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Free Porn Movies in HD Brazzers Wicked Digital Playground, Devils, Jules Jordan, New Sensations

PornXTheatre Free Porn Tube Site Review

Here's another free porn site that you may be considering visiting and that's most probably why you're here and even reading this review. Good thing you are reading this, and I advise you to do stick with me here before you even jump to the PornXTheatre.com site.

While there are no dangers of losing your money on a free porn tube site and we really don't have high expectations on adult sites like these, there are so many other free porn tube websites out there like PornXTheatre.com and we have also listed them here on our listing site.

I'm not super against this smut site but you really got to read my complete review on XTheatre so you'll understand what I'm talking about despite the fact that this site gets hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly.

XTheatre X-Rated Site Design And Navigation

Let's start with what PornXTheatre.com looks like. First of all, I'd like to say that I appreciate their concern for giving us a solid black background and not so bright accent colors.

More importantly, let's discuss their navigation features and there isn't a lot. Really. Like, they do have a search box on the top part of their homepage and a Categories button on their menu bar. And then they have a couple of thumbnails of their New Movies and New Clips. If you would like to see more videos sorted based on the time they've been added to the XTheatre site, you can click on the "more videos" on the section header. There are a few more sorting options for you while looking at their "more videos" page which you can find at the small dropdown on the section title such as Latest videos, Most viewed videos, Popular videos, and Random videos.

However, if you want to find specific videos instead, you can look for them using the search box. You can find the videos you like based on their titles instead of tags. Their titles are somehow descriptive so you may find video titles featuring the names of your favorite stars or girls like La Sirena, Eliza Ibarra, Lana Rhoades, and more. You can also get search results for bigwig networks like Brazzers, Mofos, and from some sites from the Fake Hub network. XTheatre is somehow a nice place to see some free porn content from sites you'd have to pay for just in case you want to see some previews.

PornXTheatre.com Video Player Page

It looks impressive in some points but otherwise lacks a lot in the most important points. The good points are you can post a rating on the video, check out some details like the names of the featured stars in the videos, number of views, upload date, related tags, and other recent videos. Other video player functions you may care about are the 1o-seconds time skip back and forward buttons, playback speed options, subtitle button (which I'm not sure if it actually works), picture-in-picture display, aspect ratio options, and full-screen view.

However, the negative stuff outweighs the average ones. These cons pretty much turn me off a lot about XTheatre which simply defeats the option of even checking this site out even though it's free and has actual content. It's the fact that you'd have to press the play button more than once and every single damn time you do, a pop-up window appears. This is definitely a place you should quarantine from your browser if you want to practice safe pornography habits. So, yeah, in short, I recommend you to watch those hot stars somewhere else that also offers similar kinds of free content featuring these hot ass babes.

Links To External Site

Let's take a look back at their main menu bar on the homepage. I'm sure you'll also notice several buttons there that look like they're part of the menu or features, or maybe shortcuts to subdomains or something. They're not. Even the one that says "Clips". They're all links to completely different sites. Maybe from the same network, but I just don't care. I can't trust this one so why would I trust any website from them even though access is free, right? Of course, they're still not contented with the sites listed on the right side of their homepage.

XTheatre Categories

Let's still give PornXTheatre.com a chance at redeeming itself by talking about their categories list.

That's what I'd like to say, but unfortunately, they even have some categories that don't make sense to me like the category "All Sex". Do they mean the scenes have no story at all? Like the video starts with the pornstars already at it? It's not so exciting. There is a category too called Fetish and that's just useless in my opinion. Like I enjoy watching bondage and BDSM but I'm not into scat and feet. XTheatre also has common niches like Big tits, Amateurs, Busty, Creampie, Domination, Glory Hole, etc. They also have tags for the studios that are also their porn sources.

Overall Rating On PornXTheatre.com

There really aren't a lot of positive things about XTheatre and there are just a lot of things that leave a poor taste in the mouth with the overall experience here. Sure thing their site looks better compared to other free tube sites out there, but there are also a lot of other porn websites out there that are by far better than average and this site.

This place has a poor amount of content. Their collection isn't even big and there seem to be more dicks on the scenes here than pussies. Even a pussy like to see more pussies than cocks. We love more pussies so please give us scenes with more than one pussy than 3 cocks and 1 pussy. It's a really bad ratio you're giving your users.


  • free smut content featuring premium networks stars


  • there are pop-ups in every click everywhere aside from the banner ads

  • not-so-satisfying video quality

  • no regular update schedule

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