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RubMap Escorts and Massage Parlors Directory Review or is like Yelp but exclusive for massage parlors with escorts giving erotic body massages of different kinds. If you haven't been to erotic massage parlors, then let me tell you that most erotic massage parlors are not just places where you get sensual body rubs to relax you. Most of these erotic spas provide you services that will give you a happy ending with a bang. Although, if you really want massage services with some magic, would you really want to use RubMaps for that? Go check out more of my review to see the pros and cons of using this erotic massage site services.

Is Membership Required On RubMaps?

Membership isn't required on RubMaps. Although, if you are on a massage parlor directory, it means you're looking for just one or 2 massage parlors. 5 at best. But, you're definitely not interested in all of them. Then, to choose what's best for you, aside from the ratings that don't tell much, you'd want to check out firsthand experiences of customers through recommendations, reviews, or complaints. However, for you to access this very basic feature, members will need to pay almost 20 bucks for one month of service from this website. That doesn't even include even one free erotic massage.

To make sure that they get paid for that service, they don't even have a free trial for new members. It's not worth creating a dummy email as a dump for spammy promotional emails either in return for free trials.

Another feature you can access if you're registered is their forum where you can search for discussions of rub experiences from actual customers of a massage parlor you have your eyes on and see if their rub and tug service is good enough.

Are The Terms Of Service For Real?

RubMaps' tagline is "where fantasy meets reality" and the list of massage parlors has the title"Erotic massage parlor reviews & happy endings" so does it mean that you should believe their TOS? They even have this description under the map on display - "RubMaps is your #1 massage parlor locator. The site is updated daily with the best massage reviews from your area, which include body-to-body massages, prostate massages, massages with happy endings, Nuru massages, and hot massages. Members have the flexibility to use the advanced massage search features to find massage spas and reviews to fit their particular taste and needs."

Surprisingly, their Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions do not align with that and I wonder if they actually wrote that, or if they just took it from another legal website. It actually says among the terms that the following are "prohibited" when a massage parlor or any other sex-related businesses wants to post ads on the RubMaps website:

  • Nude modeling
  • Adult services or products
  • Exchange of sex for money
  • Lingerie parties or modeling
  • Services or products to enhance sexual experience or performance

It does make a site user's head tilt. Does it mean that RubMaps is actually the one who did not read what they put up on their T&C page? Anyways, no need to read that because it just simply means that whatever your erotic massage experience is, RubMaps has nothing to do with that because they're just an ads site.

How Many Parlors Are Listed On

Currently, there are almost a hundred thousand massage parlors, some strip clubs, and other erotic establishments on the RubMaps listing site. These are all in the United States only. For information this big, you'd definitely look for categories to filter all of these, or you would have just gone to Google where you can see site and services reviews for free.

Unfortunately, there is no categories list here that's supposed to let you find only what you need whether it's an escort site or just an ordinary massage parlor. What they do have is "Advanced Search". Now, I'm not exactly sure that this feature will land you on a gold mine. Don't get me wrong, this feature has a lot of options as such Location Details, Rates, Masseuse Ethnicity, Features, Payment Options, and Review Details. Those options seem helpful and will most probably yield accurate results except for Review Details.

The thing is if you're one of the massage parlors or adults-only businesses posting ads on this site, you can't add those things personally. Anyone who wants to know what a spa offers has to wait for someone to use the keyword on his or her reviews. But, what if there's no one who says that on their reviews. This feature will only work if RubMaps itself is that someone who posts reviews on all of the listings here. That's not fair either.

Anyway, what seems to be the most important feature Review Details have these filtering options: Age (for masseuse or companion), Kitty (whether you like it shaven or bushy), Breast size (from A to DD+), Ass Play, Breast Play, Handjob, Blowjob, Kissing, FS, Lick the Pussy, Finger the Pussy, Hair length, Build, Ass rating, Extra tip, Prostate massage, date added, and reviews date.

Another important thing that RubMaps forgot is to add a sign whether the places on the listings are closed or not. So before getting too excited about going to a spa, make sure you have contacted the phone number on the ad.

Do All Massage Parlors Give Happy Endings?

Is a happy ending guaranteed on any massage parlor you can land on in RubMaps? No. That's why, let me be honest with you, go to other escort sites if you're not willing to spend 20 bucks just to get locations or sites. A reliable source says that not all postings on RubMaps were made by the service providers themselves. Some are even popular local spas that let their clients rest but don't provide a bodyrub or other types of erotic massage.

The sadder thing is, with the limited tags that should have been able to help a client look for the right place, even though he'll pay shit, the difference it makes isn't that big. Searching for paradise won't still be that easy.

Are the Masseuses Pros?

If you are very particular about the ladies you would like to spend your time with, I recommend visiting another escort site instead. There you can access the reviews for free, get results that are also location-based, contact numbers, and even pictures of women doing adult services. As for whether or not the girls there are pro or not, I can't tell you that. Just like how RubMaps can't give accurate details about the girls working for their business clients.

How Discreet Is RubMaps?

Here's a big shocker and I did save this for last because there's no solid proof whether or not a user will be walking on a thin thread relying on the information on RubMaps. Anyway, it's up to you guys.

The data here on RubMaps are useful only if you're in the United States, right? That fact is actually useful for law enforcers to get rid of illegal operations especially because some states are stricter than others.

One of the incidents involved Orchids of Asia Day Spa which was discovered for its sexual activities through the reviews posted on RubMaps which include the keyword "rub and tug". The operation was held in October 2018 which seems to be quite long ago. Also, the spa itself seems suspicious because it registered its business with another Asian name. However, just a piece of advice, if you still want to use this website, make sure that you use fake details when making an account to be at least more discreet. Also, make sure to consider if your state has strict policies against these kinds of services.

Considering all this shit, if you're still up for it and you enjoy that kind of risk, make sure that the erotic massage you'll get will give you everything you need especially a good quality rub.

Is Reliable For A Happy Ending?

Well, there are many sites on the Rub Maps site and it has tons of listings from different cities with some even providing actual sex and sure there are plenty of options here. But, getting the best results actually search relies on the website user. So, here are a few tips for you if you want to be more sure of what you're going to get.

First, make sure that you check how many actual visits a place has. Second, contact the place and make sure that they provide the service you need whether it's just a rub or sex. Making a few calls won't get you in trouble. Third, ask for their rates. Don't rely on what the website says. If you do, you might be surprised by the price they will charge you after a session and it's not the kind of surprise men like.

With all seriousness though, you should probably check another site with a better search design, free forum, and free reviews section. There are a lot of them on the internet.


  • Thousands of adult services listings
  • Multiple topics in the forum users can access on registration
  • Lets you see the average rate of a spa
  • This site has listings and forum topics dedicated for all States


  • creating an account here is relatively expensive
  • Asian parlors don't have many Asian women
  • Having a blog would be better for recommendations

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