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Prime Curves Big Boobs Blog Review

Prime Curves is a blog site that showcases tons of erotic photos of girls with breasts not smaller than a C cup. Unlike regular blog sites, this one kind of just talks about the hottest photo galleries of hot curvaceous models and girls with massive tits. I guess you're probably interested in this site not because of the commentaries on the articles but just with the pictures.

There are thousands of places on the internet hosting photos of hot big beautiful women and others that specialize in collecting photographs of surely big breasts, so you might be wondering what are the things that make this PrimeCurves library special. Well, there are a lot and I'm going to discuss all of them here. So, let's get started with the review of this website.

Big Boobs Girls Vs Curvy Naked Girls

As I have mentioned, the models you will find here on Prime Curves have huge boobs. You won't see other pornstars with a combo of a skinny body and innocent tits. All of the women here can make you horny with their tits alone. It's great if you are obsessed with chicks filled with the meat you would love to squeeze. Not all of the models here though are curvy or BBW. Some just have huge boobs but small arms and waistlines.

Prime Curves Homepage

The homepage is actually simpler than how it may look as long as you know what you're looking at. For example, the header which is also the navbar is really simple. Seriously. The only useful things there that belong to this site are the logo, search box, and the two menu items - Pics and Videos. Well, pics are where you can find photos this site host, and Videos have articles with videos which are more like short clips.

The odd thing is that the drop-down menu seems to be disguising itself on the left side of the homepage and calls itself "Category List Of Big Boobs". It's not like real categories because it includes names of the models here and studios or networks they're from. There are also 2 search boxes here. You can find one at the top right corner of the page and the other on the left side just on top of the categories. The one on the right lets you find articles using phrases while the one on the left is for your favorite model. Depending on whether you used the right tool, you'll get the results you are expecting.

What I appreciate about this site though is that instead of a listed display for their article topics, Prime Curves shows its articles in a thumbnail view and you won't have to scroll too much. You can click on the next page and more if you choose to see more. These thumbnails even give details like a short description, the date it was published, and tags.

Photo Galleries

Most of the girls here are showing their massive cleavages, wearing sexy lingerie, and skimpy clothes. At first, I was thinking that this is quite a clean type of pornography. Just when I thought that I saw photos of ladies showing how they like fingering themselves and that's just naughty. What's more, there is even a good number of titty-fucking content that you guys with that kind of fetish will definitely love.

Anyway, this website has more like picture albums than galleries on some of its articles. There are lots of articles here but finding those with galleries in their content is not easy, honestly. The titles of some of these articles are quite confusing and some of them are misplaced falling under the wrong categories and you'll only realize that after you click on the preview and land on the article page. Well, at least their preview photos are accurate.

Categories And Archives

I have no idea why they named this section as such. The links you will find in this section will redirect you to their partner site for live sex cams. It's okay if you want to see real boobs live so go ahead and click those links.

You can check out the Prime Curves archive here though and you'll realize that this site is ancient. It seems to have its own struggle though because there were years when they didn't manage to pull up a lot of articles. But, hey, it's still here and still posting tits, right? Great job, Prime Curves!

In short, this section is highly dispensable. PrimeCurves could have been better off without this section since it just reveals stuff they don't have to tell their visitors. I mean, I got the impression that the photos aren't new and they just had to confirm it. It is not a good attempt, seriously.

Sexy Video Clips

As I have said just a while ago, the videos here are short. However, the good thing is, users can download these for free which means that you can enjoy watching bouncy tits even while you're offline. The level of intensity of their content varies from just being a simple boobs voyeurism to a hot peek of a view of their pussies. There's always a content BBW-lovers will love on Prime Curves. Despite the fact that they're more like short clips, they are worth downloading because they have good quality and you can play them even as you stay on this site. I mean, you know there are other sites that look like they have players and it takes some time before you know you have to watch it on another player. Worse, some don't even work despite the time you have spent waiting for it to load.

Prime Curves Friends

Here's what I like best about Prime Curves - they have no pop-up ads! You can click anywhere you want and there's no spot with an ad. That's probably thanks to the advertisements or sponsorship from their partners. There are links on the navbar, on the right, and on the articles. Basically, all over. It's okay, though. Especially if you want to check out other women aside from the ones you can see here.

However, I wish PrimeCurves has another kind of friend which is a community. There aren't any places for you to post comments or share what you think about the photos. While there's no need to log in to check out stuff here, there isn't also a way to post likes or share your favorite photos. Also, out of all the friends or partners they have, there aren't any with forums. Some of them haven't even made an effort to redirect visitors to related porn materials on their platforms.

What I Think About Prime Curves

The actual stuff on Prime Curves makes me want to spend more time here and that's mostly thanks to the booby ladies here who are all beautiful and enticing. Every picture they have here were taken by professional photographers and they're all free of access. I guess I hope that whoever is maintaining the articles should be putting more time posting here because it seems that the majority of the posts here are old and should be archived. A lot of the photos are also quite old and by that I mean they don't seem too recent. Sure the resolutions are high but the settings aren't.


  • huge collection of gigantic boobies and BBW ladies
  • clips can be streamed directly on PrimeCurves and downloaded for free
  • no registration needed to access the entire collection
  • no annoying ads


  • the majority of their library is vintage
  • there is no such thing as a community and rankings system

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