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Rec tube: Check this out

Rectube is a porn site that is focused on cam videos. Yes, you heard me right, cam videos. A site like this usually has stolen content on them, so you got to take note of that. This site has other benefits but you can only gain access to it, once you have signed up and log in. Yes, in order to access the full benefits of the site, you would need to set up a username and password. If you ask me, I really do not think it is worth a logged-in password and username just so I could watch my dose of porn. I would review that decision if I were you. I suggest you should review rectube up before you log in and be part of the users.

Okay maybe it is time to look through the site and review the website layout, shall we?

Rec tube: Unlimited access to porn sites and webcam sites

With millions of users around the globe that search for a site to access a video of their dreams. You need to be able to filter out all the platforms for porn. This is why we are doing this review.

To start, let us talk about the website of rec tube. Rec is in purple color. Which is making me wonder, why? Like I came here to watch porn not to be greeted with the ILY dino color. The homepage really is not so subtle because of the color. Literally, go look at it now and tell me HOW SHIT the homepage is. I mean, sure it's just the homepage display of the website that looks like shit... but as previews to new visitors? Hell no. I would rather browse through different websites than get in contact with the link to the platform... Tips to the developers, pick a darker more hidden color. Really, what goes through the devs head when designing a website for them to end up just going for the brightest color possible. The UV ways are already blinding the shit out of us and now, you want to start blinding us with a bright color. Not cool.

Rectube? What is in it for us viewers? Let us find out.

The site is both enjoyed through pc and mobile. So that's a plus, you can scroll without a limit. The duration of each video is the same length as most porn. The quality of course differentiates. Since this is a free website, do not expect to have the same quality as the paying site.

Let us talk more about the benefits of a login username and password. You can download a video you like to your computer. Just make sure you have a password on it, you do not want to risk someone knowing what your search bar and files look like. All in all that is about, what the login gives you. Well, in my opinion, the only benefit.

As I dive deeper into the website, I can now give you a preview of what to get when it comes to category and tags. The main keyword is the ones with popularity, transgender-like scenes, male and female scenes, and many more. The diversity of content is all we need in this lifetime and luckily they have that. If you like to date any gender and well like them, rec tube could count as a blessing of content for you. If you like the categories, shit does not limit yourself, and just give rec a try. Luckily enough, the language used in this site is English so yay.

Like the collection and want the enjoyment? Check out rec

Let us go to the final verdict.

I really hope they change the color of the rec tube. Really it is HORRENDOUS. I would much rather prefer to take my time searching for a different website than stick with this to watch porn. I also think, that the layout and aesthetic of the whole this is shit. I just do not see the point, in going to this site when you have other places to find the same porn videos. I strongly believe I would fully support their site and say, well "it's not too bad". For now, I will limit myself from saying anything else. Just giving you a little preview of what you would see.

The good thing about Rec tube is that you can access it both on mobile and PC. Not a lot of web pages are optimized to run on both devices. I guess that is a win for them and their team. Kudos to them for doing that.

The login is annoying, in general for the porn web pages. Even worse how Rec tube has that option. Like, just let me get to it, I have no time at all for this shit. The perks do not even matter that much like I could download porn now... LIKE am I supposed to be happy I could download it now? Of course, there are other things about this or that but all in all. Is it really fucking worth it? Yes, that's what I thought.

There are other links to other websites down below for your use, and would definitely recommend them more than rec tube. Not saying I am hindering you from checking out rec tube though. Go right ahead, I just do not see the point.

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