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Sub-Reddit College Sluts Review

Warning: This community is highly NSFW despite their slogan "r/CollegeSluts is dedicated to celebrating slutty college girls enjoying themselves. They don't need to be nude, they just have to be hot and slutty!"

Even though this community doesn't say that this is all about nudity and doesn't encourage girls to show a peek of their nips and twats, the content on this page of the Reddit site is overflowing with those. I'm not complaining and there really should be no restrictions to how wild these college chicks can be on camera. It's fucking amazing and we all enjoy it. There are college babes here who can be hotter than your favorite pornstar with those hot damn natural body parts you'll fantasize about even during your college lectures.

More About r/CollegeSluts

This community was created in December 2009 and now has over 1.5 million members and gets more visits than that. It probably has served as a photo gallery to more college girls than that and this community might have become popular earlier than the word NSFW.

So, what kind of content can you get from this page? Hot photos, GIFs, and amateur clips. There's a huge bunch of nudity here and it's never a waste of time uncovering those photos and clips especially those you'll find on the top posts on Hot and Top. You'll be able to find a striptease clip of a redhead college chick with big natural tits posted on RedGIF shared on this community, a skinny blonde chick slipping off her towel, a Norwegian teen enjoying rubbing her pussy in front of the camera, and a lot more. Well, you'll most probably have a difficult time looking for those by the time you're reading this review because the content and votes just keep updating every single day. That just means that the fans here and the college sluts are really active in checking out and adding to the content here. As long as there are college sluts, this community will always have new content. So, if you're planning to take a look at this site, make sure to leave your votes and follow the rules.

r/CollegeSluts Rules

Speaking of rules, let's discuss them first. The rules here are just basic and everything should be understandable yet the moderators still have to remind everyone of it in announcements, and we who know porn know why.

This subreddit is for 18 years of age or more. If you're 17 and you just clicked on the option that says you're 18 or older, then we can't do anything about that but your parents can. Also, if you are 17 or younger, you shouldn't be reading this review either. Another rule here is that users aren't allowed to mention personal or confidential information. This isn't an escort directory or a dating app. There's no need for that and no need to promote that. No advertising of any kind - these college sluts should stay in college. If they're turning to amateur pornography, they should be in an amateur pornstars subreddit instead. Here's another rule some patrons seem to forget - no offensive or non-constructive comments. Don't be a jerk and discourage girls from posting here. If you don't like the post, it's not for you. Leave it at that. Your trash might be someone else's treasure. True cliche story. If you're planning to post here, you should look at Rule #5 - do not ask or bait for upvotes. Be confident and don't add comments, descriptions, or titles that make you sound like a damsel in distress. We need college sluts, not pets. There are more rules for those who want to post their nudes and sexy content here but I won't be talking about those and I'll just skip to one more rule. "No revenge porn or involuntary porn submissions." Like I have said, we're looking for college sluts, and sluts are different from bitches.

College Sluts On Reddit

So, what kind of sluts can you find here on r/CollegeSluts? There's an incredible number pussy pics, ass shots, on/off or clothed/naked pics, and nudies of college sluts or girls here and I can imagine the total amount of time they have spent on taking those which they could have spent on studying in a college or preparing for their exams. Seriously, these college sluts probably spend more time posting naughty pictures on Reddit than studying but we don't care. What they're doing is pretty heroic in saving the environment and our imagination. It lessens the chances of sexual harassment and voyeurism on involuntary college students as well. Seriously, those jerks just have to visit this community and a lot of problems can be solved. If you're a girl reading this review, tell your boyfriend to check the college sluts here so he won't have to be tricked into actual cheating. No need to thank me for that idea.

Okay, enough of that shit. Let's talk about the real stuff here - the actual content. Unlike actual porn sites where you can search for only the content you want to see using tags and categories, you can't do it here. You'll just have to keep on scrolling with either your mouth wide open or drooling. The thrill of going through the content here is that you'll never know what you'll see next. You might see a sexy chick on her nighties and then a hot babe posing while exposing her pussy. Life is full of surprises and so does r/CollegeSluts. By the way, look out for those GIFs. You'll never know what they lead to. While most of the content here is solo acts, you might actually come across those featuring another person in the room. While you might think that kind of content is unexpected and unwanted here, well, it won't come out in the top and hot results if the other person is a guy getting some screen space. But, what if that kind of content actually features another sexy chick? Go ahead and take your sweet time checking out the content here.

Strong Reddit Community Moderation

It takes a lot of work for moderators to keep this community working. It's seriously stressful managing both the content and community by keeping the posts relevant and the comments sections not discouraging for the chicks to post their hot stuff. It really is a job that I won't do even if I get a grand a day to do their job.

Lately, it seems that there's even a case of vote manipulation. Why? Seriously? Getting higher votes won't get anyone here in the senate and there's even no raffle here. It seems to be the raw power of exhibitionism, attention-seeking, and narcissism of these college sluts that drives them to even manipulate votes. The thought is wicked and I like how slutty these girls can be, but we would really want to see the posts that really deserve the upvotes first.

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