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PorCore Free Animated Porn Site Review

If you're looking for a site that will change the way you think about animated porn, PorCore.com is a good place to go. It has thousands of different sorts of animated porn videos and they all have awesome video quality. There are tons of porn videos here featuring your favorite fantasy chicks including the ones who probably existed while you were still having wet dreams. One thing is for sure though, Por Core does have thousands of animated erotica that come in different drawing styles, categories, and quality.

Aside from the content PorCore.com has, let's have a good review of this website and see what it amounts to overall. I mean, dude, aside from the featured 3D, Cartoons, and Hentai porn chicks, we should also be making a review on whether the entire content is accessible, or maybe just how much of it is watchable. For me, I find it really important how easy a porn site is on the eyes and how easy or difficult looking for content is. Anyway, I'm going to be dividing this review into sections so just feel free to skip to the parts of the review you're only interested in. So, without further ado, let's get it started.

Hentai Porn, 3D Porn, Cartoon Porn

Like I have repeatedly said earlier, there are tons of animated porn videos here. They basically fall into 3 major categories - Hentai, 3D, and Cartoon. If you don't know your animated shit, listen up. There are 2 different levels of perversion in Japanese anime. The first one is Ecchi which is more of a tease. It features erotic hints and a lot of skin but not too much. The second one is Hentai which shows everything and does all sorts of sexual things. I mean you won't find all scenes in one movie but you do get a lot of them. PorCore has both of those but it mostly has Hentai. Why would they disappoint fans with just teases, right?

Now, if you're going to ask me to choose between 3D and Cartoon when it comes to porn, I'll choose Cartoon this year and probably next year as well. That's because when it comes to scenes, there are a lot of repetitive scenes in 3D, and most of the videos in 3D have a lot of jumps from one action scene to another, and there's also the lack of story. It's disappointing but it's understandable. It takes more effort to create characters in 3D effects using a special animator. Rendering them in different poses is a lot more difficult than the traditional 2D drawings where animators can just draw them in frames. But still, if you're going to ask me to choose among the 3 types, I'll still pick the babes of Hentai porn. Unfortunately, it seems that PorCore.com has either a bad tagging system, or they just don't care about these differences. I won't even be surprised if it calls itself a Hentai site.

Content Navigation

There's no doubt that when it comes to quality, PorCore is pretty much okay. You won't find videos here with bad resolution but there are no options for that as well. The only level of quality you can get here is exactly the quality of the uploaded videos. In terms of the duration, they can be as short as an almost 2 minutes clip, to a full-length 1-hour porn movie. Anyway, moving on. There are a couple of ways to get to your type of content. Now let's check those one step at a time. First of all, there's no such thing as a "next page" here. If you want to browse through the whole content of PorCore.com, you have to scroll a lot. Other sites including some popular Hentai sites have an option for endless scrolling or lock them in pages. This one doesn't. I'm not even sure how many people have actually managed to reach the bottom of PorCore.com, but anyway, if you want to make your life easier, don't do stuff like that.

PorCore Porn Videos Categories And Quality

There are featured categories listed across the top such as 3D Porn, Aliens, Furry Sex, Gays, HD Quality, Hentai, Lesbians, Monsters, Overwatch, Parodies, Shemales, Tentacles, and Uncensored. You can also see more filtering options such as Authors, Actors, Ending, Genre, Look, Place, Pornstar, Quality, Series, Duration, and Other Stuff. The categories are sectioned under Ending, Genre, Look, Pose, and Other stuff. I find it interesting how they categorized stuff here like you can find Creampie, Cum Share, Facial, and more on Ending. If you're looking for fetishes, you can find a lot of them under Genre. If you want to be specific with a chick's proportion, hair color, and other physical features, you should check out the list under Look. Other stuff does have other stuff like Christmas, Dancing, Magic, and yeah, pretty much other stuff. Although, if like me, you don't trust how they add tags to their videos, you can choose to check them sorted in 2 ways where you can start from the Top Videos or the Most Viewed ones. You can find those options on the top-most part of the homepage.

There are indicators here to find nice content such as the number of views and ratings. All users can add their votes on the videos and I suggest that you use it as well to help guide other users to find good content here. I wished they have a comments section though. There are quite a lot of naughty parodies here and it would be a lot more fun to hear what other users think about them.

Lots Of Ads And External Links

There's a reason why I'm not such a fan of PorCore.com and that's mostly because of the ads here. There are banner ads on the top and sides of the pages. There are also ads here in the form of links that blend in with the navigation links. When you click on a thumbnail here, there's also a link to another site that opens in a new tab. The thousands of videos here that are accessible for all for free is a really good catch but in terms of effective navigation, it is disappointing as well. But hey, if you really want to use this site, go ahead but make sure your ad blocker is working.

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