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Playvids General Review

Playvids is one of the oldest free porn sites in the world. You can say that they are the first ones who started in the porn industry, you can probably ask your older uncles and dads if they have encountered this website when they were your age.

This website is a pool of different categories, pornstars, and videos produced by premium studios so we can all say that they have made a lot of improvements since they started. We can compare this porn site to an encyclopedia of porn videos!

In this review, we would review the layout, whether you will be watching porn in a bright background or if this website has a lot of things going on that will already be distracting for the viewers. We will also talk about the categories they offer and if it will be easy to find the best porn to your liking. Another important thing we will check is their video player, will it be in HD or will it be needing you to have a computer engineering degree to understand. And finally, we will talk about pop-ups! One of the most crucial things that users need to know before they venture into HD porn sites. If you want to know more about Playvids, just continue reading and enjoy my honest opinion!

Playvids Layout

Let's talk about the most basic thing we see whenever we go to a free porn site, the layout! We all know that majority of porn watchers do it at night and that means, we don't want to watch porn on a very bright screen - unless we would want to create a scene in your college dorm room or simply want everyone to know you're watching porn, right? Unfortunately, this porn site has a bright background for both the homepage and when you're watching videos. This isn't so nice, I know.

The homepage won't look like a porn site if not for the photo of the scenes or the video ads showing in random places on the page. It only has a small logo of Playvids that also plays on the home button. You can also access the Websites options by clicking the left side of the page, it will show you a list of top 5 categories, top 5 channels, top 5 pornstars which is great because you already know which videos have the most feedback and rating.

Playvids Categories

Playvids offer a wide range of old and updated HD videos that you can watch for free. They offer a wide range of selections of HD content that are ranked to top 5 pornstars, top 5 categories, and top 5 channels. Why do they have a ranking? The ratings are computed based on the reviews of the users. This is to always give their users a list of fresh options in HD.

They also offer gay porn, which means you can choose between an HD cock or an HD pussy, depending on your preference which I think is very nice. They don't judge here!

They also have a wide selection of exclusive HD porn that you can only see produced by premium studios or offered in paid HD sites like Brazzers! The best thing about this is that they offer their HD vids for free! All you have to do is to search and find what you want.

Playvids Video Player

We're almost halfway through our review for Playvids, aside from the pop-ups I guess the way the video player works is one of the vital things porn watchers are interested in. First, I will warn you that if you watch porn from this free porn site, you will have to watch it in a bright background because it doesn't have a dark option! But you can watch it on full screen and even choose to watch it in HD.

Let's now talk about the media player, if you have watched Youtube before, it will not give you any pop-up but you will be watching advertisements for probably 7 seconds before you can skip it. But after skipping, you can just continue with your HD porn. You may also choose between the videos' quality, whether you want to watch crappy porn or you want to watch in HD. This is actually nice because it's not rocket science!

Playvids Content Quality

Remember I said earlier that Playvids is one of the oldest free porn sites that ever existed? Well, they are. So if you're an established porn site, I would be expecting to find fresh movies in HD and exclusive scenes that can be seen in premium porn sites!

They have a lot of quality HD content because they offer HD videos and HD movies from premium studios around the world. The majority of their content is given great feedback, so it's always going to be a nice day to masturbate when you visit PlayVids!

Playvids Community

Everyone wants to be with their own kind, right? So if you're interested in HD porn videos, you might also want to meet other people who share the same interest as you, right? Playvids doesn't have any forums but they do have a way for members to interact and that is in the comment section! You can leave feedback or even give a rating or review for your favorite HD porn videos so you can make it's ranking higher, all you have to do is sign up. Not all sites offer this feature!

Playvids Ads

If you want to watch HD porn videos, you won't always expect it to be free, right? But Playvids is different, you can watch all the HD porn and HD movies all you want and you just have to endure the minimum amount of advertisements this website will throw at you.

For a free porn site that offers a lot o HD stuff, this is something you can tolerate. The amount of their advertisements is reasonable for all the HD content they offer. Not so bad!

Playvids Final Review

For a porn site that offers a lot of HD and exclusive content, this is definitely worth the hype! You just have to know what you really want and even boost your favorite pornstar to the studio so they can be part of the Top 5 page on the homepage.


  • Wide variety of HD content

  • Minimal advertisements and pop-ups


  • White background as bright as your future!

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