sankaku Complex, also known as Sankaku Chan or Sankaku Channel, is just another dumpsite for Japanese porn anime, manga, pictures, or any other material from the category. But, this isn't like any other hentai porn sites like hentai haven or something. Let me tell you early on, despite its name, this site packs a big deal. I can say that it's more like a social media website for all Hentai fans and Otakus out there. It's a congregation of anime and hentai geeks. I'm going to tell you more about it in the next sections.

Sankaku-Chan Looks

If I can compare Sankaku-chan to a real girl, I can say she packs beauty despite the lack of huge boobies but has a refined culture. I mean, look at Sankaku Channel. The background and accent colors, the header, and how they arrange the featured content look typical in Japanese culture.

They have a good pick of images for preview including those GIFs that have hardening shit potential. I'd also want to emphasize that the SFW tick box does magic. Warning: don't uncheck when in public. From idol posts to animated gifs of hentai in one second, just don't. Though when single month approaches and no one to have sex with, you know what links you should save. (hint: this one).

Aside from aesthetics, it may look like they scrimped on the navigation options but that's necessarily true. Especially because they're a blog site. Despite that, they did a great job making use of the search bar. You can type keywords and it'll give you results sorted according to relevance to the topics. This shit has some quality.

In short, when it comes to the site design or layout, I have no complaints.

True Nature

As I have been hinting since the intro, is not all about porn. It has a combination of sex-crazed content and anime fan content. You can even filter the content on so easily. If you check the SFW box, the maximum you get is Ecchi which means everything looks provocative but not sexual. If you switch on the Mature Content Filter, even the swimsuits are blurred. Although, it's quite a good move if you want to check some non-adult stuff on the site. After all, the Sankaku Complex website is not just an adult website and doesn't seem to be one of those porn sites with nothing but porn pics and clips. You can still get the better free hentai imageboard though.

Sankaku Complex has a huge variety of visitors due to its wide topics. There are a bunch of gamers, animators, Otakus, pervs, and even lolis themselves. There's a lot of stuff going on here and the articles are always updated so there is always new news you can't get from other constrained websites. The fact that SankakuComplex is willing to cross the border to the porn world removes its limits.

Best Porn sites or a better free hentai site

The information here may not be verified all the time and some are real news but the reliability is not that high. There are some news and other information that were true but became false due to the pandemic. Not all information you want is here though since there is a limited number of writers they have. However, you can see that there are a lot of users who post updates themselves in the posts on the Sankaku Complex. But, of course, it's not that reliable. So, if you want the real deal, you can search for the real updates on Twitter.

Hentai vs Ecchi

If you still don't understand the difference between Hentai and Ecchi, let me explain further. Hentai is 18+ content while Ecchi is 16+. Both can be in the form of an anime, game, or manga. Hentai specializes in actual sexual action scenes including masturbation and blowjob. Ecchi on the other hand are just suggestive like women with bouncing tits or almost nude women.

I guess you can look at the pictures, images, and shit with quality. Plus you do not have to worry about people looking at your shit.

You'll find that there are a lot of imageboards in both categories and each category has a huge collection of images that have high quality. So, there are dozens of good things in Sankaku Channel which is why it has a high overall user rating compared to other blogs and forum sites across the internet.

Not all guys search for a total nude experience on the internet anyway.

Are There Other Porn Sites Like Sankaku Complex?

Honestly, there are many porn sites especially adult forums that don't have their eyes fixed on having the users post porn pics and videos. There are also blog sites that don't focus on one-sided commentary articles as well. But, a combination of these two and doing service to anime fans, I don't think there's anything else like because as I keep on emphasizing, it's not just for porno lovers, it's also for adults who still geek with anime games and manga.

Sankaku Complex's image may be more similar to porn chans but they don't have partners so I guess SankakuComplex is more unique.

Sankaku-Chan Forum and Site

In my opinion, the articles on are good but the strong point of this site is mostly on its strong community displayed not only through its forum but you can also see that every article, imageboard, pictures, and image have comments. Even site visitors are allowed to post comments so it's quite encouraging. You know other sites do not allow that.

Although, I can say that SankakuComplex lacks a big deal with their forum's layout. They don't have categories where they can hopefully section topics making it easier for visitors and members to know which threads are for support and which are for discussions. Worst, things look too technical. All of the posts look like they are technical issues related. You have to look at the tags on the posts to realize that there are posts just about anything else. There are several tags used such as video games, food, manga, arcade games, cosplay, and even action figures.

Seriously, if you haven't seen an action figure in real life, you can check out even just one image in an imageboard collection of just one of those "toys" and you'll be amazed. I'm even hoping they have a cat for that.

If you know what you want though, you can just check the upper right corner for the search tool.

Cool tidbits: What's Sankaku Plus?

Even though you can access a lot of shit on, they still offer premium membership. For almost 10 bucks a month, you'll get rid of ads, unlimited access, and premium content. It also has more upgraded features like Personal AI recommendations and Total tracking protection. Sounds cool but it depends on how geeky you are to use this site so often.

What Can You Get From A Free Membership?

If you're a cheap dude just like me, you can still get quite a lot from the free registration. If it's just the ads you're worried about, just install a free ad blocker, dude. I mean, there's nothing wrong if you want to pay for a subscription because it's better for this site than looking for partners who would like to post their link here or have ads with potential threats. Of course, there will be the occasional pop-ups but

What I'm trying to say is, this site is great if you're not going to use this site every day, then no need to pay for anything unless you just want to support SankakuComplex. you can go completely free. You may want premium content for the hot pictures, or if you just love watching porn.

Sankaku Complex App: Mobile Site

Here's another cool shit from the Sankaku Complex site. Aside from the awesome site. They have an app you can download on your Android and iOS mobile devices. It's not on Play Store or App Store though. You can install it by downloading the app directly from the App link on the website on your mobile browser. I'd like to say though that the mobile browser version is already cool enough.

There are 3 apps you can choose from which I thought were different only when it comes to the main color of the pages. Good thing the apps don't occupy a lot of data. I was able to download all 3 of them quickly and I still have a lot of data on my phone. I thought that because this was the case then I would have to download more in-app data but that wasn't the case. There's Sankaku Black which is the NSFW Hentai, Sankaku White which is SFW Anime, and then there's The Idol Complex with real porn idols.

I also thought because the window size is smaller, there will be ads that take a lot of space that the rest of the content will have to be smaller. But, that's not the case. I can say that navigation is even easier with a dropdown list of filters.

If you want to get in touch with the community, you'll be redirected to the discussion web page though. But, if you log in to the app, you can access your inbox there.

Is SankakuComplex Worth Its Fans?

The Fucking Amazing Stuff

  • Wide, high-quality content on the site
  • No distracting ads and privacy threats (favorite feature!)
  • Strong community and every discussion has more than one page

Areas For Improvement

  • Lack of ways to navigate through articles and other content
  • Expensive premium


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