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Review Of GonewildAudio

r/Gonewildaudio is a place to submit all of your raunchy recordings and share them with the rest of the Reddit Community. This Reddit audio community is wild! You're going to want to invest in some of those top-of-the-range noise-canceling headphones because this shit is addictive. You can even follow a script. It is sound porn. Of course, you can even have a second person to join you, or maybe do the visual porn shit together and well just record the stuff. That is porn for you. Visual porn is great, but for me, the audio recording of masturbation and the wet sounds is still kinda sexy. Listen to free porn sound and well it's masturbation time lmao.

So many people find the sounds of sex sexy, so it is not limited to only other people. You can also whatever you want. Do not be so afraid to even if it your first time uploading porn, you would be fine. No one can technically tell who you are just through audio. They could try and guess, I guess but I doubt they can. I mean they can not judge you on your physical appearance, right? If you ask me personally, I will tell you that you will be safe record from your phone all your stuff

You're going to find it hard not to listen to the r/Gonewildaudio to the toilet, on your lunch break, on the drive home - this is most definitely NSFW. Just don't take the bus. If it isn't the sound that gets you in trouble, it will be your raging boner sticking up like a fucking flagpole while you're sitting next to an old lady.

Best Porn Audio Recordings

Gone Wild Audio is an online subreddit page totally committed to producing quality audio-centric erotic and x-rated material. There aren't many porn sites out there delivering the same kind of audio recordings and content that the Reddit Gone wild audio (aka r/GoneWildAudio, aka GWAReddit) site provides to its listeners.

This subreddit site is absolutely full to the brim of exclusive amateur girls producing audio porn, everything from plain old dirty talking and sexual fantasies, to erotic stories and literature, ASMR content, and a whole lot more.

The thing that we all love about Reddit is the fact that it is powered by the community. This is a unique vantage point and means that all content is provided by and demanded by the community users, making the content in line with the demands of its followers and a certain kind of quality. A community that listens to audio porn with full acceptance. No one is gonna judge you on reddit because they all do the same weird shit lmao.

Hey, I am not trynna offend any Reddit users. I mean I am also a fellow Reddit user, so i can legally say that we ALL do weird shit. That is okay, hell it is kinda like a powerful thing is you think about it a little bit.

A community listening into free audio porn that you made on your own, and you post it to the internet, to Reddit. With people listening in, you can get critics to give you an example on how you can change it up a little. The internet can be weird sometimes especially when it comes to sex, but they are also pretty good at listening so there is that.

Listen to free audio, sex porn. Listening in to sex?

Talking of followers, GoneWildAudio has collected a loyal fan base of over 560,000 people since its conception back in 2012 and ranks 80th on an NSFW Reddit list based on the amount of r/gonewildaudio fans and followers.

As for judging success when talking statistics, we want to know the frequency that fresh material is linked to r/gonewildaudio subreddits, and on this note, they're coming in high at an average of 50 new posts daily.

So do not be afraid to post your hot fantasy stories on there. Use your phone to express yourself, this could be your outlet! You have decided on the anonymous route and you can take that here.

I would recommend spending a bit of timing getting to know the website. It's not as complicated as it initially looks and the drop-down boxes in most sections also make your life and decision-making that much easier.

On the r/gonewildaudio subreddit site, you will be presented with a whole section dedicated to all of the rules that are in place. If you're a Gone Wild Audio virgin, I'd consider what type of porn is acceptable to you and not and choose your site filters accordingly. The Gonewildaudio website is full of freaks getting freaky on the airwaves and producing some hot audio.

Online Audio Porn Sites

Before we look more closely at the r/gonewildaudio layout and categories within the Gone Wild Audio subreddit, let's get a brief overview of the basic design of the website.

Above the live posts and homepage content, you have a header that allows you to navigate the site by clicking on either Hot, New, and Top. Pretty self-explanatory really. I decided to click on 'Top' and 'This Month' just to get an idea of the quality of that material and the audio porn.

There are a lot of niche recordings on r/gonewildaudio with tags which allows you to have a better idea of what sort of porn will be contained within each of the recordings. You'll find the more classic tags such as; blowjob, boyfriend, girl on girl, creampie, kisses, ASMR, etc, and some posts and material with more extreme tags too if that's your thing. And remember all this content is original and user-generated so you're going to come to a lot of pretty out-there stuff, even more so sometimes than regular porn sites as you're not limited to images, the r/gonewildaudio website is wild indeed and limited only by the sexual fantasies and imaginations of its users.

GonewildAudio Website Layout

The general aesthetic of the GoneWildAudio site is fairly basic, and for me personally, I find it a bit crowded. I like a clean page that is well organized and allows for a clear definition, but hey, we're here for the motherfucking audio (AUDIO!!!!) recordings, not the site design.

So, first of all, the 'Filtres' or filters allow you to fine-tune your GoneWildAudio experience significantly without wasting valuable fapping time. For example, you can omit all recordings that contain certain material, so you can choose audio porn without; Race Play, Rape Play, Age Play, Beastiality, or without All of the Above.

The same goes for the Role Filter tool. You can specify what kind of action you want to hear more of and who you want to hear it from in your free porn playlists.

The 'Friends' section is where all the main action is! There are 10 categories in this section and each contains some of the best porn your ears will ever hear. The categories are Dirty Pen Pals, Erotic Literature, GWA Backstage, GWA Script Guild, Pillow Talk Audion, Playful Idea's Box, Poetry Reading, Recordings, Sexy Stories, fantasmeAuditif.

The pure range and breadth of wank material on r/gonewildaudio is impressive. This is around the world in 80 wanks kind of volume.

GonewildAudio Special Features

If like me, you are 'Aroused by Sound' and find r/gonewildaudio starts to occupy a fair part of your waking consciousness, then it's definitely worth signing up and registering for an account. Becoming a member means access to certain privileges such as leaving comments and uploading your own audio recordings. Unlike other websites and subreddits like it, r/gonewildaudio really delivers.

Gone Wild Audio Pros

  • Original themes
  • Lots of free Reddit content
  • Free account set up
  • Upload your own sex recording
  • Best porn audio recordings online


Gone Wild Audio Cons

  • Seriously addictive
  • Some subreddit links don't work
  • Ads and pop-ups
  • Subreddit recording can be low-quality


Final Thoughts On GoneWildAudio

It's funny as I always had myself down for a watch and wank kind of guy, you know, I'm easily pleased when it comes to videos and seeing full-on fuck scenes on all of the best porn sites. But r/gonewildaudio has really got its hooks in. Do you remember that feeling of being read to as a child, where your imagination actually creates a far more vivid picture than the pictures in the book? It's like that, strangers reading the best porn and recordings of real-life sex scenes, my imagination is flying and filling in all the gaps in 5D motherfucker. I love it! Listen to audio that can both mystify you and make you horny, just go for it.

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