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PregChan Fetish Porn Site Review

This review is for all you pregnant babes lovers out there who at the same time are also hentai geeks. Now that can't be more specific, ain't it? PregChan site is actually just that. It's a porn site that deals with a very specific niche, unlike most fetish porn websites that target just one genre instead of combining two genres making it a much more filtered porn site. I guess when the site creators decided to make this site, they were thinking about having a site that glorifies women dealing with pregnancy, but at the same time, they don't like showing off real women. Or, it is probably because they like hentai and they fantasize about impregnating their favorite animated characters. That seems to be the same for the artists doing all of the artwork you'll see on the boards of this site.

There are actually some real pictures here of real pregnant babes but there aren't a lot of them. Maybe just a bit more than pregnant-looking dolls.

On the first look, especially because the site is, you'll think that this site is everything about hot pregnant beauties (and other beings). But, let's see how well this site actually fares on its name and rep.

Preg Chan Images is actually an image board porn site that deals with, of course, images. The images or pictures on this site are all submitted by its users. Pretty cool for porn artists who want to get exposure and feedback from their co-enthusiasts.

You can also see some photos here of sex dolls that look like they're in the prime of their pregnancy and real random chicks. I even found a picture of a brunette babe who looks like giving birth is as easy as breathing. Girls can be really scary sometimes.

Art Submission Site

All of the content you'll see on PregChan are user-submitted. You can see the discussion of members on threads so it seems that PregChan looks more like a forum than an imageboard porn site.

Although, the majority of the boards here are for drawings which is pretty cool and as it looks like, is also what keeps this porn site alive since it doesn't really offer plenty of genres. Their categories here are even based on the material on the image.

If you're a hentai geek who would love to see your favorite anime character having sex with a person-less dick, this site is worth checking for posters. You'll see that some posts here have high quality and worth printing for that personal porn board up in your bedroom.

Also, PregChan does a great job for adults who have grown up still daydreaming about their favorite cartoon character. Because if that shit stuff is in your imagination, search well or make a request to the artists here on PregChan, then you'll find that it's included in their content.

PregChan Extra Content

As I have mentioned earlier, scroll back a few lines up, this site looks more like a forum site than an image board due to the active participation of its community. What that means is that its content is not limited to images alone. You can actually find some literature here as well.

The activity of the users here is pretty impressive and it seems to be the biggest difference of PregChan compared to other porn sites. You're most probably aware that in most free porn sites, the users even rarely register for an account.

Boards on PregChan

Here on Preg Chan, you'll notice that all of the boards here are filled with threads. I have even noticed how in one board, there's a long thread with several topics. While most of them are just comments, others even post stories. And there's more than one page of that.

Some of the extra stuff you'll find here are links to a video of a certain pic and links to some online video games or downloads. Yay! Those features are all brought to you by, not Preg Chan, but your fellow porn mates.

Niche Porn Sites

Most niche porn websites like PregChan deal with a specific type of pornography. 4chan-like sites are boards that have specific discussions and genres. An example of this kind of website is Preg Chan which features mostly anime pornography but related to pregnancy. Basically, if you already know 4chan, then you can easily imagine Preg Chan as Pregnancy 4 Chan. Does it make sense?

What you can expect from a website with a pregnancy niche is that you will definitely see loads of material that deal with sex with pregnant women, teens with huge bellies, furry chicks, animals with partners, and girls made of silicon or plaster.

Not All Preggies?

PregChan, as its name says, is supposedly a website full of pregnant chicks but some reviews say that there are videos, images, and other posts here that are not related to the niche. Actually, they have a section for site feedback. It's the /q/ on the top bar (supposedly their navbar). It's kind of a weird section because the posts on the board are unrelated pics, random stuff, and other things or content that the community just wants to share. Lots of its content are just nonsense. You can even find some users replying to each other things that don't match, but they're not even spam.

Still, when I went through the whole website, the majority of the content and pics replied to by members are pregnant-related. I even find images of preggy figures more interesting than the drawings though. On that note, go check out the page /b/ or random.

PregChan Website Layout Review

Here's a detail I never miss out on whenever I write my reviews. The layout of a site should be done well to set it apart from all the millions of websites on the internet, especially porn-related ones.

As soon as you land on the homepage of Preg Chan, you will most probably be unimpressed with the site's colors, font, lack of navigation tools, categories barely displayed on the top bar, and uninterestingly listed "latest posts". The sections here seem to be all they have for categories. That goes to show that they don't have plenty of choices here. Although on each page you'll see more than one form of pornography for this niche, you don't really have an option to filter these and just see the kind of stuff you want.

I do appreciate that PregChan displays the recent images submitted by a user on its homepage each showing a different style so you'll know it's not just from one artist.

If you're interested in the activity here, you can take a look at the Stats on the bottom part of the page. It displays the total posts, unique posters, and active content.


As I have mentioned earlier, you'll find them on the top part of the homepage. The content is sorted with the latest posts displayed first.

The first section is /b/ or random where you'll find random photos of different forms of porn from drawings to action figures. The next section is /c/ or chat where you can openly chat with other PregChan users. You can even ask for recommendations on your next preggy adventure. The next segment is /d/ which stands for Drawn. This board has a lot of content made with Oekaki. Some can look like they're drawn on Oekaki by some juvenile teens, and some can look like they're drawn by pros. Anyone can post their artwork here though. Next up is /f/ Furry. Furry as a porn genre means animals with fur. It's amazing how there are actually so many pages of pregnant furries here on Preg Chan. The last section is /r/ for Random. It's basically just a segment for random preggos. You can find some hot teens here with before and during pregnancy photos.

All in all, PregChan is a corner haven for all you preggy-loving dudes.

Over-All Preg Chan Experience

I give it a total user rating of 3 out of 5 stars. Here's my overall site feedback. The content is good because almost all of the pictures submitted here clearly display pregnant women of all kinds. There are also no ads on this site. Zero ads! You can access everything for free. I'm just hoping they can at least add a search bar where I can get only the results I want instead of browsing through all the pages here.

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