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Pururin is a free hentai manga and doujinshi reader. We got thousands of doujinshi and manga in our organized and easy to search library, all free to read.

Pururin Free Hentai Manga Site Review

I was really curious about what Pururin means so I did a bit of research and found out that Pururin is what the Japanese think about how a telephone ring sounds like. Anyway, I may not be sure if that's where they get the name of their site, but I'm sure what this site is about. Pururin is a free hentai manga and doujinshi reader. There are no hentai videos here but there are thousands of Japanese hentai mangas here of different themes, styles, lengths, and colors. It's like a virtual library of hentai comics. The best thing about this website is that you can access all of its content for free.

This may sound like just another hentai website review but you know that hentai is popular because even taboo porn material sounds way too legal in hentai including incest sex, pain inducement, rape release, and other shit including lolita sex.

Without further ado, let's explore the Pururin website.

What Is Doujinshi?

If you haven't heard of the word doujinshi before, it's okay. Many people are also confused about what it really means and there are common misunderstandings about it but actually, it can be interpreted in many ways. What it pertains to though are materials based on existing works that are made by fans or those who are not the original creators. In some countries, it's not allowed and qualifies for plagiarism. If you have watched an anime or read manga before, you most probably noticed that there are scenes that are giving subtle hints of temptations to see more of it, and thus give rise to doujinshi creators.

If you have a dream of seeing the big breasts of a certain heroine from a mainstream anime in real sex action, you can Google the name of that character along with the term "Doujinshi" and your dream can flash before your eyes.

Pururin.io Site Navigation

I had a good experience browsing Pururin mainly because doing so was really easy. The site has good colors, and the layout is neat. It's also extremely easy to browse the huge collection of Pururin due to the search features particularly the functional search bar, effective tags, and multiple lists of categories. Pururin has an interesting way of categorizing its content and there are a lot of them so let's discuss them later. Let's talk about the pages first.

Starting with the homepage, you can immediately find the navigation tools on the header which is a great way of not wasting space. You can also see featured Japanese porn comics or hentai manga on the homepage and these thumbnails include useful information like the Japanese title and the English title, artists' names, ratings, and numbers of pages. For me, these are important so I won't have to waste time clicking on thumbnails and realize the content is not for me so I'd just have to go back and repeat the same process over and over again.

When you click on a thumbnail preview, it won't instantly open the first page of the hentai comics or manga but it will open an info page where you can find more information about the comics like whether or not it is a parody or an original, tags, categories, language, uploader, ratings, and reviews in the form of comments. On the bottom part, you can also find other similar content.

Browse Comics

There are plenty of filtering and sorting options on Pururin.io and using categories is one of them. The categories here are not like those used by the best porn sites but it doesn't mean that Pururin is bad. Actually, it has its own effective way of getting things sorted and giving users only the results they are looking for. The Browse button lets you search for content based on these lists - Most Popular, Highest Rated, Most Viewed, and Newest.

If you like particular genres, don't worry. You can check out Pururin's collection based on tags that contain the normal names of categories. There, you can look for chicks or characters from certain porn comics or hentai doujinshis.

Pururin.io Tags

If there are main categories, there are also main tags. Tags on Pururin are also listed down in groups based on different types of them. You can find Artist, Circle, Parody, Content, Character, Language, Convention, Uploaders, and Category tags.

Well, yeah, obviously there are too many tags here and I don't want to waste time discussing every single tag there is or even every single type, so what the hell? Let's just talk about our favorite main tags - the Category tag and the Contents tag.

The Category tag has the following sub-tags Artbook, Artist CG, Doujinshi, Game CG, and Webtoon. An Artbook is a compilation of digital porn or hentai drawings from one artist and it doesn't have a story like comics. Webtoons, on the other hand, are more like graphic novels. The term Webtoons is actually more popular in East Asia.

You can find tags like big breasts, anal, incest, cock, schoolgirl, monsters, and MILF on Contents Tags. Actually, there are so many tags on this list and they're organized alphabetically.

Membership Benefits

Creating an account will let you enjoy more features like the ability to post comments, write a review, save your favorites, upload your own content, and become popular by earning points. It's hell too easy to sign up for an account here, too. So, if you have decided that you want to start gaining popularity here, go ahead because I have also signed up for an account here.

You can check out your profile and find your statistics, favorites, bookmarks, recommendations, and even options to modify how you can see the website. You can also send messages to other members including contributors and artists.

Pururin Forum

Here's another feature you can access with a free account - the Forum.

Have you ever had the feeling when you just want to share things with other people even though they're strangers? Or just give thanks for the updated content? If you agree with me, yeah, you are allowed to do that in the Forum area. You can post a review of the most recent upload, or look for support on anything there. There aren't sections here though like in more effective forums sites so you can't really call this a Forums area.

Looking for topics is also easy as shit with the help of the search bar. However, it seems that there aren't many friendly people here so it seems that half of the posts don't even get replies. It is a bad sign that says the community isn't active.

Top Contributors

Since Pururin is a free porn site, it relies mostly on contributed porn material uploaded by its community particularly its users. It takes a lot of effort to collect all of these porn comics and other digitally drawn porn images. With that fact, it's easy to assume that you can find porn comics here on other similar porn sites. However, the difference lies in how easy it is to get a wide variety of porn comics and hentai images you can choose from, and if you can download these things. What's great about Pururin, I think, is that it actually tries to reach and recognize the efforts of the site users to explore the site, chat with other members of the community and connect with them, and just not simply visit the site.

Summary Of Pururin Review

Honestly, there are many things I love about Pururin and it's not just because I'm biased to drawn sex scenes of cute chicks with their Ahegao faces on, but also with the fact that there are a lot of them here. It's also partly because hentai drawings of a cock do not cause me any insecurity. I can definitely see why Pururin is one of the highest-rated hentai manga websites.

However, there's no such thing as a perfect porn website. Pururin also has ads and although there aren't any distracting or harmful-looking ones, there are ads that open in another tab so it's disappointing. The ads are also relatively bigger on a mobile screen. Whenever you click anywhere on the screen on the reader view, another tab opens up which links to another adult website. In short, still get a reliable adblocker.


  • organized layout for easy browsing
  • all searches yield the right results
  • thousands of free hentai manga and doujinshi content


  • not all comics have high quality and good drawing styles
  • inactive community
  • annoying pop-up ads destroy the pleasure of reading

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