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r/gonewildstories: True sex stories inspired by the popular picture sub.

Reddit GoneWildStories Review

This isn't your community for ordinary sex stories. It's for all those Gone WildStories submitted by the dirty Reddit users. It's not just adding flavor to the words but the fact that the smut stuff here is nothing short of stories and activities and there's no place for chic adult stories here. The best short stories here are even better than that BDSM novel that made its way to the big screen when it comes to naughtiness and thrill. While your eyes won't see the events unfold in front of you, real men only need a good imagination, right? If you're into sexting, I'm pretty sure the gone wild stories here will satisfy your sex desires.

About The Community

You might think that maybe a majority of this only happens in porn, but they're real. This SubReddit has a relatively smaller number of members compared to other popular SubReddits and that's because this was created a few years younger compared to others. Talking about the numbers, the community was created in June 2010 and it currently has around 570,000 members. Since it requires that the posts are real GoneWild stories, people who don't have real stories tend to become viewers or fans only waiting for the wild Reddit users to work and post their stories here while they enjoy the thousands of posts that are already present. With all the Reddit erotic sex stories and all the best porn sites, why not just go here to read the hottest sex stories. Since we all know that there is a ton of pornographic material on the internet, those Reddit adult stories may be a good catch.

r/GoneWildStories Rules

You wouldn't want to get unwanted attention in any subreddit you're joining, right? To avoid that, it's best to always read them before clicking the "Join" button. I think the rules of r/GoneWildStories are a bit too simple. The first one is to follow Reddit's content policy which means there should be no involuntary pornography, no minors, no violence, no harassment, no "Doxxing" or giving private information with malicious intent, and no spamming. Spamming includes posting stories linked from other sites because that'll just mean you're posting it here just to promote another site. The third one is more unique and everyone needs to put their attention to it - True Stories Only. While there's no way to verify this, just don't make stories up. Although, if you see a story here that doesn't sound real, you shouldn't post negative comments especially those that sound like you're shaming someone. Calling something here "fake" is also a form of shaming so don't do it. If you don't like something, you can just downvote. Also, no trolling, judging, kink-shaming, white knighting, and other acts that concern trolling. That's what they said. The fifth rule is something that's just OC - how to tag genders. Only the indicated tags will work and using tags that aren't exactly the way they're added will make automatically remove your post. The sixth rule is understandable but some Reddit users break it - don't ask for upvotes. Don't add baits such as you will only continue the story if fans give you enough upvotes. The seventh rule is quite obvious but re-worded. Non-consensual sexual acts just mean rape and harassment. As organized as it should be. The Reddit thread should hopefully not contain any of those fucked content. I mean, what the hell would that be? Right, exactly.

True Naughty As Hell Sex Stories at gonewildstories Reddit

Let's talk about the last 2 provisions here. The 8th rule is related to the third rule. If you see a story that seems fake, you can report it as fake if there's proof and send it to a moderator. The last one is somehow similar. Even if you have strong proof that the story is fake, you shouldn't add your opinion on the comment section or you might be banned from this community.

Reading between the lines, there's a possibility that there are GoneWild stories here that aren't real but the reason why there are several mods here is to minimize the chances of those. The Reddit erotic stories are all the different sites. Which should make you rest and think about the fucked up things you could share with your friends or the community with hot stories. As pretty as it should be and should be bumped enough to scroll and manage the cum that happens.

To finish off the review, I believe for the first time you get to explore this site up you begin to realize how organized it is. As you cum to all the stories, the tall inbox should separate the tons of content enough. Tons of satisfying which I bet would be the best part of your search. The website with all the cock stories should be worth the search and wait. If you ask me, this is the best fucking conversation starter. Like imagine, you got to listen to the regular how are yous when you can just do watching porn stories right, as you heard. Wanna listen and group up? In short, the site is well established. The content is alright, the past sites or threads could never beat this group.

Top 5 Erotic Stories

Here are the top 5 Gone Wild Stories 2021 which I just summed up because the titles don't say a lot:

  • A flat-chested girl who went for a topless run
  • The girl had sex with her brother-in-law after her wedding
  • Friends [FF] had strap-on sex
  • Girlfriend wants BF to fuck her sister again
  • Daddy had the nanny for himself

Filter By Flair

We all know that navigation in Reddit is simple but it's difficult to filter content. Well, at least in Reddit GoneWild Stories there's a Flair section that acts like categories. There aren't plenty of categories here unlike in a normal porn website though. Still, it's good to be able to filter content based on these - Public, Group, Monthly Contest Submission, No Regrets, First Time, Sexual, and Cheating.

Monthly Contest Submissions

There's a monthly contest here on Reddit GoneWild Stories that encourages users to submit their posts in the first 3 weeks of the month. After that period, the story with the most karma is the winner and the post gets a special flair. It'll also be a sticky post for one week on the top of the SubReddit. For July 2021, the theme is "humiliation" which means only stories with the same theme are qualified for the contest. Past winners are also included in the mod post. If you want to see the top-voted stories for specific themes, you can check the usernames of those who posted them on the mod post.

Cheating Stories Are Sexy But Not The Act

Here's why we have lonely boys and girls and those humans who have completely lost their belief in love. Stories of temptations are sexy because the acts of temptations sound so sexy and can be so graphic with the air of suspense we like. We all know that and so do these people with real cheating stories. It's the reason why they're here in this wild story subreddit. The second rule is that posts or stories shouldn't contain under 18 persons. It is a non-negotiable here regardless of which country you're from or the story has happened. Sexual acts involving minor is illegal in major parts of the world and shouldn't even exist on the internet. Of course, news sites are exempted because their intentions are far from porn sites.

Can You Find Your Kinks Here?

There's a high probability that you'll find it here as long as it doesn't involve gore. If you're a decent person who read the previous statement, you might wonder who would look for Gore on Reddit. Well, there are indeed communities related to that. There are a ton of disturbing subreddits out there and they have disturbing names too which I won't be discussing here anymore. They are so gory that there are even people petitioning the separation of Nudity and Gore in the NSFW category. Going back to what I'm saying, they have soft to hard sex stories here from fresh encounters to cuckolds. If you have a great imagination or have watched plenty of porn videos, then reading the gone wild stories here will most probably be an awesome experience for you. If you want to post incest stories here and any other taboo material, make sure it is fake. Do this SubReddit a favor by not putting it in quarantine, so make sure to follow the regulations set by the moderators and flair it appropriately for the best enjoyment rating possible!

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