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Porn Trex Free Porn Tube Site Review

When I first encountered this site, I wondered how to spell the site's name. When I landed on the site, I thought that it probably means Porn T-Rex like the king of the dinosaurs. I mean, this site seems to be one of the giants in the free porn videos lineup. It has all the looks and the gigantic collection so it does give that impression save for the little devil logo. Aside from that, there are porn clips from huge channels or porn sites you can find on PornTrex like ATK Girlfriends, MetArt, Reality Kings, and Brazzers. Although, this site doesn't seem like it's from any of those huge porn sites or networks but a completely independent website that's just really good at keeping up with appearances right up to the small details.

Without further ado, let's dig deeper into what PornTrex has for the porn fans out there.

A Layout As Busy As Its Collection

Like I have said earlier, the design of this website has me in awe because it seems that everything has been planned and prepared well. It has fine details that other free porn sites may have thought of but haven't executed, or may have not thought of at all. So, let me tell you those things about this site which I'm pretty sure will definitely help you make the most out of your experience here. But, before that, make sure that you're using a good adblocker when you decide to check out this site. There are lurking popup ads that come out just when you thought there's nothing else that would pop out. There are even those popups on top of banner ads. Of course, there are also video ads that play before you can watch the actual video.

Let's start with what will make your eyes feel comfortable. Try to find the sun or moon icon just along the menu bar right below the signup button. You can change the background and accent colors using that feature. Now that your eyes are comfortable, let's get it on with the smaller details.

The main menu is laid on top of the pages with the dropdown menu options for Videos, Categories, Models, and Albums. You can also click on those menu buttons directly to go to their main pages. There's also a sidebar that lets users filter content based on preferences such as Straight, Gay, and Shemale. Users can also sort the content from the latest, top-rated, and most viewed. You can also check out the playlists and tags from there. The top categories are also listed there alphabetically and you can search for more categories on a specialized search box there.

What got my attention best though are the thumbnails. If you look at the thumbnails, they've got a lot of useful information such as the quality, rating, number of views, duration, the title which usually starts with the name of the channel it's from or its source, and a short description. If you need more info, you can click on the thumbnail and find more about the content on the web player page. If you just want to see the quality, you don't have to go any further because like I have said, it's already on the thumbnail with the quality in numbers like 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p just beside the HD or 4K icon. You don't really have to be a porn geek to find out a lot about the videos here. If you need more info such as the names of the models on the videos, and the categories and tags used on them, then you'll have to go to the web player page for that. There, you can change the video quality of how you want to watch it, subscribe to the uploader, rate it, and send your comment about the content.

But while the desktop version looks amazing, switching to the mobile version, although optimized, makes it feel unspecial.

Find Videos In Different Ways

There are a lot of ways to go through the content of this huge porn site. The first one is using the search box that even lets you choose what kind of results you'd like to get such as Videos, Albums, Models, and Members. The second one is by using the stuff on the menu bar. You can sort videos there using the Videos menu according to Latest, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Playlists, Livecam, and Tags. You can also look for Categories from the suggested ones on the dropdown or click on "see more" if you want more choices. You can also check out the porn movies of the pornstars registered on this site from the Models dropdown list and page. There are also photo galleries here that are on Albums. Although there's an option to see videos based on channels, this site doesn't have a very active moderation that enforces uploaders to tag their shared content based on which site the clips they're sharing are from.

On the bright side, the categories here are very useful and I suggest that if you're not looking for a very specific porn scene or model, this feature is the best approach for you. This site did really well in adding niches and scenes to their list including the popular ones and some creative ones like Solo, Gaping, Ass To Mouth, Cum Swap. Babysitter, and more.

PornTrex Community

There are disappointing videos, too. Some videos are private and only active members can watch them and the thing is, you won't know until you land on the video player page. I wanted to save my time and hopes so I looked for a way around it like maybe a way to filter out those private videos but, there isn't any feature like that. See? Even the fine details are well thought of. They didn't add that feature despite the fact that there are so many features they have already added because this site is telling you, if you want to have the best experience, fill up that membership application form and make sure to complete the steps.

Creating an account is free of charge and anyone except a bot can become a member of this porn site. Aside from being able to access private collections, members can add their favorite content to their own playlists, check out other members, and share their videos, photos, and stories. The steps on registration are easy and quick. You just have to create your own username and password, enter a valid email, go to your email and click the "confirm email" button, and that's it. You can now log in to your profile and other features that aren't available for visitors will be accessible to you including the forums.

I encountered a few problems using my profile though and it seems to be a common issue among the newly registered members. I tried using the forums page but it seems that it doesn't share the same login details with the main site. I tried creating another profile on the forums using the same email address but it says that while my username does not exist, the email address already exists. I gave up on that and tried editing my profile but even after I made an effort to add details, I clicked on save changes, got the changes saved prompt, and when I closed the dialog box, the changes were not saved and my profile didn't get updated even after I refreshed the screen.

I'm glad though that I was able to access the videos I couldn't watch without a membership, find the download option, and use other options being a passing visitor won't let me even see.

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