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Porzo.TV Free Porn Tube Site Review

Yes, dude! You got it right! Porzo.TV is a tube site that's for free. Although it looks like one of those aggregators because of the way it presents its content, it really is an actual free porn tube site that hosts lots of free porn videos.

Now, just like me, you're probably checking this site out because you're also a cheapskate who won't pay premium porn sites an expensive monthly or annual fee for porn you can watch somewhere else for free with the same quality. So, the questions you'd want to ask would be - Do they have the most popular videos here from premium porn websites? Are there hot amateur smut stuff here? Do the site keepers maintain that there are new videos added daily?

Well, guys, stick to this review and I'll tell you all about Porzo TV and if this is one of those tube sites that you can add to your bookmark.

Porzo Vs Porzo

There are two Porzos on the internet. One is a free porn videos aggregator and the other is a free porn tube website. They are totally different porn sites. Porn aggregators, like Porzo.com, host links to videos on other porn tubes while Porzo.tv host content itself. It means that you get to watch porn videos directly on its own video players. Each site doesn't sport a flashy logo but the porn aggregator has a darker theme that is more impressively modern than the tube site. Both also don't have alphabetically organized categories which kind of sucks when you're looking for a specific category and you just have to go through all those other categories to find it. Also, they just share the same name but they're not from the same network.

This might contradict the paragraph above but what makes Porzo different from other tube sites is that some of the videos are playable directly on the site's player, but some redirect you to another site. It does suck when your mind is set on watching on one site instead of jumping to several sites. This especially sucks when you're not using the desktop version. So, don't be say "fuck" when a new window suddenly pops open. That's not a window-opening ad.

Site Navigation

This site does look like a common low-level porn site because of the basic blue color you can just use basic Html codes on and the font style is very basic as well. Not too many thoughts on creating free porn sites like this one and it's just so boring that you probably won't remember about it anymore. Its saving grace is just its name that's easy to remember.

While PorzoTV is not one of the best free porn tubes out there like XHamster or TXXX, it's a legit free site that doesn't require signing up and all that fuck just to enjoy free smut.

PorzoTV's homepage is filled to almost the brim with popular categories. The rest of the space contains tube porn websites all sorted alphabetically. Of course, there's still a bit of space on the pages that are for navigation tools.

The thumbnails of the categories are not so impressive but the videos have sexy preview images. The thumbnails don't also have the best color and contrast but you'll be able to find some HD videos here.

Porzo TV Content

PorzoTV probably has millions of smut-filled HD content and that's because while it hosts some videos, it is also a porn directory to other tubes. Aside from popular categories with thumbs, you can find more categories on the Categories List under those pics. You can jerk off to some big tits and a big ass (or a ladyboy's cock if you swing that way) with some high-quality videos you can access from different sites on Porzo.TV.

Do they upload fresh videos here daily? Honestly, I get the feeling that they don't. Aside from the categories that you can find on their index and the search bar at the top, there aren't a lot of search features and I'd really wish they could even get the videos sorted by quality. The video quality varies per video. Although each particular video doesn't have a user rating so what else can we expect?

Also, while it's never bad to have a huge pole, we just don't find the dick lengthening ads as an effective way of convincing porn addicts to buy those products.

Is Porzo.TV One Of The Best Porn Sites?

Honestly, I'm not so impressed by the entire layout of this site but there are more important things you might want to consider before ditching this site. One of those is the fact that although it's not qualified to be called a good porn directory, you can jerk to millions of girls from scandalous chicks to popular pornstars on this site for free. However, overall, it's not really one of the best porn sites out there.


  • they have ads but they're not like those annoying ads

  • loads of categories

  • all videos have OK video quality - some have better


  • users can't choose the video quality they want to play their video on

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