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r/SluttyConfessions NSFW SubReddit Review

This Subreddit works just like an online confession group or board where its subscribers can post their naughty misdeeds and sex encounters that probably shouldn't happen. It's not like some old confession booth though where people ask for forgiveness for their sins and dirty little secrets, but it's probably nice to share a story you'd very much rather tell anonymously. If you're one of those people who would like to tell your experience or find solutions to your problems, you can probably find a buddy here who will answer your questions in the comments. I'm not sure how this Subreddit kind of evolved into this kind of community when back then, it was only created as some kind of NSFW storyboard on Reddit.

Anyway, only time can tell whether this Sub might evolve again and I won't be surprised if it suddenly becomes a board for hookups for people looking for other people who do that kind of thing they just call fantasy. The spiciness of the posts here can be just as mild as a Sweet Banana or as dangerously hot as a Carolina Reaper. For whatever extremity you're into, you can probably find real-life confessions from real people here. Looking for them and using this deck on Reddit is what this review is about.

How The Story Began

I would like to start the review by paying attention to the effort of the r/SluttyConfessions creator in sharing on the site why this NSFW Sub was created and what it is for. It's what all the rules are about. r/SluttyConfessions is dedicated to Reddit users who would like to confess their "slutty, whore-ish, naughty" and other embarrassing moments without any judgment from the spectators or readers. However, Slutty Confessions is named as such because these are for confessions of actual experiences people would like to confess that they actually did. Sharing stuff from imagination and fantasies is discouraged. Thus, if you want to be a "Verified Confessor", you can submit a pointer to an image that contains your username, the tag r/SluttyConfessions, and the date of your submission. It's not a mandatory thing to do because it's a bit of a hassle and after doing that, you should send it to a mod by posting it on Imgur first. It's just to make sure that you're a real person posting a text here. Nudity isn't required but a human should be on the photo with a human hand holding the card with the details.

r/SluttyConfessions Rules

There are a bunch of rules here and they didn't even put item numbers on them so they look like an essay. But anyway, I'm not going to do that either but I'm going to make things easier for you by cutting things short but understandable.

First of all, even though the moderators can't completely stop the r/SluttyConfessions subscribers from turning this community into a hunting ground for a potential naughty playmate or virtual sex friend, they are still doing their best to make r/SluttyConfessions stay on track of the premise it was made for. For this reason, no one is allowed to post their IDs on other chat services and social media apps in either the posts or in the comments area. There are other NSFW Subreddits for that. It doesn't exempt anyone and no one's allowed to ask others about it. Examples of these are Snapchat, Kik, and OnlyFans. That rule is also somehow related to anti-spamming which is in this case, as a promotion. Speaking of spamming, don't post nonsense on Slutty Confessions. People are looking for actual stories. Not how you feel at a certain time.

Another rule that's stressed here, that is also applied to the entire Reddit community, is that users should be spreading love and not hate. If you're planning to join r/SluttyConfessions just to criticize the community for their tolerance towards the confessions, this group isn't for you. Don't be rude in any way like telling others that their stories or posts are fake, and don't even think about making that excuse to ask for "proof" in the form of videos or pics. If you're worried that there might be confessions of crimes related to sex, there's no reason for you to do so because everything is under the strict control of the moderators here. There are a couple of cheating stories here though but stories or posts involving sex with minors are not tolerated here. Involuntary sex is also banned here.

Slutty Confessions Submissions

Most of the confessions on Slutty Confessions have really good titles and they have promising content too. The premise of every single post here is simple and every story sounds like an actual experience that you'd wish it were you. Unless you're the "former" friend who fucked someone else's husband so his wife is fucking your son. That's a good material for porn producers actually and some of them tend to be better than the material you pay premium porn sites to produce. Some of my favorites include someone getting 100 bucks like it's her birthday just to give the dad-next-door some fancy blowjob, a girl who got conditioned like Pavlov's dog that she'll get a treat when she gets pinched and it makes her wet somewhere else, and the naughty wife's hairdresser who enjoyed rubbing her pussy with the husband's hand while pretending to cut his hair.

Top Stories 2021

If it's your first time joining Slutty Confessions, I highly suggest the better way of going through posts here and that's by sorting the stories from the Top of the Year. These posts are new and better than most of the ones posted and you know it thanks to the average upvotes and downvotes they got through time since they were added by their respective poster.

The first among the top confessions is about a girl confessing that she was fucked for real on-stage during a Broadway show and no one in the audience knew that there was an actual penetration. I'd really give her 5 stars for her acting and exhibitionism. The second one is about a crazy female best friend who gave her friend a dildo made using the mold of her own friend's brother's dick who is her boyfriend. I give her a pass to an asylum. Sorry, no rudeness intended. The third story is from a 22-year-old nurse who likes to cause "accidental" flashes and gives an extra mouth service to patients. I'd give her a score of 4 out of 5 with the missing one point for not showing her fully naked body on the photo she submitted. I should probably get into an accident to be in her care though.

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