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PopJAV Free JAV Site Review

Stream thousands of Japanese cocks and pussies on this free JAV tube site. Well, sure, there are hundreds or even thousands of JAV sites like PopJAV all over the internet and even if you look for free JAV sites, you might not see Pop JAV on the first page of the results. However, this site is not losing and is apparently better than most porn sites when it comes to quality and its wide collection. If you're a JAV fan, you might want to bookmark this site, but if you're not, sorry, mate. This free porn tube site only has JAV content.

JAV Censorship

If you just love watching those Japanese pornstars with snow-white skin but don't really care about why their private parts are often blurred and you just assume that it's just a way of Japanese studios in annoying viewers, you should read this part of the review.

JAV porn, or Japanese adult videos, are regulated especially if you stream them on a Japanese server. Censored porn has something to do with the laws on Japanese porn and culture. Nowadays, you can find JAV porn videos that are uncensored and these videos exist based on demand coming from other countries. Thus, some JAV studios use non-Japanese servers so they can compete with Western porn with almost no restrictions.

Don't worry, PopJAV has both censored and uncensored Japanese porn videos which is quite a fair mix for porn beginners. Honestly, I think that, unlike Western porn, Japanese porn offers more comfort for those who don't have a lot of experience in watching porn. In fact, it won't be a surprise to know that more women prefer Japanese porn to raunchy Western porn.

The Best Porn Sites Vs Pop JAV

So, yeah, I'm not sure if it's just me who tend to compare sites based on their appearances, but it does tell a lot. I bet you won't even dare to stay on a site that looks like it hasn't been updated for years since its content may be the same. Unless you like vintage porn. Worse, you won't want to stay on porn sites that look shit and hell knows you might even get a computer virus from.

Anyway, rest assured, PopJAV isn't like that. It doesn't look anything special either though. It's black and simple with a crappy neon logo, but still pretty nice. I like it better than most JAV sites actually which has so many elements on a pure white background.

Navigating is definitely no-fuss on Pop JAV because of the simple site layout. The header is also the navbar that lets you browse through sections easily. You can filter content as censored and uncensored from the buttons on the navbar, check the categories, and find popular tags just below the header. You can also choose which videos or previews will be displayed as thumbnails on the homepage. You can choose if you want to see new porn videos, most viewed, and most recent. Each thumbnail shows the number of views the video has and the date uploaded.

There's also a column on the right side that says most views of the week, however, if you tend to hesitate to click on stuff there, forget it. Those are ads or links to other sites. You can easily tell they're not actually porn videos despite the fact that they may look more like uncensored content compared to the thumbnails of the actual uncensored content on this site.

I find it difficult to rely just on a thumbnail to tell whether the scenes on the video are my type of porn. First, the titles seem to have been directly translated from Japanese to English using a translator app with no one proofreading it. It's like half a guessing game. Also, I would have appreciated it if when I hover my mouse, I'll get a scene preview. I mean Pop JAV is a tube site and most tube sites let users do that.

A simple thing about this site that I appreciate is that I don't have to scroll a lot to get to the bottom of the page. If I want to see more featured videos, I can just move to the next page with the page nav below.

Aside from the categories, users can also look for sex videos using different kinds of terms on the search box found by clicking on the search button on the navbar. It's cool because you get results which means that a lot of things here work.

On the video pages, there's the main web player but you can still choose different servers though some servers load faster than others. You can also choose the server you want to download the video from. What's better is that users are not required to signup for an account to download hot stuff here. There are also suggested videos below.

Japanese Porn Videos Categories

There are thousands of videos on Pop JAV and of course, it won't be strange to find tons of categories here especially because PopJAV is basically a JAV site. JAV sites usually have more categories than most porn sites because of Japanese original content. However, PopJAV doesn't use niche as a category. Instead, you will find an extremely long list with a variety of sections such as Uncensored Maker, Amateur JAV, and Censored Maker which are actually names of JAV productions. You'll notice that the number of uncensored JAV producers is less than half of the number of censored ones and that's because of Japanese pornography laws, as you can remember. However, since the number of JAV fans abroad is growing, the number of uncensored porn producers started increasing as well.

PopJAV Tags

Before you complain about those categories, relax. Rest assured you can find your favorite Japanese category on PopJAV. You can find them under Tags instead. There are tons of those here. These include authentic Japanese favorites like Bukkake, Bikyaku (or beautiful legs), Bunny Girl, Lolita, Mourning, NTR (or Netorare), and Tsundere. You can also find mainstream porn niches here like Anal, Couple, Tight Pussy, Big Tits, and Blow Job.

Since there are hundreds of them, you can try sorting them alphabetically if you know the kind of porn videos you like watching or sort them based on which niches have the most content.

You may also notice that Amateur JAV has its own section. Honestly, I thought that this section contains hot stuff from hot amateur girls, or are user submissions. However, they're not. They're just JAV porn videos with pornstars acting like they are amateurs.

JAV Pornstars Section

I have to admit that I visit Japanese porn sites a lot more often than other porn sites and that's because I like JAV porn scenes and stories better, but mostly because I am biased towards the beauty of Japanese AV idols like Hatano Yui, Eimi Fukada, and Anri Okita. You'll find these three JAV pornstars along with thousands of others on the Pornstars section. This works if you have lots of time on your hands to spare looking for new Japanese porn girls and check out how good they are at acting and what kind of hot stuff or sex scenes they are good at.

There are only two things I dislike about this feature. First, you can't browse through pages of a huge ton of names here alphabetically. You'll have to guess the average number of girls whose names start with an A so you'll know how you can jump to B. Second, when you click on the name of the pornstar, you can find a lot of similar JAV videos on a single pornstar page. It's a sign that Pop JAV's collection may be big when it comes to numbers but not really when it comes to variety.

Final Verdict On PopJAV

If you want a safe browsing experience on PopJAV, an ad blocker is surely a must-have because there are plenty of pop-up ads here. If you clicked somewhere, sometimes it redirects you to another site thanks to invisible adverts. There are also features here that don't work like the Live Cams button that links to another platform, Amateur porn that doesn't have real amateur content, and the language option. However, on the bright side, PopJAV lets you access a huge collection of Japanese porn videos for free and most of them have good video quality which you can download for free. It also offers a good navigation system.


  • the upload date of new videos is really new
  • users can access and download Japanese sex videos for free


  • pop-ups that pop up everywhere you go
  • duration of most videos aren't long enough to be qualified to be called "porn movies"

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